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The beautiful decoration,hanging flowers..colourfully..marigold roses,orchids and their intoxicating smell filled the nose of almost every one.
The red decoration with white touch in certain places gave the mandap a magical touch..perfect place for the marriage of Shivaay Singh Oberoi..
“Beta the auspicious time is here”- Punditji get ready for the marriage,”call the bride and groom here”.
“Oh my maatha”- Rudra get a shock,”that chotiwala pundit is calling and here you are sitting like a statue keeping hand on chest”.
“Duffer!!”- Om tapped his shoulder,”Its called nervousness..hand on heart”.
“Oh..I heard Annika bhabhi was also complaining about some mich michi feeling and some spreading Raita”- Rudra leaked the top secret,”Is the same happening with you too??”
“More then that ..”- Shivaay gave a shy smile,”Marriage itself is not less then raita”.
“Marriage is a raita!!”- Rudra couldn’t get the meaning,”O do you think the same about marriage”.
“I don’t know any thing”- The philosopher denied,”about love and marriage”.
“Oh my maatha “- Pinky came to call her son as it was getting late,”Shivaay punditji is waiting .come soon”.
“Bhaiyyya”- Rudra spread his both arm wide,”last hug before you becoming paraya dhan”.
“One for all..all for one”- Shivaay hugged both his brothers,”no thing can make us apart from each other”.

“Bhabhi”- Soumya chirped,”I will call you bhabhi here after”.
“Are you planning to marry Rudra”- Annika teased,”Shivaay has two brothers but Omkara is married “.
“I am a sister to Shivaay Bade bhaiyya”-Soumya felt shy for the first time in her life,”his wife must be my bhabhi then”.
“Hey angel”- Annika tried to hug love angel,”I was just pulling your leg”.
“Annika didi”- Gouri chirota tried to hold her hand ,”lets go down stair …Maaji is asking for you “.
” Not fair haan”- Soumya complained,”we should also have a last hug before Annika bhabhi becoming paraya dhan”.
“Billu is calling you”-Dadi shouted,”its Mahurath for marriage”.
“Our Annika is looking so beautiful like an angel from heaven only made for my Billu”- Dadi put some black kajol dot behind the left ear of Annika”.

“Annika you are late”- Shivaay commented as soon as he saw Annika coming down the stair,”Marriage is today not tomorrow”.
“Tien Tien fiss”- Annika is not less in fighting,”you are a Billu. People generally says you are looking beautiful to their bride..tadibaaz “.
The whole family bursted in to laughter at their fight.
“Bilu,Annika puttar…let the marriage finish”- Dadi interfered,”you both can fight once marriage is over for your whole life…even in front of your children”.
“Annika , lets sit”- Shivaay dragged his Annika to the mandap.
“Bhaiyya!!”- Rudra ran to them,”the jaimala rasam is there before marriage”.
“Er..this is my first marriage na”-Shivaay act with his hands near his head as others are very experienced and are married for numerous time”.
“We all are married for only once “- Shakti smiled,”are you planning to marry several times?”.
“Yes papa it will be a record in our family”- Shivaay felt very proud,”If the girl is Annika all the times”.
Jhanvi smiled,”people are afraid of marriage and our Shivaay is an exception”.
“Bhaiyya stand up”- Rudra ordered,”take the garland and put around the neck of Annika bhabhi. bhabhi you too”.
“Annika hurry up”- Shivaay teased,”I will ran to Kashi yathra if you are late”.
“We are Punjabis hai “- Pinky closed the main door ,”not south Indian”.
“Bade bhaiyya”- Gouri advised,”this is a problem of searching in Google chachi for top secret questions”.
“Oh..”- Shivaay teased ,”I thougt I can run away at the last moment”.
“Chup kar khotiyya”- Dadi make them both hold the garland,”put it soon”.
“I will lift Annika bhabhi high”- Rudra volunteered.
” You will not be able to stand on your own feet for a couple of month then”- Soumya gave instant result.

