My life is your smile (Ek Deewana Tha FF) Chapter – 26.. Aki reaches the palace..

chapter :-26 ..

madhavi and rajan look shock at arjun ??? who stand far from them..

arjun :- papa… aki goes to jai kal pur na… please call him and inform to return fast.

madhavi :-??????

Rajan holds madhavi …

Ra:- don’t worry arjun i sent someone to bring him safe..

ar:- papa.. how’ll outside people keep him safe.. I’ll go there..

ra:- stop????..
Nobody leave from here…
kk..anshi will look after dadi ..
you and anami stay with madhavi ..
I’ll go and bring him..
that someone will save carefully aki than us…

arjun hold madhavi …
rajan leave from there…

………in car…..
shivi and aki in driving ..

shivi :- (smiles) sorry for warning you aki..

aki:- (smile) ok then we’ll play a game…

shi:- I’m driving ..

aki:- it’s ok .. this is simple game ..

shi:- mmmm… 30.min are in to go the Village ok.. lets play.. what’s game name..

aki:- mmmm…mmmm.. ahh.. “true to true”..


aki:- you’ll ask any questions I’ll answer true.. and I’ll question you .. you should answer the same…

shi:-(look at with him doubtfully.. ) if you made the game now to know my secret..

aki:-?? (smile innocent)

shi:- ok lets play..

aki:-I’ll start.. Favorite place ..
shi:-mmmm… my Grandmother’s house in dhelli ..
how many lovers you have?
aki:-???? hey.. only one that’s only you?
aki:- ok pas.. if you love anyone before ..
shi:-mmmm.. yes.. but he cheated me..
aki:-(sad) sorry ..
shi:-it’s ok.. mmmm.. why you never drive ..
aki:-because i done a accident last year so papa never allow me to drive ….
shi:-(in mind) accident ….
what place .. what happened ..

their car hit by some black power and hit in the tree and stop….


in palace ..

ga:- if you gone mad mom… how’ll vyom come here.. he is death …

kalika:-(smile) kirthi kill her self before naag raj and want 02 benefits … that’s why you capture here…
no one in here to break this thread but if kirthi again gives her blood to this thread and open this naag raj will forgive you..

ga:- kirthi is dead and vyom also…

ka:- but there baby is alive ..

ga:- how’ll he come here…

ka:- i send my black magic pats to drag his car there…
i found him near jai kal pur with my power..
I’m waiting many years out side the palace and destroyed many lives to get more power…
now i come here…
i know when his car enter the border so come here…
know he’ll come here and open the door ….

kal did some magic and make the palace as beautiful one…

in out side of the palace ..

shivi’s car hit by the tree before palace …

shivi opens her eyes and looks at aki who sit beside her in the car..

shi:-are you ok na aki?
aki:- yes but my hand stuck ..

shivi helps aki to remove his hand.
they come out of the car….

shivi looks at aki hand..
aki hand bleeding heavily …

sh:- oh my god…

aki feels dizzy ..

aki:- my hea..d is pa.ining.. somuch ..

shi:- i think you lose somuch blood.. you want rest and first aid..

aki:- you also have injury ..

shivi looks at him with smile ..

{aki walks holding shivi hand because of the dizziness …}

They looks at the palace ..

sh:- i think we should ask help from the palace ..


sh:-why ..

aki:-it’s look alike booth palace ..

shi:- sh.. not play this time ok.. you’re injured …

aki nods…

…….they come before palace and knock the door…
kaal come there as normal attire ..

kaalika speaks sweetly ..

k:- beta.. who are you both?

sh:- we comes to the village but our car gets accident .. my friend get injured ..

k:- oh god.. you two gets injured badly .. go to the upstair room(shows towards gauri room) and freshen up.. I’ll come with food..

aki:- it’s ok.. only medical kid enough for.. why you struggle for us..

k:-it’s not struggle for me ..
go and freshen up.. you need rest.. hospital or nothing in near this place so first get some rest then go from there.. I’ll inform taxi but that will come after 2 hours so please take some rest…

shivi and aki looks eachother ..

kaalika smirks and looks at aki wound that start bleeding ..

aki:- ahh.. it’s paining to much suddenly …(tears come from his eyes) ahhh..

shi:- shhh..(crying tone) nothing will happen .. we’ll do first aid.. come fast .. thanks ma..

shivi holds aki and they goes towards gauri’s room..

aki feels relief from the pain ..

aki:- everything is strange ..


aki:- i feel something strange .. this lady stay here a loan but no one in around her and this palace is very big.. how will this possible to stay here a lone.. how’ll she get thing for her living and taxi come in 2 hours .. how’ll she get everything suddenly if she needs..

shi:-don’t speak much .. (in mind.. i also feel something strange and aki is correct we should do everything fast and leave from here)

shivi try to open the door but couldn’t ..

aki:- I’ll try..
shi:-no.. don’t strain I’ll try again ..

again she fail..

aki chuckle ..

sh:- what .. ok you try.. I’ll see..?

Aki:- ok cool..

….kaali watch everything from far..
k:- touch your blood hand in this door that’ll turn as the way to escape gauri …..

….in shivi room shivangi feels the problem …

shiv:- no… vyom don’t touch the door… please shivani save my vyom. .. what’ll i do know.. how’ll i go from there..
what’ll i doooooooo…

……in palace …

aki hold the door to open with the unwound hand and about to hold the another wound hand also …


episode ends with the wounded hand and door’s distance …


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