Unlimited Love with Devakshi and AnuPre (Episode 3)

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Here we go into the episode!!!

Scene 1

Suha packs the bags. Golu also packs his bags. Shubh sees them and feels sad.

Suha sees his changed look.

Suha: Shubh, don’t worry. We will make video call daily. You take care of mummy, papa and dadi.

Shubh: as you say didi.

Golu: Ha shubh, we will enjoy and have fun virtually.

They three hugs.

GKB and mamaji comes to the hall.

Ishwari gives them a ganesh idol.

Ishwari: Bhabi, please give this to elena. Ask Vicky and elena to come here as soon as possible.

GKB: sure didi.

Golu comes down with his bags.

He hugs ishwari, dev and sona.

He cries seeing Dev.

Dev: Golu, why are you crying?

Golu: I will miss you a lot.

Sona: Will you won’t miss me?

Golu: will miss you too.

Mamaji: Everybody take care. Even I will miss ishwari.

Ishwari and mamaji share hugs.

GKB, Mamaji and Golu leaves in car for airport.

Suha and Golu wave a sad good bye to each other.

Scene 2

Ishwari: Sona, I made these pickles as they are prerna’s favourite.

Sona: Ma, these are all not needed.

Ishwari: You be quiet. She went through so many heart breaks. So I’m doing this as it will heal her.

Sona: Yeah ma, though she went there and united with Anurag, I feel scared thinking of komolika.

Ishwari: Don’t worry sona. Suha is with prerna nah, she will take care of her.

Ishwari and sona smile and hug.

After some time, Ishwari, Sona, Suha, Dev, Shubh leave for kolkatta.

Scene 3

Anurag and Prerna receive them in airport.

Prerna hug sona. Anurag hug Dev.

Prerna and Anurag get blessings from Ishwari. Suha and shubh hugs them both.

They all go to Anurag’s home.

Moloy and Mohini welcomes them.

Mohini throws her usual tantrums. Sona gets angry but Ishwari calms her.

Ishwari goes with suha and prerna to prerna’s room.

Ishwari: Prerna beta, here this is for you.

Prerna: What is this ma?

Ishwari: Its bhagawad Gita. Read this whenever you feel down and hurt. Stand against the negativities and don’t fear seeing the evil.

Prerna: Thanks ma. You have more concern for me.

Ishwari: You are also like my beti.  Don’t get worried of komolika. Suha is there nah.

Suha smiles…

Suha: Chachi, don’t worry. We will tackle her.

Prerna smiles.

Prerna: You are becoming big girl now a days.

They both hug!!!

Sona comes there.

Ishwari and suha go downstairs.

Prerna: Sona, ishwari ma changed a lot, right?

Sona: Yes prerna. A lot. She accepted everything.

Prerna: You are so lucky to have her as MIL.

Sona: But prerna, what about you? Are you happy?

Prerna: I’m fine sona. Don’t worry. You know what even me and Anurag has started our marriage life.

Sona: That means I can get my choti prerna in few months.

Prerna smiles and beats her!!!

They both play with pillows running behind each other…

Their pillows hit Dev and Anurag when they open the door and come in…

Sona and Prerna smiles.

Dev: What are you doing both?

Prerna: Jiju, sisters are united after long time. So, its mandatory to play.

Anurag: Thanks, sona for showing me the prerna’s best smile now.

Prerna feels shy.

Sona and Dev smiles seeing that.

Dev: Oh prerna even knows to get shy???

Prerna: Jiju…

They four smiles…

Sona: Actually, Anurag jiju, I was telling her to give me choti prerna, but she started to beat me.

Anurag feels shy.

Dev tickles him.

Dev too teases him.

Anurag: Arey Dev, you too??? Sona it’s not fair.

Sona: What not fair?

Anurag: Then you do one thing. You also give us choti sona or chota dev again.

Dev: That’s my boy. Even I was telling her same thing.

Sona pinches him…

Prerna: Wow, it will be awesome. Our children will grow up as we grew together.

Sona: Fine, now everyone joined together.

Prerna: Sona what’s wrong in this. Even we are three children siblings, right?

Sona: Prerna….

They four then start to play pillow fights….

To be continued!!!!

  1. Jasminerahul

    ishwari is so nice to give pickle n bhagavat gita to prerna.prerna sona scene was so cute.anupre devakshi combination scene..dialogues were hilarious.hope anupre will have a baby n unlike the show here they will live happily with the baby.though suha is small even ishwari says that suha will take care of prerna.thats cool.waiting to see how suha will handle mohini n kamolika.perfect pics

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