Among the huge roar Shivaay and Annika managed to garland each other .
“From now onwards you are my possession”- He managed to whispered,”Like this garland..soft and sweet”.
”Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu Mangalam Garuda Dhwaja Mangalam Pundareekaksham Mangalaya Tano Hari”.
The purest music to the ear of family members and to both Shivaay and Annika send Omkara in to a land of his marriage,the only thing he is hiding deep inside his heart for a Long time now and is unable to locate his wife even after taking help from detective”.
The seven vows are taken with the completion of saat phere..
“Now you are mine Annika “- He threatened his newly married wife with his dangerous husky voice,”like I am yours”.
“Billu.. Billi”- Rudra rushed,”You can talk later”.
“Ha haaan”- Shivaay came down from the mandap right behind Annika..both tied with each other by the holy clothes and bond of marriage,”Annika walk carefully”.
“Khush raho hamesha”- Dadi blessed the couple as they take her blessing.
Then they took blessing from all the family members and hugged the younger ones.
“Bade bhaiyya”- Soumya told,”I too want to call Annika di as bhabhi from today”.
“Very good Soumya”-Prinku jumped high,”only I will block way for bhaiyya and bhabhi at their door”.
“Hey guys, lok there!!”- A smart handsome man from the crowd shouted,”that is love Angel is not she??”
“Haan yaar Rehan”- The other boy answered ,”She is Soumya Tendulkar.. the love angel”.
Rudra sat with a thud on the near by chair with unbound happiness. His best friend from last few days is actually love angel..his love who he was searching in the whole Mumbai like a Devdas with out any dog.
“Soumya”- Rudra hugged the moti gas cylinder,”I searched for you like a maniac every where except from my house”.
“But why Rudra”- Soumya couldn’t get any head or tail from his words .
“Because I love you “- Rudra blabbered,”my lovely love angel”.
“Leave me you duffer”- Soumya felt like facing death in his tight embrace,”I will die from breathlessness”.
“What the wuck!!”- Shivaay find it missing,”my foot wear is missing”.
“Sach mein bhaiyya”- Chulbul hided his smile behind his hands,”was it a VKC pride product??”
“Oh my maatha”- Pinky get worried,”the foot wear of my heera beta is stolen from right under all our noses..Shaktiji were you sleeping all the while”.
“Paise dedo..jootey lelo”- Chulbul sang holding the jootey in his hands.
“Toh tum ho chantumai”- Shivaay get the first effect of marrying Annika,” what do you want for the exchange of my footwear?”
“A thing more precious then money”- Chulbul forward her hand like asking for a promise,”that you will love Annika didi your whole life”.
“Pinky promise”- Shivaay interlinked his little finger with Chulbul”.
“Om give the papers”- Shivaay went near Saahil,”your gift on my marriage”.
“I know you don’t want it but it is yours only”- He gave his house legal papers to Saahil ,”for opening the gatbandhan during marriage”.
“SSO thank you”- Saahil felt very happy,”Shivaay bhaiyya”.
Shivaay hugged Saahil soon OmRu joined them.
“The ring finding ceremony”- Dadi declared,”Chulbul bring the milk”.
“Dadi marriage just happened”- Rudra has no knowledge on marriage,”they did not get a contract on working as detectives”.
“Duffer!!”- Om hit his head.
“Gouri Sharma..my chirraiyya!!”- Kaali entered,”where are you hiding”.
The bowl of milk dropped on the floor from a shaking hands of Chulbul.
The yellow cap get removed from her wig of small hairs to reveal a waist length hairs..
“Gouri…”- Om rushed to his wife and take her in his arms instantly,”I searched for you every where in Bareilly”.
“Thank God”- Om get hold in his trust on God once again,”you are safe”.
“click!!click!!”- Media took numerous photos of Omkara hugging a girl in front of all shamelessly when the Oberoi family is busy is the marriage of their elder son Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
“She is my wife”- Om shut the mouth of Kaali and media in a single answer,”we are married”.
“Khanna!!”- Shivaay ordered,”take him away from here”.

