Our Eternal Love (Chapter – 1) Shivika ff

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Arya Khan!!Who is she?

So,guys it’s me Nafisa only with a new story “Our Eternal Love”. I hope so it will catch your eyes and first I’m without any cs as I will give there identities throughout my story as I think it can be more interesting. So,now I’m starting

A whacking building is shown, situated on the ground, showing its own glory. Before the building, a girl standing, with a determination and hope. Her face being unable to see, because of her dupatta which has beautifully covered her face, hiding it from the lustful world. Her eyes are also covered with big sunglasses and she is holding a blind stick which clearly shows that the girl who has hidden from the world is a blind who needs the only vicinity of someone…Love of someone for which she craved a lot but now the cravings of happiness are far away from her mind as she knows now dreams aren’t about fulfilling but the thing to broken, piercing the heart in pieces. But, who knows what is in faith???

She was standing there, thinking something but got back to the world feeling a tug on her dupatta. Looking at the person, she gave a wide smile. If the girl wouldn’t a blind then could see that the person before her giving a hundred billions costs smile…

The person,” Di, see it’s the building of that sadu only “

Girl,” Sadu…who is this ?”

But, she did a great mistake asking this as the person who is a girl shouted so loudly that caused the blind girl’s ears including the passers

Person(who is a girl too),” Allah Khuda diiiiiiiii, you don’t know the great sadu shri shri kanji akho bala… handsome hunk bala…The great Mr.Shivaay Singh Obroie…

The blind girl in mind,” Waah…She did abuse and parsing in one line. This pagal*smilling*”

But, again bad luck for her that she smiled as the girl before her didn’t let it go..

Girl-2 with suspension filling voice,” Di, why are you showing your teeth? It’s not necessary to show that today you have brushed your teeth with Colgate. And I hadn’t any cracked any jokes so hehehe karna band kijiya nahito that bagarbille if get to know this hehehe side of your’s then khuda bhi far away rahangi apki upar unki rahmat barsana kiliya (Then god will be also in far away to save you from that bagarbilla)

The first girl just laughed out loud hearing the second girl. After a long time or I say first time she laughed so much. She didn’t know that today this girl before will make her laughed hearts out..

But,only Destiny know that will this beautiful smile of her face which adorned her face a lot but couldn’t find out by world,is so beautiful…mesmerizing that someone will ready to give up his life just to see her beautiful smile

She replied,” Then, don’t worry at all. As your bagar billa can’t see my smile as my face is covered fully…

Girl-2,” But,di. What needs to covering yourself? I hadn’t still have a sight of yours…”

Listening this the girl’s beautiful face which was till now adoring a lovely smile but covered , became serious and emotional. Her bitter memories started haunting her…Her smile faded under the dupatta only..

She spoke ,” Jab akho ki koi roo nahi hai,tab duniya ko iss badnami ki muu kiu dekhani hai ( When there is no sight of eyes,then why need to see the face of mine)

{Just tried. Don’t know how is it??}

The second girl understood everything and for lightening her mood she spoke…

“Di, apki iss tarake bahki bahki baate meri first kan pai dhindora pita kai dusri kansa.. came out hogya…Use easy lines while talking with me (Di,your this types of word just came out from my ears to first one to second)

First girl chuckled a little but suddenly remembered something…

” I have to go dear. Thanks for helping me in crossing the road,” she spoke caressing her cheeks…

Girl-2 in cloud nine. She once jumped and which was of course unseen by the first girl..

Girl-2,” Thanks for this compliment. And always in mind that Why to fear when Arya Khan is there????

Blind girl,” Hehehe…one second that means your name is “Arya Khan”

Araya,” Yes,di. Oh damn!!! Till now we didn’t introduce ourself to each other but talking about one hour. Oh my Allah what a brain muje dia???

Girl,” Hehehe…Then don’t worry we can have a fatafat introduction of each other now itself. So,first starting from me…Hey!! Arya Khan, I’m Anika. But,you can call me anything and what about you?

Arya,” Myself Araya Khan. You can call me Aru after my romantic parents and my second family..

She lift her right hand for a handshake and Anika warmly reprociate it….

Anika,” Second family????”

Arya,” Yeah,I have another family not by blood but from heart…

Anika,” Oh okay then. I’m leaving. Pray for my interview.”

Arya,” Di,will you go alone? How can you? Come I will take you to bhayia…If he knows that we are known to each other then without thinking he will never give you job but it will be more tougher to get. As then he will check your files more and more time. So,it will be tougher na…

Anika being faded, ” Oh!!”

Arya,” But,don’t worry. Lemme come with you and help you in finding his room which is on the top floor on the left side of the building and wide too as it’s the room of my ‘Lifetime Husband “

Anika,” Lifetime Husband???How?

Arya,” Why can’t???”


I’m sorry guys ending up here. I haven’t left any strength to write more. My eyes are closing due to sleepiness and if I don’t stop now then I will be found in this half sitting and half lying position on the sofa. So,gotcha sleep. Thought to write a khirkitoh first episode but sleep overcome it. Sorry for it…Next part will be a meet of Shivika…

Now,What do you think who is this Arya???

Shivaay’s wife? Is Shivaay married to her…

What do you think guys? If they are married then for whom Anika’s heart will beat…

  • Big question, Arya,but who is she????
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