Ishq Mein Marjawan FF # Ishq Nahi Aasan (Chapter 43)

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Episode 43:-

Will Dev get answers for his questions?

Dev and Sameeksha is looking at each other. Sameeksha – “ How long will you stare at me? When will you start? “ Dev looks at her and drinks 1st glass of wine . His eyes is over her. Sameeksha is smirks. She signs him that 2 more is left. Dev have it. There is unsaid tension between them , it’s peaceful outside but there is a vigorous movement of many thoughts in their mind. Dev looks at her and speaks – “ My first question.. When did you saw me for the first time ?” Sameeksha – “ So silly question?” Dev – “ Its tough to give honest answers even for a silly question”. Sameeksha – “ Okay.. In Hooda’s Party, 1 year ago… In Mumbai.. Date – 12th January”. Dev gets surprised. Dev remembers that day ..
( Fb:- At Hooda’s Party, Dev was having a drink. It was Masquerade Party. Dev saw a lady wearing a red and white mask looking at him .
She is wearing black gown. She was standing on the opposite side of the hall. Dev finds it strange and goes towards her. On the way, the chandelier was falling down and it was about to fall over him. He was shocked . He stood still for a while. Then someone hold his hand and drag him to other side. Thus Dev was rescued. Chandelier fell down and the person got hurt by that on the hand. It was none other the same lady in red mask. Dev was surprised by getting rescued. He then noticed the person’s hand bleeding, he felt bad seeing that. Dev – “ Its bleeding… “. Dev takes out his kerchief and ties it around the wound. She moved back and said – “ Its Okay.. Iam fine .. “. Dev – “ I don’t know how to thank you for saving my life … Your name ?” Lady – “ What is kept in name? Don’t thank me for that . Your life is more valuable than a simple thank you. It can’t be equal to anything else. You owe me your life from now on … since I saved you . Don’t I ?” Dev gets confused over her comment. He looks her with doubt. Lady – “ The one who save life is a savior, once you take a favor it’s your duty to owe it back to the person. Thus I hold a ownership over your life , right ?”
Dev feels weird. She goes before others surround him to know whether he is okay or not. He get surrounded by other people and miss to talk to her further .)

Dev looks at Sameeksha with surprise. Sameeksha smiles. Sameeksha – “ Okay with my answer?” Dev nods . Dev – “ So it was you behind the mask that day , who saved me?” Sameeksha – “ Is it your 2nd question? If it is so , you forgot take the other 3 glasses of wine.. “. Dev looks at sternly and drinks 3 glasses of wine. Dev – “ Yes that’s my 2nd question… “ . Dev feels little drowsy by the wine. He rubs his eyes and looks at her for answer. Sameeksha – “ Yes !” Dev gets surprised. Dev was ask something more but Sameeksha interrupts him – “ Before you ask something else, think little hard . It’s your last question. Ask after having the drink”. Dev nods and takes the glasses and have it. Thus he has completed 9 glasses by now. It is inebriating him . He smiles innocently. He schools his head and rubs his eyes. He clears his throat. Sameeksha is watching this with a smile. She feels good to see him in that state. Dev is inebriated . He takes some time and ask her- “ 3rd question, What is your aim of being our investor? “ Dev is blinking his eyes. Sameeksha look at eyes . Dev shooks his head and taps on his head.

Sameeksha with a smile replies – “ Total destruction! “ Dev gets shocked. Dev looks on. Dev says – “I knew it! “ He smiles like a winner.

It turns out to be Sameeksha’s dream. Dev- “ You haven’t answered my question “. Sameeksha – “ You are my aim”. Dev (inebriated) – “ Me? Seems like you are interested me … Are you in love with me ?” He smiles. Sameeksha smirks and thinks- “ Never… I hate you … Iam here to complete this tale of betrayal game , which Samika left in half way”.

He sees the last glass of wine and takes it. Sameeksha – “ I advice you not to consume it further , your already high “. Dev smiles and say ( inebriated) – “ Never, Nothing can take away my senses… even if I lose my 5 … I have 6th one”. He laughs. Sameeksha nods fine. He consumes it . He try to spell her name without slipping his tongue- “ Sam… eeksh.. Sam… Once more .. Sameeekshaaaa” . He pass off. He lies his head on the table. Sameeksha lies head over table and looks him. There is fire in her eyes as she eyes him. Sameeksha (thinks) – “ Its just a beginning… You don’t What is there for you the store… “. She smirks .

She takes help from the waiter to take Dev to the car. Since Dev isn’t in a state to walk own his own. Dev is laid on back seat. Sameeksha drives to Raichand Mansion.

It’s 9.45pm , Raichand Mansion.

Trisha is upset that Dev isn’t answering her call. Still his phone is switched off. She is feeling insecured after Daksh made remarks over Dev’s obsession over finding out Samika in Sameeksha. Trisha fears the worst, as she always suspected that Dev have a soft corner towards Samika in a past. She doubted him to be in love with Samika . Even though she tried not doubt him but sometimes she failed to do so.

While waiting for him, she hears a horn sound of a car from the gate of their home. Trisha goes out to check if it’s Dev. She sees a car. The car doesn’t belong to Dev . She wondered who can it be at this time. Sameeksha gets down. Trisha gets surprised seeing her. Sameeksha see Trisha in doorstep. Sameeksha – “ Its nice that you came out… Would you mind helping me to get your fiancé out my car… He isn’t in his sense … “. Trisha gets stunned hearing that. Trisha comes to Sameeksha. Sameeksha comes the door of the back seat. Trisha is shocked to see a drunk Dev. Trisha- “ But How did he got drunk like this ?” Sameeksha – “ Don’t worry, I didn’t compelled him to do that. He did it with his own interest. It’s getting late.. I have to reach home … It would be better if you free me “. Trisha gets more upset. Trisha – “ One second”.