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  1. Amayaa

    Finally , de most awaited moment is come
    Undeniable desire ???
    Rudy meets with his love Angel
    Nd proposes her too
    Omki – Shomki accepts his wife gauri kumari sharma aka gauri Omkara Singh oberoi
    Nd our Shivika got married in a grand way
    Nd anika becomes Anika Shivay Singh oberoi

    Waah waah ram ji…………….Jodi kya banai………….
    Bhaiya aur bhabhi ko ……………badhai ho badhai ……………
    Sab rashmo se bari hai. ……………..Jag me…………..
    Dil Se dil ki milai

    1. Surbhi Sharma

      Ammu , yours and astha di’s telepathy. Look. Ur wish came true . ‘ Go ammu go ‘ ….

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Our love and telepathy finally won today …
      Marriage happened,but we didn’t had the feast till now….

  2. Wow the most awaited shivika wedding finally happened!!
    You are mine.. like am yours????
    And what is with this KT entry yaar! Din expect that now? And I din quite get you, so it is revealed that Chulbul is Gauri? And OM is not angry?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Anu..yes Gouri is revealed in front of Om and Omky have a unique thought here.

  3. VHM

    OMG …This is fabulous…i read it in a single go…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      One day I will make you read one chapter breathlessly Haarika….Thank you dear…

      1. VHM

        Heya Astha…you make me read breathlessly everyday ….and i read your reviews on written update of real IB serial breathlessly…..sometimes they are too hilarious…like the KohLi one and yesterday honey coated Karela chips………..everyday after Ib serial written update is posted i wait mostly for your take on the telecast…..your FF I read it slow but in one go because i really enjoy and imagine the scenario being enacted by respective characters……

  4. Aab main kya bolu aap hi bata do mujhe…
    VKC pride…hahahaha…loved it!!
    Aur haa can I call u di..as everyone here calls u di..nd i too wanted to call.. *pout*
    Eagerly waiting for the nxt…update asap!

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      of course Bhavana…you can call me Di..you should..you must.
      I am either not that elder phir bhi I love it when my sisters calls me as Di…
      Live you sister…
      Yay I am getting nunerous sister in TU page..thank you TU for that..

  5. Tanz

    VKC pride-hahaha…. you watch ads a lot or shall I say you are Ajay Devgan’s fan? It is really do fun to read your ff.Always something khidkitod is waiting for me.Om protects Gouri chirraya and that Kaali Thakur is going to have a hard time….. Shivaay se panga Liya hai…itni aasani se thodi na bachega.I still can’t control my laughter…please help di….??

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Tanz…Not Ajay Devgon yaar I am a Konidela Ramcharan Teja fan..
      I will help you by writing the next part soon. It can help you to smile more…

  6. Surbhi Sharma

    Aaj mere bhaiya ki shadi hai . Ho ho aaj mere bhaiya ki shadi hai .
    Yayy !! Aaj ka epi ekdum jhakkas tha , shiv ki shadi , ru meets love angel , and o meets his chirraiya . Wow di !!! ????
    Congo my shivu bhaiya and my ani bhabhi. ????????????????.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Surbhi…now all three couple come to a particular point in the journey of their Ishqbaazi…

  7. Yeh!!!!! finally billu aur billi ki shaddi ho gayi, rudy ko apni love angel milgayi & chulbul chirota now gouri chiraiya…… Chotiwala pandit, VKC pride hahaha….. still laughing…. Superb di… U r d best…. U make my day… luv u ummhhhaa……….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Banita..powerful kiss to me..Aww…sister.
      keep laughing like this always dear..

  8. Awesome… superb… fantastic….lovely…..???

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Lilly dear

  9. Nivedita

    Wah wah! Nice wedding!?? Want a wedding of Shivika on IB(..Where they are happy..Maybe they can renew their vows on the first try anniversary..) Good to have Rumya and Gaurika moments too.. if only in actual DBO On would say that to Gauri instead of always sporting hatred and blaming get..

    1. Nivedita

      *and blaming Gauri..
      @ Anu- yes I think she wrote that Chulbul’s wig fell off, showing her as chiraiya and Om recognised his wife.. And acknowledged her as his wife in front of KT and media..

