Ishq Mein Marjawan – Fan Fiction – Episode 34

Hi guys, I will definately end the story by episode 39-40 then the next one will be more exciting. I will start the prologue on the other one after this.

Epi starts…

Vansh and Riddhima spend the night on the terrace with her wrapped in his arms. He promised to never let anything happen to her and their baby, he was nervous as well as excited.

The next morning..

Riddhima wakes up and finds Vansh missing next to her. She decides to go and look for him but bumps into Ragini.

Ragini: So did you both enjoy your night? (she smirks)

Riddhima: What’s it to you? Were you spying on us?

Ragini: So many questions (rolls her eyes) but you see Riddhima, I know your secret, the one inside you is the weakness to get what I want.

Riddhima: Don’t you dare! I will scream and then you will not be saved.

Ragini: Aww how sweet, I really don’t care. (she slow claps), you have done so much for me, I wanted to do the same to you. See this pool, if you drowned here nobody will ever find you.

Riddhima was getting scared but did not back down. She walks up to her and slaps her hard on the face and then pointed a finger up.

Riddhima: If you dare to hurt either me or my baby, Vansh will never spare you, you will be out on the streets just as you were before. So if you want my advice, brace married life and move on. Now get out of my way.

Riddhima walks away but trips on a small piece of wire and falls on the floor. She screams and everyone rushes to her. Vansh picked her up and took her to the room. Once she was settled, he came back and grabbed Ragini by the neck and pulled out his gun. Everyone was shocked.

Ishani: Bhai what are you doing?

Dadi: Vansshh!

Vansh: Please don’t stop me, she tried to harm Riddhima and our baby.

Everyone: What!!

Vansh nods and faces back to Ragini with the gun pointed to her head. He grabs her by the arm and then drags her to the front door.

Vansh (angry): I should have done this earlier, I am glad Angad told me about your evil plans. MOM! You too, stand next to her.

Anupriya emerges from behind Angad and walks to stand next to Ragini.

Vansh: Nowww what should I do with the both of you?

Anupriya falls down on his feet: Please Vansh, don’t do this, I am your mom.

Vansh: Correction, you were my mom. I don’t want to keep a mother’s relationship with you plotting behind my back. You killed my real mom tooo didn’t you?!

Anupriya: What? No (she was acting)


Anupriya: Ye..yes I did. I just wanted the property that she had to give it to Angad.

Vansh: How could you? You killed another mom to be a mom. I am ashamed to call you mom. There is only one punishment for you. I am calling the police and you are going to jail.

Anupriya: Please don’t, please Vansh.

Vansh gestured Angre to him.

Vansh to Angre: Call the police, I had enough of this drama.

Angre: Yes boss (he walks away to call them on his phone and then walks up to Vansh)

Angre: They will be here in 5 minutes.

Vansh: And you Ragini, you came to my house to ruin me and my wife. I knew it from the time you stepped foot into this house. I kept quiet because you were Angad’s wife. I thought you would change but I was wrong. Now what punishment should I give you.

He points his gun to her and takes aim.

Angad: Wait bro

Vansh turns around and looks at him.

Angad: I know she deserves the punishment after what she did to bhabi and you but please she is my wife. I promise I will take her away. Give her one last chance and she will change, I will make sure of that.

Vansh was still angry but thought about what he said, he points a finger to Ragini.

Vansh: If I ever see you trying to harm Riddhima or anyone here again, I will make sure you suffer more than my gun.

He walks away and goes to Riddhima.

The police comes and arrests Anupriya after Vansh told them what happened. She is about to be taken away when Angad stops her

Angad: Mom? Or should I say Anupriya? How could you?

Anupriya: …

Angad: I am ashamed to share the same blood as you.

Dadi walks up from behind and slaps her on the face.

Dadi: Get out!

Anupriya: Angad please

Angad shakes his head: No mom, I won’t stop you. You deserve it. I am breaking all ties with you from now on. Get out and never come back.

The police takes her away and she is charged with murder and hiding a crime. That was the last time anyone saw her again.

The same evening..

Vansh comes to Riddhima who is sleeping in the room. He gently strokes her head and holds her hand.

Vansh (whispering): I am sorry Riddhima, I couldn’t even keep you safe for one day.

Riddhima opens her eyes and looks at him: Don’t be, it was not your fault. I love you.

Vansh hugs her tightly and then kisses her.

Vansh: I will make sure your every happiness from now will never turn to tears and stress. I am with you.

Riddhima smiles and then hugs him back: That’s all I want. You with me.

Vansh: You should sleep. Its late.

Riddhima: Come on Vansh, I have been sleeping all day. I need to do something if not I am going to go crazy (she laughs)

Vansh: You are so stubborn really (he laughs)

Riddhima: Are you ok? I heard what happened to mummyji.

Vansh sighed: I always knew she didn’t like my mom, I should have saved her. (he starts getting tears in his eyes). My mom was a beautiful woman, she was just like you, gold hearted and beautiful. That was one of the reason why I fell in love with you at first sight, you are just as beautiful as my mom.

Riddhima looked at him and then gently wiped away a single tear from his eyes.

Riddhima: Just like you can’t see me crying, I can’t see you crying too Vansh, I know she will always be in your heart. She sounds like an amazing woman who had an amazing son that is both scary and gentle at the same time (she giggles)

Vansh: I wish I could have done more to have her here with me

Riddhima: She would be proud of you Vansh, for whatever you did and who you are. (she smiles gently)

Vansh hugs her again and slowly his tears turned into a smile. He felt comfortable around Riddhima and never wanted to lose her the way he lost his mom.

Precap: Vansh and Riddhima share a romantic moment and Dadi arranges for a shanti puja. Ragini decides to apologise to Riddhima but Vansh doesn’t let her near Riddhima. They meet in the garden after the ceremony and Ragini asks for forgiveness.

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