An Unexpected Accident os

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One random night a girl waked up. She was non other than twinkle thinking about all things that happened to her in the past few days. Her boyfriend kunj left her a message saying:”Sorry but we are over”. In her head she didn’t know how to react, because they went out for 3 years. And all he said was:”Sorry but we are over” She thought she did something wrong. So she dressed up and left the house. She was walking in the park. Thinking about things she wanted to change in her life. Suddenly she sees him. The boy that she loved and still loves. She walks up to him. Twinkle: Hey, what are you doing here? Kunj: Ohh.. Hi I’m just sitting here.. Twinkle: At 3:34 am? Isn’t that too late? Kunj: I know. Look I’m sorry I was stupid I never should of broke up with you. This is the place where we first kissed so I am here thinking about you because I can’t sleep. Twinkle: But why did you? Kunj: Because of another girl. I was wrong and I really regret it. I still love you.

Girl’s heart start beating faster and she wanted to say i love you too, but she could’t. Twinkle: But i don’t love you. You made cry for the last 2 weeks and i couldn’t sleep you because i loved you. Now Its all over. I don’t love you anymore. I forgot you. Kunj: I understand but please remember i will love you for ever!! EVER! Girl turned around and you could feel how her tears were falling of her eyes. She walked away. 5 days later she knew that she can’t take it anymore. She was weak and wanted to see him. She took the phone and rang him. Kunj: Hello? Twinkle:Look the night in the park i said i don’t love you, I lied i love you and miss you a lot. PLease, could we meet up, really miss you. Kunj: Sure, I was thinking about you for the last 5 days. I missed you a lot. I love you. Her feelings came back. She loved him a lot. His smile made her happy again. She loved him so much she would give anything to be with him. He was everything to her. Twinkle: Let’s meet up in the park on other side of the town.Its is beautiful there i want to remember this day for the rest of my life. Kunj: Love, you make me worm happy and you are most beautiful girl ever twinkle. I will never leave you.I swear my life i will never leave you! You perfect and i will love you for the rest of my life. Ok, i will be there in 30 minutes, bye love you. Twinkle was really happy that she finally will kiss him again. Twinkle was driving the car and felt do happy

THEN SUDDENLY……. twinkle started to cry a bit. Few drops had fallen,while all this was going on twinkle didn’t realise twinkle was driving too fast and the second twinkle went to wipe her tears of her face BANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twinkle:What happened? Nurse: You crashed into another driving car….. Twinkle: Are people in other car ok? Nurse: No, the person died before ambulance could arrive. Twinkle: I need to call someone please…. Can i call someone…. Nurse: Sorry you need to rest. You lost lots of blood. Twinkle: But i need to talk to someone….. Nurse: No stay in bed and rest. Nurse walks away out and starts crying. Doctor: Whats wrong? Nurse: Her boyfriend was in the other car…. He died before ambulance could arrive. She doesn’t know i can’t break her heart. The truth was that her boyfriend(ex boyfriend) went pass the park and was going to buy her flowers first and the drive to the park. They both were driving to fast and didn’t pay attention. People say that the only thing could separate love is death. Some say it can’t be separated at all.

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  1. SidMin

    Loved it too good the OS was so emotional and the last line …Just Loved it all 🙂 Keep writing 🙂 Love you 🙂

    1. Tanishasharma2108

      Tysm shruti for commenting n m so happy that you liked it love you too

  2. Hey tanisha,
    If u don’t mind can I call u tanu.The os was lovely n emotional n cute.Luv it.It touched my heart n u are r8 love can only be seprated by death.Keep writing.

    Lots of luv,
    twinj/aakriti(new writer)

    1. Tanishasharma2108

      Tysm aakriti for reading n m so happy that you liked it n you can call me by whatever you feel comfortable

  3. Hey Awesome amazing os
    I think it is already der in YouTube as I have read it
    Srsly heart touching n lovely os n at d place of boy n girl thinking about kunj n twinkle was awesome tq fr it

    1. Tanishasharma2108

      Tysm ramya for reading n m happy that you liked it

  4. ??finally after months I came back in here & read ur os…awsm dear?

    1. Tanishasharma2108

      Tysm praps di for reading n m happy that you liked it n m so happy that your back to tu after so long

  5. Sameera

    Wow yaar Tanisha amzing loved it ??????

    1. Tanishasharma2108

      Tysm sameera for reading n m happy that you liked it n m glad that you remember me

  6. Nice and emotional os …..

    1. Tanishasharma2108

      Tysm asna for reading n m happy that you liked it

  7. Paavu

    Hey srry dear bt I have already watche dthis emotional video on u tube amd read too on some site lover of sadness I think

    1. Tanishasharma2108

      Tysm aanya for reading n m happy that you liked it

      1. Paavu

        Why u r thnking aanya on mine and dear I said only dat I have earlier come across this stry on u tube and site srry if u r hurt

  8. Aanya_pandey

    Emotional it ws.. really good OS

  9. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome emotional sad os

    1. Tanishasharma2108

      Tysm Purnima for reading n m happy that you liked it

  10. Amazing n emotional os.. loved it.. keep writing more ❤

    1. Tanishasharma2108

      Tysm sidvee for reading n m happy that you liked it

  11. Adya

    Ohh so u r tani….ok…
    Well awesome yrr..
    Lovely….U rocked….do write more…..
    Love u

    1. Tanishasharma2108

      Tysm adya for reading n m happy that you liked it love u too

  12. Nice os Tanisha

  13. Jisha

    wow…Loved it…emotional..heart touching…Keep writing…

    1. Tanishasharma2108

      tysm di for reading n m happy that you liked it

  14. Tanishasharma2108

    Tysm sushmitha for reading n m happy that you liked it

  15. lovely tanisha………

    1. Tanishasharma2108

      tysm cutieeee for reading n m happy that you liked it

  16. Twinjfan.tamanna

    oh hooo… what an epi yaar…matlab seriously it was mind blowing… I don’t have words…

    love you

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