UNFORGETTABLE LOVE :SHIVIKA (Part 56) ( deadly past and innocent soul part 2)

Heyy guys i m back and i know i m late bt it’s not comoletely my fault bt forget all this and plz forgive if u can bt without bak bak let’s get into chapter so here we go

Recap: raghav explain shivaay how they found anika

S: fir what happened afterwards
K: than we brought her here bt that time she is not our anu she is someone else ,our anu had lost her spark,she always remain silent and sad she didn’t share her pain with anybody, we tried so much to talk to her and finally after lot’s of blackmailing she told us everything what happened to with her in all these years what she faced and what u guys did with her specially u shivaay ,shivaay tumne anika ko poori tarah se tod diya tha, she was completely dead frm inside bcz of u ,we were angry on u ,we all want to beat u till death ,just destroy u
S: than why u guys didn’t do anything in these years y u all remained silent,i didn’t leave without anika if u came 2 year before
K: how can we come when we had no idea about u,agar pata hota toh may be today u were dead
K:anika only told about u bt she never took ur name that’s y
S: than how u get to know
K:during our mission i got to know when my eye fall on ur wedding album
S: fir tumne kuch q nahi kaha
K: maan toh bahut kiya bt i don’t want my personal grudges came between my mission that time our mission was our priority not u and who m i do anything with u when veer ji and chachu were silent all these years
S:that mean adhiraj and yash uncle know about me and family
K:yaa not only them even arohi dii knows about all these
S: how ??
K: shivaay frm childhood anika has habit that she never hide anything frm chachu, veerji ,diii and kriyan
S:kriyan??? Bt i thought that he came to know all this in hospital
K:yes bcz kriyan didn’t know
S: bt u said she never hide anything frm him than y this tym
K: it’s not like this she hide bt ye hogaya bcz when all these happen he was not in india he was in america for some bussisness purpose and when he comes anika had already her memory
S: nod bt why adhiraj and uncle remain silent
K:bcz anika want it ,she took promise them they will not do anything bcz she don’t want anykind of relations with u na hii pyaar ka or na hi nafrat kaa that’s why
S: bt how anika became mahira
K: wo after 2 weeks kriyan was coming frm anika so everybody was bzy in his welcome preparation and only chachu and anu was there in house alone ,chachu was not well so anika went to hospital to took her and chachu reports and while coming frm there her car met with an accident and she lost her memory so veerji don’t want that her every problem became vanished her dark past shadow will not fall on her future and for that he removed everything about her past and he start all this with her name
Bs ek accident and anika became mahira
On the other 2 sides
One is in anika room with anu, rag, kri
And 2nd is stranger place
A: nobody know that accident is all planning of
Stanger: by me (dark)
A: he just want me remove frm his way so i will not tell anything to anyone and
Sta: or same thing happened bt not as i want
A: he wants to kill me ,
Str:i want anika to die bt she she got saved
A: and lost memory
Str: she forget me and everything erased
A: and he escaped
Kr:i m sorry anu i didn’t protect u agar me pehle aa jaata toh may be all this didn’t happend and i was able to save u
A: it’s not ur mistake nothing was in our hand bt ismey ek cheez achchi hui..
Str: only one thing goes wrong that
A&Sta: veerji/adhiraj got saved
Stranger: bt till when ,and now no one will able to save him and anika i m already giving her medicines that she will not regain her memory…na ab ki or na hi 17 years ago
A:poor he thought that he is giving me medicines bt he himself don’t know
R: that we already changed those medicines
When unknown person mix medicine in anika juice raghav saw him and smirk and when he left they intellegently change the glass
Fb end
Kr: and we also change ur reports as we bribe lab technician
A: and he think his plan working according to him bt its us who make him believe this
A: what he thought i didn’t remember anything
Str: only anika was the one who knows what happened 2 years and 17 years before
A: i know what he did 17 years and 2 yrs ago
Str: and gauri frm her side i m not worried bcz she was very small that tym so she didn’t remember bt wo anika she knows everything
A: i don’t want trouble chutkii bcz she is so innocent and fragile ,she also faced him 17 yrs ago bt as she was small she didn’t remember anything
Str: sometime when gauri look at me it feels that she remember everything bt naa nothing is like this now i m free and i will do everything and no one will caught me ,like 17 yrs ago bcz lst time that anika came in between and save adhiraj bt not this time
A:like last he has to cross me before cmg to my family
Kr&R: and me too..
S: what happened 17 yrs ago
K: one storm came and destroyed everything sab cheen kr le gaya…
A: and that storm came bcz of love…
Str:that storm is me
A: pyaar ne sab barbaad kr diya
Str: this love how much thing get easy when u trap some one in love
A: love always gives pain jaise mujhe mila
Str: pyaar me log kitney bewakoof hotey h,
A: love gives pain we all know bt love also took life that i have seen
Str: she was just a stupid bcz of her stupidity my plan was about to fail bt i tackle everything smartly she was stupid she thought i loved her bt no it was my plan to trap this rajvanshi and luthra or bewakoof pyaar me
A: pyaar ne jaan le li,love took life

Str: and i trap him also and made him culprit bt ek galti ho gayi thi that anika ,gauri and he came there and saw everything that’s why i trap him bt anika and gauri escape and i thought they were dead bt they came back again
A: i still remeber her sobs when she was begging 4 her life and her last words ring in my ear when she was taking her last breath and continuously asking for forgiveness and saying that she became blind in love and hurt everybody specially him and she died in my arms and i couldn’t save her and he fall in his trap bt luckily me and chutki escape and we tried to reach home bt we ended up in orphanage where they used to torture us and me and chutki got apart and due to continues torture i forget everything
And that day when i saw love is taking life of a lover i lost my faith on love …love always gives pain and this thing again proved by shivaay whatever he did me i will never forget it what if he didn’t take my life bt it was more painful than that
Str: her punishment is death only
A: she died once in love bt i m dying everyday
A: he killed her in front of our eyes
Str: yes i m the one who killed her
K: she was murdered brutually
A: on her wedding day
S: who????
A&k&str: Mohini bua/ Mohinii
Screen freeze


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