Dream Mashup (Rishtey & Guilt) (Swaragini and Suhani Si Ek Ladki)

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A beautiful room with white and baby pink color walls. With a fluffy bed. As you move you find Nitin who is sleeping and covered someone beside him whose face is covered with the silky hair. Sun rays fall on Nitin’s face and he slightly opened his eyes. He looks at the person who is sleeping in his embrace. He smiled with sleepy eyes and his fingers moved the silky hair strands slightly touching her skin. Her sleeps gets disturbed and she pouts and says still closing her eyes “Nittu”. Nitin smile widened listening to melody of his life. “Hmmm” said Nitin. “Let me sleep dumbo” said Ragini tightly hugging him. “Oye dumbo Its already 6 o clock. I’m getting late” said Nitin. But Ragini did not budge. “Get up Ragu. See I have to go to office” said Nitin. “No” said Ragini placing her head on Nitin’s chest. “Ragu” said Nitin. “No means no” said Ragini nodding her head. “Please babu.

Today I have important meeting” said Nitin and kissed her forehead. “So can’t you postpone your meeting for your wife?” asked Ragini dragging her head and facing him. He kissed her head and said “Please babu. I promise I will be back early in the evening” Ragini again placed her head on his chest and said “Still no” Nitin gave up and slept hugging her. “Ragu, Nittu” called Yashu. “See maa is also calling babu. Get up” said Nitin caressing her hair. “Fine. Then give me my morning dose” said Ragini moving her head looking at him. Nitin kissed her forehead. “Here” said Ragini showing her cheeks. Nitin kissed her on her cheeks smiling. “Now my turn” said Nitin moving to her lips. Ragini pushed him and said getting up “Eeew. First brush your teeth” and ran to washroom tying her hair and showing her tongue. Nitin who was shocked looked at her and smiled. He took golu who was crushed between them and said “Kab badi hogi yeh?” “Oye dumbo keep my Golu aside” shouted Ragini from washroom
“Ragini…. Ragini…..” screamed Sanskar in his room fixing his tie. “What is your problem Sanki(pagal)” said Ragini entering the room with her baby bump. He helped her to walk holding her hand. “See this tie. I’m not able to fix it” said Sanskar annoyed. “Ahhhh. Mr. Number one business man doesn’t even know to fix a tie” said Ragini holding his tie. Sanskar held her and dragged her holding her waist. “What to do my dear wifey after you started fixing my tie I completely forgot how to do it” said Sanskar smiling mischieviously. “Oh this is the matter” said Ragini and fixed his tie a bit tight. “Ouch Ragini” screamed Sanskar holding his neck which hurt. Ragini burst out laughing and Sanskar glared her. “Are you planning to kill me oh what stupid lady” said Sanskar rubbing his neck.

“You are stupid” said Ragini showing her finger. “You” said Sanskar keeping his index finger aligning with hers. Ragini blew her hair which was coming on her face and said “You, you and you” Sanskar blew is hair and said “You”
“Stop it guys” said cute girl of age 4 years standing beside a boy of 10 years. Both Sanskar and Ragini turned and looked at them. Both stood straight and lowered their hand and bowed their heads like small kids. “Pari is sleeping. Can’t you people understand” said Ananya keeping her small hands on her waist. “Sorry mumma” said both Ragini and Sanskar pouting. “Chod na Ani. They are asking sorry na” said Ansh. They hear a baby cry. Ansh ran to the baby. He entered the room holding a one year old Parineeta who was crying as she woke up. “Now tho you both have to bear the punishment” said Ananya galring both Sanskar and Ragini who were staring ground. “Ok mumma” said both of them nodding their head.

