Unexpected love story (RagSan) by Aliya – Part 1

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Oh god i am telling you all..this was really tough for me…how would i supposed to bring RagSan together with continuation after the of SwaRagini…. Somehow i did it.. Now you people have to support me like always… And give me the honest comment..negative or positive no problem!

Let’s begin……..

It was dark….and there was 5 people who is standing like the round table conference and in the middle there was some doll’s

And those people’s are revealed to be kavitha,Tanya,Sahil,Nikhil,Mansi

Sahil:I loved Swara..instead of her love what i got….

Kavitha: even the same… Sanskar.. What and all he did to take revenge on his own family thinking me to be dead but… When he got married to that Swara he forgot all love between us! He cheated on me..i thought he loves me..but i am mad to think like that.he had moved on in his life with that Swara..i got failure once but not this time…aise logon ko zinda rehne ka haqq nahi hai

Tanya: everyone knows my story.. How smartly that SwaRagini had held me to the hostage..and i have to take my revenge on All the Maheshwari’s

Mansi: we were about to reach our goal but this Maheshwari’s most importantly Laksh… Our dreams for shattered

Nikhil:but this time the MAHESHWARI’S…
He smirks

And all laughs evilly


A new day.. Don’t know this brings Bunch of happiness or the bunch of sorrows….

Voice:arey i am going na…and you Sanskar.. I don’t know how swara is handling you
She laughs

A guy’s back was faced.. He was talking in the phone

And he is revealed to be Sanskar

Sanskar:Sooo funny right…

And other side a girl was driving in the car

And She is revealed to be Ragini

Ragini: then what should i say to this madness of yours.. If you want to keep a surprise party for chacha ji and chachi’s anniversary you can get help from Swara also right

San: do what i have ordered

Ragini: haww order..i will kill you if we infront of me…oh one minute laksh is calling…ab meine laksh ko kya bolungi

San:bolo use chodke bhaag gayi…

Ragini: sanskaaar

He laughs

Ragini Keeps sanskar’s call in hold and picks laksh’s call

Laksh: Ragini where are you.. Where you have went in this early morning?are you ok

Ragini: laksh laksh…calm down i am all fine.. actually…em my friend came here to meet me so i just went there..

Laksh: you should call her here na…

Ragini herself: sanskar mujhe tum phasa rahe ho

Ragini: woh she couldn’t come…

Lak: you could have told me..i would have dropped you

Ragini: you were sleeping i didn’t wanted to wake you up

Laksh: ok tell me where you are i will come there and isi bahaane i would meet your friend

Ragini herself:sanskaar samjho tum aaj mere haath se marr gaye

Ragini: no.. no laksh i have almost reached and will be back in one hour

She disconnects his call

Sanskar: i guess laksh is missing you
He laughs

Ragini: you are lucky you are not with me..i would have killed you

Sanskar: ok.. baatein baad mein kaam pehle

Ragini: you could asked swara’s help.. She is best in arranging
Sanskar: no ways.. She takes away all the credits

Ragini:swara se yeh sab kehdu..jo tumne ab kaha

San:no no..you are beautiful cute best friend.. Why will you tell anything against me

Ragini: nautanki…
Both laughs


After sometime..

Ragini calls: Sab kaam hogaye..i have invited all chachi ji’s friends and buyed gifts for her and anything else

San:tum tho meri sacchi dosth ho…

Swara from behind: sanskar.. With whom you are talking

Sanskar: Ragini

Ragini: pagal ho Gaye ho

Sanskar bites his toungue

Ragini:ab sambhalo

Swara: Ragini? She went out to meet her friend right…i want to talk to her give me the phone

Sanskar: arey i was asking Ragini kahan hai

Swara: you are taking to her na

Sanskar: no swara.. Its my….my… client

Ragini: clieeent

Swara:ok you talk ..

