“That Unknown Feeling”- Chapter 5: Something New

Sayyam stuffed the last shirt in his cupboard into his suitcase, scanning the room to make sure he’d taken everything. “Yup, looks like I’ve got everything” he grinned, winking at Tiger, who was sitting near the foot of the bed.

Sayyam started to walk out of the room, slinging his backpack around his broad shoulders and dragging his suitcase out, when Tiger started yelping insistently. Sayyam turned his head, wondering why his dog had gotten so excited, when he felt himself crash into someone else.

On instinct, he dropped his bag and extended his hands out to help whoever it was he had tripped. He pinned the petite form against the doorframe to stop it- her- he realized, from falling. He stood there dumbfounded for a while. Peeling the girl’s golden-brown locks away from his face, he leaned back.

First catching sight of her enthralling brown eyes, he impulsively looked deeper, to notice that there were tiny flecks of gold in them. The girl backed away from him, pressing herself against the frame. Realizing how close they were, he suddenly backed away, tripping over his backpack in the process. Steadying himself on the opposite side of the door frame, he looked away, catching his breath. She – the girl- opened her mouth to say something, but before any words could be exchanged, Sayyam swiftly grabbed his bag and suitcase and rushed out of the room, Tiger at his heels.
Krishna remained where she was, pressed against the door frame, still unsure as to what had just happened. She just knew one thing; during that short moment when she’d looked into his dark, brown eyes, she had felt safe. That sudden unknown feeling had scared her, so much in fact, that it had shaken her up. She felt so vulnerable at this particular moment and looked around wildly, trying to regain her bearings.

She saw Yuvaan walking up to her and composed herself, immediately feeling guilty; guilty because she wanted to be back in that moment; looking into his eyes and calculating exactly how deep they were.

‘That must’ve been Sayyam’ she realized, now feeling worse than before. How could she do this to Yuvaan? He had specifically told her to stay away from Sayyam, he cared for her and was just trying to keep her safe…no one could give her as much love as he had given her and what was she doing? ‘This was wrong- she wouldn’t do this to Yuvaan’, she firmly made up her mind.

So, finally, when Yuvaan walked up to her, she plastered a smile on her face and softened her tone, like she was supposed to, and told him that she was ‘perfectly okay’, just like she did every single time.
“What were you doing Sayyam?” Sayyam spoke frantically to himself through the mirror. “How could you let yourself get so carried away?” That must’ve been Krishna, he sighed inwardly. “From now on you will not look at that girl, understood Sayyam” he felt giddy. She affected him, just looking at her had affected him. He closed his eyes, not able to forget the feel of her hair on his skin, and the way she’d stared deep into his soul when he was leaving.

“Ahh!” he exclaimed, turning to Tiger who was sitting innocently at his owner’s feet, panting happily. “You. This is all your fault” Sayyam pointed at Tiger, who just unknowingly cocked his head. Sayyam ran his hand through his hair in frustration and stuffed his hands in his pockets, contemplating whatever had just happened.

He turned to the mirror, staring at his reflection once more. He gazed into his own dark brown eyes, a curse he had received from his father. He’d gotten so close to Krishna, it had scared him. He couldn’t turn into his father, he just couldn’t. He glanced down at his shoes, making himself a promise to never be affected by that girl again.
We all know Sayyam’s not gonna be able to keep that promise 😉
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  2. This is really great, Hope you have a good stay at your gradma’s and i will be waiting for next update.

  3. Amazing chapter. I loved how there was an instant attraction as soon as Krishna and Sayyam met. They obviously won’t be able to stay away from each other. Can’t wait for the next chapter!

    1. Fanficwriter

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    Superb Shreya….i just loved the episode…Tiger moments….all the scenes were great…keep going and hope u have a fantastic journey…

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    out of the world… love your descriptions about kriyam’s feelings…

  7. Prethiga

    out of the world… love your descriptions about kriyam’s feelings…pls post soon

  8. First meeting is the stepping stone to building a strong relationship.
    The way in which you portrayed the unsaid feelings and beguiled thoughts in this episode is just so wonderful. I was truly exhiliarated while reading this and smiled through it all. Their first meeting was nothing like the stereotypic things we are used to. It was greatly unique and extremely magical. It was just perfect…
    Yuvaan has absolutely no rights to impose himself on krishna and make him love him by force. Love is a feeling and cannot be imposed on any person or animate object. Its spontaneous and droppeth as the gentle drops of rain. The bond shared between krishna and sayyam is true love. A love which is unconditional and needs no reasons for its beginning or end. A love for eternity…

    1. Fanficwriter

      Thank you so much, it means a lot Shivani, you really made my day??
      And I got your little “droppeth as gentle drops of rain” reference?

  9. The fact that you are motivated enough to write this story despite being in a celebratory phase of life is great achievment in itself. The story is a meticulous depiction of your immense knowledge and vast vocabulary. All the episodes up till now have been absolutely amazing pieces of art and continue to be so.
    Having just finished the most important examination in student life, this time of the year calls for grand celebration. Nonetheless, you as an inspired human being chose to utilise your time in the best possible way and have presented us with such a magical story. Its truly fantastic.
    Thereby, I just want to wish you a safe and happy time wherever you are. Enjoy yourself and stay blessed. Hope for all the success in life.

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    Wow. You are such a magical writer! You descriptions make it seem as if all this is happening infront of my eyes. And their meeting was so perfect. I just cant wait for the next chapter. Thank you so much for this master piece…

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