Ananya made both of them sit on the bed. Ansh sat beside Ragini holding Pari. “You have to get Pari’s new doll” said Ananya standing infront of Sanskar. He nodded his head and she moved to Ragini “But I will forgive mommy this time” said Ananya hugging Ragini and smiling. “This is not fair. You always forgive her” said Sanskar pouting and stamping his foot like small kid getting up from bed and standing a bit far. Ragini showed her tongue. “Hello look at her state and you are complaining about not giving her punishment” said Ansh. “So what? Still she can bear the punishment” said Sanskar pouting angry. “Poppy” screamed Ananya. “Ok ok mumma” said Sanskar pouting sadly and lowering his head. Ragini hugged Ansh who was holding Pari and Ananya from both the sides. Sanskar looked at them and smiled at his happy family. When Ragini looked up he hid his smile and made angry face. Ragini neared him and kissed his cheek holding his chin. Sanskar widened his eyes. Ananya closed her eyes with one hand n closed Pari’s eye with other hand. Ansh closed his eyes with one hand with other hand closed Pari’s eye. “Mommy” screamed both Ansh and Ananya. Ragini turned and stood lowering her head.

Sanskar was still shocked holding his cheek. “What to do your poppy looks so cute when he is angry I cannot control myself” said Ragini pouting sadly. Ansh and Ananya nodded their head in disbelief and left their room. “Sanki” called Ragini shaking Sanskar who was holding his cheek still shocked. “So I look cute when I get angry haa?” asked Sanskar dragging Ragini close to him. She landed on his chest blushing. She smiled and nodded her head blushing. “I did not know my Jhansi ki Rani is so romantic” said Sanskar rubbing his nose against her nose. Ragini got angry and pulled him by his tie and placed her lips on his lips and kissed him winking her eyes. Sanskar widened his eyes shocked. As they felt difficult to breath they departed. “Stupid Maheshwari you are already father of a girl and becoming father for second time and still saying you don’t know your wife is romantic. Gosh from where you get your brain manufactured from?” asked Ragini patting his brain. Sanskar pouted sadly. “Sanskar breakfast time. Get Ragini also” said Anapurna from dining table. Ansh and Ananya chukled looking at each other. Pari was playing in Ansh’s embrace.
“Good morning mom” said Nitin side hugging Yashu and kissing her hair. Yashu smiled and cupped his face. He sat on the chair and Yashu served him breakfast. “Where is Ragu?” asked Yashu. “She is searching her resume. Dumbo forgot that she had a interview to attend today” said Nitin having the first byte. “Nittu” said Yashu glaring Nitin. “What she is Dumb only” said Nitin shrugging his shoulders. “Tomorrow Ani’s Godh Bharai. Ragini finished her Masters also I’m just wondering why are you not thinking about starting your family yet” asked Yashu. Nitin coughed as the food stuck in his throat and Yashu consoled him. “Maa pehle apni bahu se bolo badi tho hojaye. And moreover it’s about her dreams. Let her settle her dream career after that we will think about it” said Nitin. “Nitin I’m not finding my certificates” screamed Ragini from her room. “See” said Nitin and got up from his chair. Yashu smiled and nodded her head in disbelief. Nitin entered and saw Ragini who was trying to take a file which was above cupboard standing on a stool. She stumbled and was about to fall but she landed in Nitin’s arms. “Ohho Mrs. Roy.

Who will keep certificates there” said Nitin . “Then where ?” asked Ragini encircligng her hands around his neck and kissing his cheeks. Nitin smiled blushing. He placed her on Sofa and moved to cupboard. He opened Ragini’s wardrobe. At a time all her dresses fell. He looked at Ragini who smiled sheepishly. Nitin nodded his head and arranged her cloths and took a file from inside and gave it to Ragini. “You are the bestest hubby in the world” said Ragini standing and hugging him. Nitin smiled at her childish act
“Swapnil aaram se” said Swara when her 3 year old kid entered Maheshwari mansion leaving her hand. Sahil kept his hand on her shoulder standing beside her nodding his head to not to run. “Shona you had cesarean and doctor has advised you to not to stress yourself baby” said Sahil who was holding their one month baby. “Maachi” said Swapnil side hugging Ragini who was sitting on the sofa and Sanskar was feeding her food. “Swapu” screeched Ragini holding him in her embrace. “Sahil bhai” said Sanskar side hugging Sahil. “Shona dee” said Ragini stretching her hands and Swara smiled and sat beside her side hugging her. “Take” said Sahil handing baby to Swara. “Ragu maa. This Sunday we have Namakaran ceremony for our kid. So we came to invite you both” said Swara. “What name you have thought?” asked Sanskar feeding next byte to Ragini. Ragini’s face become pale thinking Swara will name her second son as Vikram. “Shekar” said Swara smiling and caressing Ragini’s hair.