She was still standing there…

Sanskar looks at her wierdly: now you will stand here

Swara: arey now i can’t even admire my husband

Ragini laughs

Sanskar gets embarassed

Sanskar: you go in…

Swara:day by bay you are becoming akdu

Laksh comes there: sahi kaha

Sanskar mentally slaps himself

Laksh:like my wife…

Ragini opens her mouth in shock

Sanskar laughs to irritate Ragini

Swalak hifies

Lak:i told Ragini i would hv gone with her..i told her to send address but she didn’t.. She disconnected the call ..how rude

Sanskar:ha how rude…chodna mat Ragini ko

Swara:sanskar..you r talking to your clients or you wantedly wants them to listen our talks..

Sanskar: that’s what i am telling go inside…

Swara: ok…lakah tell Ragini to come soon.. Don’t know why but i am missing her

Ragini smiles

Swalak goes in

Ragini: yeh tumne accha nai kiya sanskar

Sanskar:meine kya……



She heard screams

Ragini gets stumbled by loud voice

Ragini: sanskar… Sanskar.. What happend….

Finding no reply

She was shivering and years were falling from her eyes: Sanskar…where are you…agar tum koi mazzak kar rahe ho tho mujhse bura koi Nahi hoga…atleast give the phone to laksh….

She runs to her car and drives..
She was getting many wrong thoughts.. She was calming herself in a positive manner….

She was driving rashly…

She was still in the call

But this time a someone else picks the call

Ragini: sanskar…

Man:madam… Maheshwari Mansion had a bomb blast….

Ragini was froze

She somehow reached mm

She covered her mouth to prevent the sob… Witnessing the scene infront of her..Maheshwari Mansion was totally burnt

She runs inside..

Few people held her..
But she still pulls herself and goes…

Bodies were not recognisable

Ragini sees a body was taken in stetcher…
She sees a bangle in the hands

Ragini cries: maa…

She remembers ap

She moved to her.. And cries remembering..

She sees every family member one by one dp Rp suji

It was like her world is scattered in seconds

Police:Mrs.Maheshwari… You have to out.. Its not safe..

Lady officer brings her… She was life less

Police officer; Mrs.Maheshwari we want you recognise 2 more bodies….

She remembered laksh and swara and sanskar…. Her heart ached

She was not in the state to do anything

All gadodia’s comes there

Shekhar goes to her and hugs her

Ragini was just blank

Officer:Mrs.Maheshwari please try to co operate with us..i understand your pain

Shekhar takes her…

Shekhar takes her along with him

Officer opens a sheet of a body…

It was a girl’s body
Ragini couldn’t see because it was fully burnt
Ragini cries as she identified it as swara… With her jewlleries…

Sharmishta cries seeing her daughter fully burnt: shona…

Officer moves to an another body and opens it: it is the body of….

Laksh’s face was half burnt…

Ragini burst into bitter cry..

Shekhar hugs her tightly……

Shekar who was hugging Ragini: officer….Sanskar

Officer:he is in the hospital… Is the less chances that he would live…

Shekhar who was hugging Ragini find no moment in her…..



Here Sanskar was getting operated

And Ragini was doing last rights of every Maheshwari’s….

Her state was vulnerable….

As she was the only person left as a family for Maheshwari’s and sanskar who is battling for his life and death in hospital

She has just lost her smile her reaction… Just stays like stone


Same day night

Shekar gets the call from hospital…

Shekhar goes to Ragini

Who was sitting near the window looking at dark night with small Ray of light of moon and stars

Shekhar: Ragini.. woh Sanskar

She looks at him….


Shekhar: how is Sanskar.. Doctor?

Doctor: he is out of danger!he right arm have burned it will heal with time.. And he is unconscious right now and he will get the conscious after 3 days

Ragini who was just standing behind Shekhar in a white salwar:doctor can i see him!