Trisha calls out to male house helps to come out. They comes and takes Dev out of the car. As they take him out of car , he sees Trisha . Dev smiles and say – “ When did you came ? Would like to try the wine? Here there is a variety of wine, best wines .. right ? Sameeksha.. “. Trisha gets angry. Sameeksha nods yes to Dev. Dev (inebriated)then look around and shouts – “ Where are wines ? Where is shelf ? How did it all changed now? I want more… “. He starts to behave weirdly. Trisha (angrily)- “ Would you both take Dev Saab inside? What are waiting for? Go !!”

Sameeksha feels to laugh but controls it. Trisha turns to Sameeksha and say – “ Was he with you? “. Sameeksha – “ Yes”. Trisha – “ Why ?” Sameeksha – “ He will explain you in detail once he gets back normal. Iam not answerable to anyone. Good night”.

Sameeksha gets into her car and drives off.
Trisha fumes into anger. Trisha thinks – “ Seems like Daksh Bro is right… I won’t leave this Sameeksha if she try to take my Dev away from me”.

Next Morning, Raichand Mansion.

Dev wakes up but his headaches due to hangover . Dev holds his head as it hurts. He drinks some water from the jar kept on the table near his bed. He takes out an aspirin tablet and have it. He goes to take shower. He tries to remember about the things happened. But he couldn’t recollect anything .

He comes out after taking shower. He tries to recollect. The last thing he remember is drinking the first glass of wine. He shooks his head. He then looks for his shirt that he worn yesterday. He takes it and checks it. He takes out the button camera placed on his shirt. He feels great.

He takes out the chip out of the button camera. It records audio too. He connects it on the laptop. He sees the visuals and hear audio. He gets to know about the things happened in bar . But there nothing recorded after he reached Raichand Mansion. Dev- “ My 6th sense worked! “. He closes the laptop.

Trisha comes inside and see Dev sitting near his study table. Trisha- “ Should I ask Bhindhya to get you some coffee?”. Dev – “ Yeah… “. Trisha looks him seriously. Dev doesn’t understand the reason. Trisha – “ Hope you had a great time with Sameeksha yesterday! Are you planning a date tonight with her too? Can I help you with arrangements?” Dev gets confused. Dev – “ What do mean?” Trisha (angry tone) – “ Do you know what was your condition yesterday? What nonsense you blurred out? You were too busy with her that just cut my call and switched it off ! She brought you here inebriated state. What do you think that I will tolerate all these nonsense?”
Dev gets up and say – “ It’s nothing like that, I gone with her to know about her. That’s it. I can explain the whole thing in detail. First you relax , it’s nothing serious”. Trisha – “ You will say this .., you fool me always by your sugar coated words. You are an expert in that.. You always take advantage of my love for you”. Dev gets irritated hearing this. He loses his cool. Dev – “ Really? Don’t try to victimize yourself too much . You made me like this. It was you who got me into all those mess. I always asked you to stay away from my Mom’s game. You never obeyed me. You are one who made me do things which I never wanted to do”. Trisha- “ You are blaming me ? It’s true that I asked you worked your Mom’s plan in Shimla. But I never asked you fall for that Samika !!” Dev gets shocked at her remarks. Dev ( emotionally) – “ I never fell for her. It’s all your stupid thinking.. You never trusted me. You never realized my efforts in our relationship. You just make dance on your tunes. I did everything for you , I broke a happy family, I shattered an innocent girl’s life, I tortured that family who believed me, I became reason for murder of 5 people. I did all this for your safety.. on your say. I wasn’t like this before. Still you doubt me”. He gets angry and he breaks a flower vase.
Dev and Trisha

Trisha gets shocked. He turns . Trisha holds on his hand. Trisha – “ I will believe you , if you promise me that from now on you would see her. You won’t get into any kind of conversation with her”. Dev turns and sternly says – “ Iam not going to make any such promise which I can’t fulfill. I will do whatever that comes into my mind. You can decide whether you should believe me or not”.

Trisha gets shocked hearing his reply. She never expected him to say that. It’s first time he is telling this with determination. She knew him from childhood. Thus she knew that if he say something affirmative that means he won’t back off from his word. Dev has an obsessive nature as a child , he rarely becomes adamant towards anything. He will do anything to reach his goal. She always knew that he has a special place for her in his heart that’s the reason why he gets ready to anything for her. Trisha now feels more insecure .

Trisha leaves his room. Dev sits down on his bed. Dev smirks. Dev – “ Sameeksha , Sameeksha , Sameeksha . You are turning me mad. But you don’t know that if I get mad , you won’t able to escape even if you wish to. It’s showtime!!! “.

Precap :- Dev is standing opposite to Sameeksha . They are looking at each other. Dev – “My one question is pending”. Sameeksha – “ Ask me “. Dev stands close to her and says – “ Will you answer me honestly ?” They have eyelock. ( Ishq Mein Marjawan song played) Sameeksha nods ‘yes’.

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  1. Fascinating episode!!!?really love the way dev plays . Dev is the equal powerful opponent of sameeksha .

  2. Fascinating episode!!!? love the way dev plays and dev is the equal powerful opponent of sameeksha.

    1. Adhu

      Thank you😊

  3. God this overly smart but love the fact that Sam didn’t blurt out the truth to the unconscious dev and what’s wrong with this Trisha girl am begginimng to hate her more

    Eargerly waiting for the next episode

    1. Adhu

      Thank you for the comment

  4. Arohi Malhotra

    When you will upload the next episode by the way this episode was really lovely 😊😊

    1. Adhu

      I will upload it soon. Thank you 😊

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