Sanskar smiled as Ragini had discussed her worry with him earlier only. He wondered how Swara understood Ragini’s worries always without her saying anything. “Vikram name is reserved only for my Ragu maa’s baby” said Swara. Ragini hugged her teary eyed. “Maasi” screeched Ananya hugging Swara. Ansh came with Pari in his hand. He hugged Swara. “How are you Shona dee” asked Ansh. “Ansh you can also call her Maasi only” said Ragini. “No she will always be my Shona dee only” said Ansh smiling. Swara looked at Ansh who was holding Pari and Ananya standing beside him. A tear dropped from her eye. “Shona dee” said Ragini placing her hand on Swara’s shoulder. Swara wiped her tear and touched Ragini’s head with her head when she placed her head on Swara’s shoulder. “Bachpan ki yaad aagayi” said Swara. Ragini nodded teary eyed. Sanskar’s phone ringed. “Kavs is calling” said Sanskar smiling. Ragini snatched his phone and spoke “Kavi Katti. You did not call me only from two days. After shifting to London didn’t even remember me ha?” said Ragini complaining. “Chillax Ragu. So much stress not good babes.” said Kavya smiling. “Yohan…” she screamed when Yohan kissed her neck hugging her from back. “Ohho baby why are you screaming like I’m kissing my nieghbour, I’m kissing my wife” said Yohan rubbing his ear. Kavya glared him and showed him her phone signing him that she is talking over the phone. Yohan bit his tongue and asked sorry through eyes. Ragini chuckled listening their conversation. Swara asked her what through eyebrows. Ragini nodded her head smiling. “Ragu I have a good news “ said Kavya turning other side. “What?” asked Ragini excited. “Wo wo…” struggled Kavya. Yohan grabbed her phone and said “Your Kavi is gonna become mommy soon” Kavya blushed and hugged him.

“What? Really?” screeched Ragini happy. Sanskar held her and said “Relax bandariya don’t jump. You have to be careful” Ragini pouted. “What happened?” asked Swara. “Kavi is pregnant” said Ragini happy. “Woow. That’s brilliant news” said Swara and took phone from Ragini’s hand. “Kavi” said Swara on the phone. Yohan handed Kavya her phone and kissed her head. “Haa Shona dee” said Kavya. “Congratzzz chotu” screeched Swara. “Thank you Shona dee” said Kavya smiling. “Now you have to be very careful. Take care of yourself and give the phone to Yohan” said Swara. Kavya gave the phone to Yohan. Swara instructed him to take care of Kavya.

“Ani. Relax. At this stage you should not get so much angry bacha” said Nitin holding Suhani from her shoulder. “Tell this Sadu to not to torture me” said Suhani huffing. “What did you do this time senior ji” said Ragini keeping her one hand on her waist looking at Manny who was pouting sadly. “Don’t call me that Ragu maa. I just told her to not to eat oily food more. You know she was omitting and struggling two days before and doctor said to avoid oily food that’s why I told” said Manny pouting. “Ani see he cannot see you like that. Thats why he said forgive him na” said Ragini side hugging Manny. Suhani relaxed and pouted and held her ears and said “Sorry” Manny smiled and tried hugging her but her baby bump stopped him. Suhani pouted and Manny side hugged her and she smiled.