Doctor: anyone can go

Ragini had the years which were ready to fall

Doctor:he is out of danger Mrs.Maheshwari you just have to be more careful towards him

Ragini moves to the ICU

Where Sanskar was unconscious drips were pricked to him..

She moves inside…

Ragini had tears: why all this happened Sanskar? Why? I don’t have any courage left..i..i can’t face the people…Swara theek kehti thi..i am weak…i was never strong…i don’t have any wish to live and to whom i will live..i have been left alone..shayad mein tumhe teekh dekhne ke liye zinda hoon…people judge right about me i am the bad omen for everyone and and …now i don’t want anything to happen to you… You are the only friend i have!

She leaves from there…

She goes out


Ragini turns and sees a man in mid 20’s

She wipes her tears and her face was red and her eyes have been swollen

He forwards her a kerchief

She takes it

Man:i am ACP Yuvraj Thakur(played by shivin narang)if you don’t mind..i wanted to talk something important to you

They sits in the hospital garden

Yuvraj:i don’t know you have taken this in your mind or not… It was a planned bomb blast

Ragini looks at him

Yuvraj:i want to ask you… Do you have any suspects in your mind

Ragini nods in no

Yuvraj: any business rivals or any other people.. That you think can do this!

Ragini was blank

She gets something

Ragini: i..i think ….

Yuvraj: don’t be scared.. Be comfortable

Ragini: some had enemity with our family..but they were sent to jail for their wrong doings

Yuvraj: can you tell me who are they?

Ragini tells about Tanya and mansi Nikhil and kavitha.. Who had comforted against their family

And then she was about to mention adarsh and pari but stops…

Yuvraj:any other?

Ragini nods in no

Yuvraj:i would give my best to punish the culprit’s…


Next day

Parish were in the jail and they were really regretting and the Maheshwari mansion have scattered them

Constable: someone came to meet you…

Ragini comes there

Adarsh:i am really sorry…. Whatever we both did to our own family was unforgivable…but we have only a single sorry.. even i didn’t got a chance to rectify my mistake with the family…
He had tears…

Pari: Ragini..i don’t know we are capable of sorry or not..

Ragini held her hand: it’s ok bhabhi… Bhaiyya i don’t have any in-laws now..(she takes a deep breath) i want you to be my own bhaiyya bhabhi rather laksh’s..i don’t know why i came here..may be suspicious brought me here or something else…within 4 or 5 days you will get the bail

Parish had tears

Adarsh: why? Why are you doing this Ragini? What and all i did with you

Ragini: may be for my Laksh…my in-laws..my sister
She cries

Ragini: but this time i want you both as my own

She goes crying

Parish looks on with tears


Ragini was like forgot to live her life 2 more days passed….

Dadi was sad that her grand daughter face this much in very young age..but the she was forcing her to do what a widow does…dadi’s superstitions about widow were still on…but it didn’t affect Ragini.. Ragini herself was lifeless whatever she do or not she herself don’t know what will be her next move.. Just lost in the thoughts of Laksh

Sharmishta was crying for Swara…

Dida was back after this news.. She never differentiated SwaRagini.. she was missing both Swara who will never return and Ragini who is living like there is no future!

Shekhar comes worried

Dida: what happened Shekhar???

Shekhar:Ragini kahan hai

Dida:kya hua…?

Shekar told something which shocked dida

Dida:i will also come with you…

Ragini who listened all this she was utterly shocked….


Here sanskar was in a bitter cry..
While the doctor’s were trying to calm him

Sanskar: doctor… Why i am not remembering anything …my head…. Who am i??? Please… Do something.. Its unbearable for me…

Doctor: please calm down…

While Ragini was at the door year filled eyes..behind her there was shekar and dida…as dadi was not ok with Ragini going to meet sanskar she protested but Shekhar took Ragini with him and dida too came with them

Sanskar: doctor it’s so hurting…
His eyes falls on RAGINI who was standing at the door

He was pulled down.. he was getting some flashes…he forwards his hand to her….