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Nivedita…deep inside the amgry Man Omkara Singh Oberoi lies our lovely Shayar ..Philosophical Omkara..He came out here in my Story…
      Happy married life to Shivika and Omri…

      1. Nivedita

        Yeah, glad to see our old sweet Om back.

  10. It is awesome dii….. Bade bhiya k saath choote bhiya ka be Milan…
    Kya baat h…. Lots of love and care dii…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Nikku… this story is for the undeniable desire of Dadaji and Dadiji..for their grandchildren…
      so parallel love story for all three couple..After all Ishqbaaz is about Ishqbaazi and brotherhood…

  11. Navz

    Lovely…shivika ki marriage..????soo cute..sweet iam getting diabetes because of this sweeetest form of shivay ….
    What is happening in omris life…is that om who was soo happy for his wife..??????!!!
    Fantastic work aastha..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Navya…a lot of Shivika Insulin tablet for your diabetes lolz…

  12. Hee asthababy. 1000 hugs 2000 kiss from me . (Bone tooti ya gal kharab hui then i am not responsible???) excellent out standing.superb.bilu bili i love them..nice part

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Darling Arpita..I am very strong. but still Am getting weak on my knee after so many hugs and kisses..
      I Love shivika too and love you more..

  13. Awesome…
    At last d most awaited Shivika wedding happend….
    Then Gaurika ka milan…
    Love Angel ka identity got revealed & Rudra shocked…
    Loved it…waiting fr d nxt… 🙂

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Shivika…Every thing happened so well except for the entry of that Kaali Thakur.. he is also par khanna Katappa hey na for him.
      now three couple came to start their ishqbaazi…

  14. Lisaaa


    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Lisaa dear..

  15. Awesome..fantastic part waiting for next update soon

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Niriha… thank you dear…

  16. i have been waitng for it. the epi is fantastic as always. i loved your writing style. haye haye!!! kya likti ho yaar tum.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thank you Sanskriti dear…

  17. What is will do now all are writing so good and where will I find words to comment and am bored using the same words am planning to get help from Google Chachi……….And Astha dr superb and ur new ff am waiting for it eagerly and am feeling bit jealous on u all if u guys write so well and make ppl addicted to ur ff’s (even am one among them) how will others comment on my ff and others ff jus joking yaar…….Superb dr as always……

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Arthi dear…Not only you reader but also we authors are addicted to Shivika and their beautiful journey of Ishqbaazi….
      Thank you dear …love you always forever…

  18. Wowww…i was very happy finding the next paart…it is awesome…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Keep loving Zaveesha dear… This eagerness and love means a lot to me.

  19. Meri to kismet hi phooti hai ……????? (full on pinky ponky nautanki face)
    Whenever u post your ff….am so busy that I cannot comment…
    Couldn’t even comment on the wu IB Page. …….
    Had outing and all that…AnywaysAstha di….kkitna times kkahun. …
    Your writing is ghartod…am so happy that my magical couple shivika finally got married….loved the way how u described the mandatoryand all…brings back memories of the Real shivika weddingbut the problem is i start remembering the forced marriage and all and the unpleasant memoriesr removed by your awesome fff….iIalways have an undeniable desire to read more and more….finally…even rikara will have a happily married life….loved rrudy ‘ sdialogs and of course shivika….ufff???????
    And now will be the fourth rasam. …Aftermarriage (blush blush)
    Okay stop vivi….control yourself….
    Anyways once again hats off and l thanks vanks Mat bolna because we r Sissons. ..K?
    Anyways update ASAP!
    Loads of love to u
    Ps Go amu dear fo. ..tumhari first aane ki wish poori ho gayi!

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Nahi bolungi Tanx. Vanx. Waise bhi thnx. Lekar kahan store karoge..hey na..
      Be happy that your Astha di finally removed all the bitter memories of their forced marriage in IB…OK.

  20. Read mandatory as mandap

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Ha ha…the first time I read Mandatory …I thought it to be Mandap and Toran…lolz…

  21. Alekhika20

    Asum updt

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thnx Yaar Alekhika…

  22. Jerry_36

    Hey Aastha di !! Loved it. Beautifully written. And sorry for the late comment☺

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