Ragini held Nitin’s shoulder and smiled placing her head on his shoulder. Manny was about to kiss but they heard a baby’s cry. They looked at the one year old baby who was sitting on the bed crying as it woke up just then. “Yeh choti siyappa queen bilkul apni maa pe gayi hai. By birth she has sensor like her mom” said Manny and held the baby in his arms and consoled her. “Shut up Manny” said Suhani and Nitin at a time. “But whatever. The way Rachika cools down in your arms even Rachu cannot cool her” said Ragini calling Rachika in her embrace. Rachika smiled and hugged Ragini. “That’s why she left her here and gone for a party with Kabbie bhai” said Nitin pulling Rachika’s cheeks.

“Ishika relax baby” said Radhika heading inside Birla house when her three year old daughter ran inside. Ishan was smiling at her. Radhika glared him. “What?” asked Ishan. “Why you did not stop her. Now if she falls down somewhere? She will get hurt” said Radhika angry. “Relax Jaan. She is just small kid let her enjoy her life. Stop worrying about her always” said Ishan dragging her into a hug. “Isheee” screeched Ragini when she spotted Ishika at Suhani’s room entrance. “Gini maasi” screeched Ishika and. Manny held Rachika back in his embrace and Ragini lifted Ishika in her embrace. “Princess” said Nitin signing Ishika to hug him. She smiled and hugged him. “Not fair you always love your Nitin uncle more” said Ragini pouting. “Tho why are you jealous” asked Radhika entering Suhani’s room. Ishan entered and helped Suhani to sit on the bed. “Radhu maa” said Ragini hugging Radhika. “I’m not jealous ok. I just told” said Ragini. “How is my princess” said Ishan sitting beside Suhani and talking to her baby. Suhani opened her mouth excited and held her baby bump.

“What happened Ani?” asked Ishan concerned. She again held her baby bump again. “She is kicking. Our baby is kicking Manny” said Suhani with happy tears. Manny sat beside her and asked “Really?” Suhani nodded her head. “See now only she is in Ishan’s party. She kicked when she heard his voice” said Rachna entering with Kabeer. “Kabbie Bhai” said Ragini and hugged Kabeer. Kabeer hugged her and smiled. “Even I want to feel her kick” said Manny pouting. Rachna took Rachika in her arms and Suhani held his hand and placed it on her baby bump. “Princess” said Ishan and the baby kicked again. Manny smiled wide with glittering eyes. He encircled his other hand around her shoulders and smiled touching her forehead with his nose. Suhani smiled with tears in her eyes. Ragini sat beside Suhani’s legs excited and kept her hand on her baby bump. “Princess” called Ishan again and the baby kicked. “Yippie” screeched Ragini. Nitin smiled at her. “Manny, Nittu Snacks time” called Pratima from dining table. All of them sat on chairs. Ishan helped Suhani to sit beside Manny who was holding Rachika and playing with her.

Nitin sat beside Ragini and fed Ishika the snacks. Ishan fed Suhani the healthy snacks and Radhika sat beside him and smiled looking at them. Kabeer looked at Nitin who was feeding Ishika and wiping Ragini’s face who spoiled her face while eating and smiled. “What happened?” asked Rachna placing her hand on Kabeer’s shoulder. “When will I get my princess” said Kabeer pouting. “Pehle apni Gini ko bade hone do” said Radhika from the other side. “Not fair” said Kabeer pouting looking at Radhika. “What to do jeejs. Nitin wants her to peruse her career first” said Radhika pulling his cheeks. Kabeer lowered his head disappointed. Radhika and Rachna winked at each other and chuckled looking at Kabeer.
I don’t know what is this just a thought came in my mind so wrote it. I’m crazy. Sorry if I wasted your time.

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  1. A12345

    Its really a dream..mostly ragsan married life..it was really amazing..

