Unknown to Friends (RIANSH) Episode #34

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The episode starts as….

In RR house,

Vansh: Can you just tell us the way of reaching Riddhima?

Aryan: I actually saw Riddhima with……

Vansh: With?

Aryan: With the locket!

Everyone: What!!

Aryan: Ya!

Flashback starts-

He winked at the sleeping figure and turned back to exit the room not before giving a last look at her. That’s when he noticed the locket he had given her, two years back on her birthday. He smiled looking at it and the left the room.

Flashback ends.

Kabir: What’s so special in the locket?

Aryan: It had a tracker situated.

Vansh: Are you an idiot?

Aryan(irritated): Why?

Vansh: You could have directly tracked her out and let us know about the place. But what did you do all this while? Waiting for us to ask you the reason.

Aryan: If you are done blaming me then let me tell you the place where she is!

Sejal: Where’s she?

Aryan: Akshat’s place!

Ishani: What is she doing there?

Aryan(sarcastic): Playing pakda-pakdi! She’s kidnapped!

Vansh: Then let’s go to get her back!

Everyone nodded and sat down in their cars. Vansh was driving his car, on the passenger seat was Angre, behind were Kabir, Ishani and Sia.


Why is my heart beating so fast as if it’s gonna come out of my chest?

“It’s because I’m going to search for someone special!”

Why do you always come up?

“I am a part of you. I can only talk to you. Until you find a heart-mate with whom I can talk.”

What’s heart-mate?

“A word for soulmate(maybe).”

Whatever! I just hope she’s safe.

“I am saying that she is!”

How can you be so sure?

“Come on buddy! Am I so bad? Do you ever question decisions which your brain makes? Then why me? I feel bad yaar!”

I am Sorry!

“Fine! I forgive you but not completely until you find Riddhima. I wouldn’t even talk to you if I don’t find her.”

What situation has he put me in? I want to find Riddhima but also don’t want my heart to come up again. Save me!

POV ends.

Vansh reaches Akshat’s house along with others. The house is clean, well-maintained but empty. They all disperse in other directions to find Riddhima. Vansh climbs up the stairs and opens the doors of many rooms but all of them are empty.

Vansh(to himself): Where are you Riddhima? Where do I find you?

He was about to take a turn to go back down again but halted as his eyes fell on the last door in the dark. Unwantedly, his legs guided him there as if they weren’t in command of the brain like something was calling him there. He turned the knob of the door, again waiting for rejection to come in power but this time, he saw what he had come for. He saw Riddhima! Tied up on a chair. Happiness took over his face as he saw Riddhima but sadness overpowered it when he noticed her condition. He walked to her and quickly bend down. He patted her cheeks.

Vansh(while patting her cheeks): Riddhima! Riddhima!

His voice held fear and care, both. As he kept calling her, he saw her eyes opening. A sense of relief took over him on seeing her opening her eyes. She looked up at him and tilted her head, straight. She looked into his eyes which held care for him.

Riddhima: Vansh!

His name pleased him as it was said by the voice he wanted to hear the most at the moment.

Vansh: Riddhima, how did you reach here?

Riddhima: I don’t know, Vansh! I have no idea! Vansh, he’s very dangerous.

Vansh: He won’t do anything Riddhima! Nothing would happen to you. Not until, I’m there.

Vansh’s words held determination. Looking into his eyes anyone could believe that what Vansh said was the truth and he meant everything.

Riddhima: You would never leave me Vansh!

Vansh: Not even in my worst dream.

Riddhima and Vansh were staring into each other’s eyes, trying to believe each other’s words.

Riddhima: Vansh, atleast untie me!

Vansh took a step back and realised that he hadn’t untied her in the flow. He again came closer to her.

Vansh: I’m sorry! I would just do it.

He started to untie her.

Riddhima: Vansh!

He didn’t pay heed.

Riddhima: Vansh!

He didn’t pay heed.

Riddhima(louder): Vansh!

Vansh: I’m doing it!

He raised his chin to look at her but then he a sudden splash of water came over his face. He came back to reality from his day-dreaming.

Vansh: What was this?

Kabir: It was needed. We called you so many times. And you were doing nothing! Just dreaming. Wonder about what?

Vansh got of his car and stood with his mates.

Ishani: Where were you lost bhai?

Vansh: Nothing important! Let’s march in!

Inside the house,

Riddhima(to herself): Who the hell will look at Mom and Dad and conclude that they are kidnapped from three years? They are busy chilling around the house and exploring it, making me also do it. All this time, Ragini and I thought that they were in danger but seems like they were reliving life like their bachelor’s again. Moreover, it’s so hot here. It’s just March now, then April, UFF! How did they survive during summers?

Riddhima looked at Shlok and Akshat doing sit-ups while Sana cheering them.

Riddhima(to herself): Dad and Akshat decided to do 50 sit-ups. Whoever loses, would get a dare which would be decided by me.

Riddhima came out of her thoughts when she heard Shlok scream, “I won!” She looked at her Dad and smiled. This smile had been missing even when they were together, all thanks goes to her and her sister’s craziness. Riddhima took the coffee mug in her hand as the trio came to her.

Riddhima: Your dare is………

Akshat: What the hell! What will someone think? Carry thoda sharam!

Riddhima giggled along with Shlok and Sana.


Precap: Riddhima fell down on the floor holding her stomach.



Someone wanted Riddhima’s POV, and I would put it up in the next episode. Let me know about this and also about Vansh’s day-dreaming skills. 😁. I continued my stupidity here too. What do y’all think is the dare?

And yes, my beloved nimrah_fariyal and Myni55 , wanted to know my birthdate. So I just thought of keeping it simple. Hints(months) are given in the story.  Whoever would find it out, I can’t do much. I can either give a full RIANSH Episode on this story or a RIANSH OS(suggested by the person who gave the correct answer). All the best to all! I would consider the first number for whoever answers! Y’all can answer, if y’all want! 💯


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