Unearth Your Love (Episode -21).. Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 #Thriller #IMMJ2


The Episode starts in Sehgal Mansion..

Door bell rings… Riddhima gets happy to hear the sound and goes to open the door..

She opens the door and gets happy Β but next moment she gets shock.

First Riddhima gets happy by seeing Vansh then gets shock by seeing Kabir coming from Vansh’s back…

Vansh and Kabir gets inside….

Riddhima (low tone):Vansh..

Vansh: Riddhima,let me talk….Once I get finished then you can talk whatever you want….I know that we had a deal about our marriage.I have feelings for you in my heart But my bad I’m not lucky to have you in my life. I don’t deserve you.

Kabir smirks looking at Riddhima.

Riddhima (with teary eyes,shivers):Vansh, Listen to me..

Vansh(Angrily)Damn it…Why I have to listen to you.I kept a condition to you that You shouldn’t try to betray me at any cost but what you did.You betrayed me…You cheated on me.. You’re the synonym of betrayal.

Riddhima:What I did.?Why you’re saying that?(shouts)Tell me…What I did?How I cheated on you?Tell me..

Vansh:No no no ….I will make you hear it…(to Kabir)Kabir Switch on that voice message.

Kabir ONs Β that voice message and makes Riddhima hear it..

Voice:Kabir I love you…I can’t leave without you.Here my dad is arranging my wedding with Mr.Vansh Raisinghania…Kabir please come here and….

Riddhima(with teary eyes):Vansh,this is old one….I had sent this message a long ago..

Vansh: Don’t let yourself get down by saying it is old one…I don’t trust you Riddhima.Kabir saved my life from you…I will be thankful to him.

Vansh is about to leave Riddhima holds his wrist..

Riddhima: You’re trusting a half truth…You will suffer for that…Trust me Vansh.I want to say you something

Vansh:You don’t know anything other than cheating..I won’t give you a chance to hurt me again.

Vansh leaves from there..

Kabir: Riddhima,I love you too…I came here just for you…I will talk to your father.(holds her shoulder) Trust me…

Riddhima (Angrily):You cheater, How much you will lie..? Don’t you have shame to spoil a girl’s life?I trusted you when you said that you want me and Vansh to be together…and what you did now?Go away from me..

Kabir:Yeah,I got peace by separating you from Vansh…You don’t why I am doing this..You will get to know about this soon… Until then be with patience. It’s just beginning…(winks).

Riddhima holds his collar…

Riddhima(Angrily):How dare you?Really Kabir,I don’t know you can cheat the girl who was once your friend…How disgusting…You don’t have space in my house..Get lost from here(shouts)….

Holds Kabir’s collar and throws him out of the mansion…Then she goes into the mansion

Kabir:You had done a big thing Riddhima…You have to pay for this….And you will….

In the Mansion…

Riddhima gets on her knees and cries…

Riddhima:Why this happened with me? Don’t I deserve Happiness in my life?But Why I wanted to explain my self to vansh…just why?Am I in love with him?

Riddhima gets some black and white flashbacks and holds her head in pain..

Scene:In middle of a road…

Vansh is in his car hits the steering hard and shouts…..

Vansh(Angrily):Why….just Why damn it….Why this happen to me?…I know that my plan is working perfectly…but just because me my Riddhima felt hurt today just because me….I saw her in tears….I can’t see her crying(shouts)Aaahhhh……I love you Riddhima….Not from today but from the day I saw you in London.


Riddhima: Who is Aisha?

Vansh:She is the one who is infront of me..

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