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much dear. I’m really glad that you like it

  2. Sindhura

    Awesome lovely

    1. Sally_blr

      Thanks a lot da Sindhu. Thank god u liked it

  3. Awesome and not at all boring and stupid . Soo it’s leap , right .

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much Ashu. Glad you liked it. I’m only not clear about it

  4. Riyanjali

    wth do u mean by u wasted our time ha??it was amazing….toooooo gd…i m a die hard fan of ur ff and here ur telling ur wasting my time??i loved it a lottttt and srsly it was awesome fantabulous and all other appreciating wrds….pls update ur ff soooon…luv u dr

    1. Sally_blr

      Chorry Riyu. I dint know I will hurt you. That’s really very sweet of you. I’m really greateful to you for your love n support. Love u

  5. Jazzy

    i was waiting for ur uodate from two days i was disappointed that u haven’t updated even today but it was damn amazing suppppppppeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr……..
    loved it a lot lol ragini should grow up now
    and i was sooo hapoy to read their happy family moments

    1. Sally_blr

      I’m sho shory da. My mind was full of work load so I did not wanted to write emotional chapters so I just wrote this. I don’t know will I be able to write till story reached this stage. So just thoght of writingit as dream glad you liked it. And if Ragini grew up you will not get to see their cute romance

  6. Little confused whether its a dream or future story of the current ? But nicely written

    1. Sally_blr

      You are little confused n I’m totally confused. Kash I could clear your confusion

  7. Asw

    It is so cute of ragsan keep going

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank u so much dear

  8. Both are my favorite ffs order, it’s really treat to read this part

    I must say amazing

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much lovely for your amazing comment.

  9. Akshata

    oh my god Mr. & Mrs. Roy are married now and sleeping peacefully, i always think how can some one kiss somebody in the morning without brushing their teeth, eewww i cant even imagine that and i never find it romantic also.
    ok i am bit confused abt second part but that was so cute, i like Ani, and Ansh, loved ragsan’s cute romance also,
    OMG Manny iS going to be a father. Ragini is so clumsy, poor nitin he has to handle everything and not to forget her also.
    Wow!!! in ragsan’s story everyone is pregnant, i mean girls and all are so happy. and in ragnit story everyone is enjoying their parenthood except ragnit.
    i just loved your this thought, it was beyond awesome and i have enjoyed it to the core. love you 😀

    1. Sally_blr

      Yup even I don’t find morning kiss romantic. I know why u r confused about age of the kids ryt. Actually I realized it after submitting article. Sorry for that. Thank you so much for your lovely analysis and beautiful comment. Love you too

  10. Crystal089

    Awesome amazing really we wanted such scences and u fullfilled our wish this dreaM was awesome superb fantastic loved to core can’t tell what i liked most everything was superb loved each part ragsan are soooo cute and adorable and ragini and nitin ohhh my ragu she’s so cute and romantic naughty u fullfilled readers wish love u sooooo much dear its so amazing waiting when this dreAm come true means when all this happens in ur story plsz update sooon know after reading it can’t wait to read further part of actual story plsz update sooon………m

    1. Sally_blr

      So sweet of you crysti. I knew you will love it. I’m not sure I will be able to stretch the story till that stage so I just thought of this. Glad you liked it.

  11. Deesh

    Omg omg omg!!! Loved loved loved loved it sooooooooooo much!!!! Love u to the infinity sally for this dream sequence. How u can say that u have wasted our time?? U have made me crazy!! Just loved Mr. And Mrs. Roy and sanki and bandariya? gosh!! It is awesome!! ??

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you sweetheart. Love you to. Glad you liked it. I just thought nobody will like it

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you j. Glad you liked it

  12. Wow wow wow… No other words will suit this update. So cute family time in both ff. That’s y I love your ff. Either happy or sad moments, it will touch our hearts…Will be waiting for Ragini to be happy like this in both ff… Ur writing is great dr. It’s not a waste of time. ur ff are more than worth reading. Thanks for this sweet update. Take care dr

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much kutty for such a sweet and encouraging comment. Love you.

