Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st March 2021 Written Episode Update : Anita asks Vibhuti to disguise as watchman

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu walks to Anu with a rose, and flirts with her, Anu says stop irritating, Vibhu says okay let’s get to point, Anu says I am not in mood, Vibhu says oh my god what is wrong with you, Anu says its just routine, I am bored if routine, you go haridwar and I will go Banaras, Vibhu says calm down, Anu says I am missing fire, okay dont take wrong, there was handsomely watchman in Lakhimpur and I missed you a lot, Vibhu says was it a compliment? Anu says I imagined you in that dress and felt fire, go dress as watchman and may be the fire and passion will come back, Vibhu says but in society what will people say, Anu says that you work here, Vibhu sees Anita’s face and agrees, Vibhu says God you treat me like a puppy, Anu says you are my sweet little puppy.

Tiwari on call with Amaji says he will call her later, Angoori tells Tiwari that she wrote a poem for him, Tiwari says later, Angoori insists, Tiwari says okay, Angoori narrates her poem, Tiwari says good, Tiwari says now I am sleepy, Angoori asks him to say something nice, Tiwari gets irritated and sleeps, Angoori gets upset.

Next morning, Vibhu walks disguised as watchman to Angoori, Angoori asks who are you brother, Vibhu says Veer Singh from Rajasthan, and asks where does Anita Mishra stay, I am here for watchman interview, Tiwari walks to them and asks him to leave, Vibhu asks are you Tiwari, Tiwari asks how do you know, Vibhu says Anita Mishra told me you will meet a stupid man on your way, and abuses Tiwari, Tiwari shhhs him off, Angoori compliments him that he has nice moustache, and asks Tiwari to have similar too.

Vibhu enters Mishra house dancing, Anu loves the entry performance, Helan asks who are you, Anu says he is here for watchman interview, Helan says we dont want one, Vibhu says you have pretty daughter in law in house, I will protect her, Helan says we dont require you, Vibhu says her love as salary will be enough for me, and madam needs me for security, Anu says Vibhu is always out for factory set up, and we need a man, David says who am I, Anu says I meant young man, David says sorry we dont need him, Anu says I am appointing him, I need him, Vibhu says do you mean turned on, mean job turned on.

Malkan tells Tilu he dreamt early morning that beautiful girl walking to them and looking at tgem, A girl walks to them, Malkan says Tilu she is same as what I dreamt, Tilu says but her face looks similar, Malkan says right, Tilu Malkan flirt with her, she shouts at them and runs away calling her brother, Teeka walks to them, and scolds them for misbehaving with his twin sister Tikli.

Vibhu at Mishra house guarding house, Vibhu gets call from Anu, and says she is not able to sleep, and having back ache and calls him upstairs, and his night duty is in her bedroom. Vibhu keeps giving excuses, Anu shouts just come up and no one should know I called you, so just come up or I will fire you.

Pre cap : Vibhu as Veer Singh with Anita in bedroom,Tiwari sees them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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