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The episode starts with Sunnaina searching for her daughters all over the palace while Urmila is shown painting something in the canvas and Shruthakeerthi helping her with the shades. Sita was making a statue of Mata Gouri which she would keep with her always in her chamber. What are you all doing here and where is Mandavi? asked Sunnaina as she rushed to her daughters. Mandavi will be in our room probably reading a book or taking notes. She’s such a book worm mother that she’ll prefer to be drowned in books all day long said Urmila. Sita asked Sunnaina what happened mother why were you calling us? The great Rishi Vishwamithra has come to Mithila and your father wants you four to take blessings from him. Urmila go find Mandavi and ask her to join us as soon as possible said Sunnaina. Mother let me go with her too Sita said. Sunnaina nodded no and said Sita look what a mess you have made with your dress will you go in front of the sage like this? For once Sita realized that her dress was fully messed up with clay. Go fresh up soon and get ready we can’t let the sage wait for so long. And Urmila why are you standing here still? Go find Mandavi fast uttering these words in a hurry Sunnaina rushed to the kitchen to prepare food for the sage and his disciples who have accompanied him.

As expected Mandavi was in her room reading a book and was furious to be disturbed in the middle of a book but Urmila who was no less to her sister said Raksashi sage Vishwamithra has come and mother asked me to get you there to seek his blessings as our father desires it. Is it so? Asked Mandavi yes it is or why would I bother to come searching for you when I’m painting the most favorite scene of mine? asked Urmila. Mandavi was about to retort but soon realized that it wasn’t the right time. They both leave the room. The four sisters go to Sunnaina and she takes them to Rishi Vishwamithra. Janak says to Vishwamithra she’s my daughter Sita and this is my younger daughter Urmila and these two girls are my bother Kushadhwaj’s daughters Mandavi and Shruthakeerthi. The girls take blessings one by one.

Vishwamithra recognizes Sita as Devi Lakshmi. He asks do you know who I am? Sita says yes rishivar you are the first person to get the knowledge of Gayathri Mantra. You are friend of the entire universe and that’s why everyone calls you Rishi Vishwamithra. Janak smiles. Vishwamithra smiles too and says I bless you four. Janak asks the girls to go to their room. He asks the Rishi how can I serve you Rishivar? Vishwamithra says I came here just to warn you about the impending danger. Janak asks danger what is it? Vishwamithra says Tadaka. She is torturing everyone and becoming an unbearable burden to the entire world. Now she has stationed at the outer skits of Dandaka forest. Please be careful she might come here anytime. Janak says sure thanks for your concern. Sunnaina comes there and says the food is ready we will be grateful if you have lunch in our place. Vishwamithra and his disciples have lunch Janak and Sunnaina serves them. They all have food. Vishwamithra says we have to leave now Maharaj. Janak says it’s our good luck and honor that you came here. Mithila will be always awaiting your arrival. Vishwamithra says I will surely come my work is not yet finished here. They leave. Sunnaina wonders what his words really mean.


AUTHOR’S NOTE[ PLEASE DON’T SKIP [email protected] di] : first of all I’m really sorry for the delay it was my birthday on 24th November and my nephew’s 1st birthday on 26th November so we had to stay in my aunt’s place for celebration no net there so could not submit it. Thanks for commenting in happy ramayan ff and nabanita di Arundati maa lost her sons in a conflict her husband had with Vishwamithra. Didi I have to leave urgently so if you want I will post their story as separate article. Sorry I can’t do it now. I promise I will be regular from now on. Once again I’m really sorry for delay in update. Thanks for reading everyone.

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  4. awesome di , loved it a lot . especially the part where sita talks to vishwamithra and he recognizes her as lakshmi . eagerly waiting for the next one . update next one soon .

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