  13. Asra

    u r only dumbo pagal Sally dear…how can u say that? u wasted our time…am really angry on u….
    omg what can I say about thz dream mashup yar…i have a doubt am dreaming or not…Someone pinch me yar…
    Sally dear it’s beyond amazing awesome fabulous fantastic mind blowing dear…loved it core infinite dear…it’s unimaginable dear….ragsan married and have a daughter…now ragini s pregnant…kavya also pregnant….ragsan ansh ananya pari soooo cute family….and coming to Mr and Mrs Roy big sweet family…u didn’t show arjun and shru dear….i loved it infinite dear…no words r coming dear….unique and masterpiece u r..am become crazy fan of u and ur ff dear…big teddy hug to u dear for ur lovely mashup dear….love u lot…tkcr dear….

    1. Sally_blr

      And me crazy fan of your sweet comments. Love you too sweetheart. You know what you read my update so keenly nothing will be missed from your eyes. I actually thought of adding Arjun Shruti n even Varun but last moment forgot sorry da

  14. Ragz_teju

    wow I am literally flying in air by reading this. .. loved every single member in this…. it’s so amazing dear…

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you yar ragzee. Glad you liked it

    1. Sally_blr

      Romba nandri dear

  15. Silent_writer

    Ooooooomggggg Apiiiiii itsssssss superbbbbbbbbbbbbb its sachiii ma crazyyy yaaaaa lovedddddd it to the coreeeee yrrr superbbbb awsmeee words are lesss to describe no no i dnt have wordsss to describe thisss sachiiii it was beyond amazinggggg loveeee u alottttt for this n like ragz di said flyinggg ina ir after readinggg it heheheheheh superb di lov u tackr keep smiling n stay blessed

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you chutki. Love you a lot. Glad you liked it

  16. Fairy

    Ahhh!!!sallly….its beyond nythng!!!loved it soooo veryyyyy much 🙂 🙂 🙂 …u hve written it fabulouslyy..jts realllly a treat for us..thnku soo very much 😉 😉

    Guilt-awwww!!!ragsan r sooooo cute..loved dere nok jhok 😉 ..hehehhe ragd is sooo naughty 😉 ..n dere kids awww!!! …happpy to seee swara n sahil wid dere children livng happily 🙂 🙂 swaragini bondng made me lill emotional!! 🙂 ..kavya part ws soooooo sweet…awww!! 🙂 🙂 ..ansh n ananya scene ws damnn funny!!hehehe !!dey r soo mature n understand 😉 😉 …all in alll fantastic update 😉 ..dis is one of my fav. Ff 😉 😉

    Rishtey-from startng till end..i jst loved its update…nit is sooooooooooooooo amazng dat i fell in love wid him…i really want a hubby lyk him 😉 ..hehehehe carelesss bacchi ragini ws sooo cutee 🙂 ..d way nit loves rags ws heart touchng yaaar!!! I reallly lack words to describe how beautifully u hve written it!!

    All in all i loved both d updates 🙂 ..its reallly lyk a dream for me… thnku thnku sooooooooo very much sweety.. love u logz lotz lotzzzz…keep rockng n sray blesssed dr ..take care ..u jst nailed it .sooo proud of u 😉 😉 😉

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much fairy. Love you too sweetheart. And don’t worry I have put application to godji to give u hubby like nittu.

  17. Awesome.loved it

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Ammy. Glad you liked it

  18. Sreevijayan

    Oh my GOD…hww d hell i missed it? I seriously dint come across dis my rockstar…

    M speechless…. seriously…hayeeee…ragnit nd ragsan…. both were juz masha allah…its nt a dream..its deir future..hw beautiful it is…..nithin is such a sweetheart… he wants his woman to settle in her career nd den kids….hayee..nd ragsan already having deir 2nd baby? Aweeeeeeeee…. dese two wil make me mad..mad in love

    Nd pagli..hw cud u evn think dt m angry on u… i really didnt see dis…GOSH..stil i dnt knw hw i missed it…nd m myself dedicating this update fr me..rofl..love u soooo much my sisyyy

    1. Sally_blr

      Awwww I’m all happy reading your comment. Happy with happy tears. I love it when you go to your dream land. Love you lot achu. Keep smiling. Your smile n comment makes my day

  19. Raglakholic

    It is just outstanding

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much dear. Glad you liked it

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