Ragini goes towards him while running…
She held his hand…
He just kept looking at her…and tightened his grip on her palm

Sanskar:who..who are you??
Ragini:i..i am….

Ragini was not in the state to to listen what the nurse stated…

Doctor injected him something and he gets unconscious

They goes

Ragini: what happened to him?

Doctor:i just had a doubt when i was checking his reports yesterday and now i am confirm that he is suffering from AMNESIA

Ragini was shocked….

Doctor:his condition clearly states that it’s a critical one…

Ragini: but doctor.. How…koi treatment tho hoga na

Doctor:i am sorry to say that..may it would recover with time

Ragini:how much time it would take?

Doctor:days month’s or years or may be never

Ragini was more shocked

Doctor: hope for the best Mrs.Maheshwari
He goes

Ragini hugs dida and cries

Dida:shh…Ragoo..nothing will happen..hope for the best…think positive Ragini

Shekar: yes beta… Think positive….


Yuvraj learns about sanskar’s condition

Yuvraj was somewhere connected to Ragini..he don’t know why… He feels weak when he sees Ragini’s tears.. He just remembers his little sister whenever he sees her!

When his eyes falls on Ragini who was hugging dida and crying

Yuvraj: why there is so much pain in her life??i wish someone would heal her pain… Why she makes me remember of my laado??


Sanskar gets conscious.. He was just looking all the sides… As his mind was blank..not totally blank bit there was one person and she was RAGINI

“She’s your wife”ringed in his ears


Doctor comes: how are you feeling now??

Sanskar: why don’t i remember anything?

Doctor: hmm just that you had an accident…and you will be fine don’t worry!

Sanskar: where is MY WIFE?

Doctor was confused by his question

Doctor: you remember about you wife?

Sanskar smiles a bit:no but once after i saw her and the nurse told about her identity

Doctor didn’t say anything …

Sanskar: her face showed how much she cried how much she worried for me and i am really feeling frustrated about myself that how can i forget about her…

Doctor was confused if he say the truth it may worsen his situation when he is calm

Sanskar: i want to meet my wife..!

Doctor just nods and was about to go

Sanskar: can i know what is her name??

Doctor didn’t know what to say: Ragini!

Sanskar smiles a bit: Ragini…

After sometime Ragini comes in but she is unaware about the fact that sanskar misunderstood her to be his wife

Ragini enters the ward..

Sanskar smiles at her

Ragini smiles a bit

Sanskar: don’t be sad… Or let down all your tears… What if i don’t remember but i know that what you are meant to me

Ragini gets confused+uncomfortable by his gaze on her and he sounded different

Sanskar: i am really sorry Ragini…i don’t remember you

Ragini: its ok Sanskar.. You are fine that is enough for me

He smiles..

Sanskar: only a wife can say this about her husband.. Who don’t even remember anything not even his own name!

Ragini was shocked+confused because she was not understanding anything

Sanskar: you would help me to remember my old memories right

He looks at Ragini whose expression have changed

Sanskar: hmm..ek kaam karte hein..we will together build our new memories…we will create a new world where you and me are only present what say?
He smiled widely

Ragini was shocked to hell

Behind Shekhar and dida were also shocked who have heard Sanskar

So what will happen next??? Will sanskar get back his memory??? What will Ragini do now?? What if Sanskar doesn’t get back his memory and he wants his wife Ragini to stay with him? Will be ever get to know that Ragini is his brother’s wife? Will Ragini be ready to be his wife??? Lots of questions to know more stay tuned…!


To be continued…

I am giving all my Tu readers an advantage…if you have any concept for RagSan that you want me to write them so tell me in your comments i would surely write your wishes

This should be an Os..but this went on went on and went on so i have converted into TS… sorry Sona if i didnt reach your expectations

This should be update at night..but like my story ..my life has also turned filmy and i am stressed…i am in my confused state now ..

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