Dil Bole Oberoi 25th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Bole Oberoi 25th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Om and Gauri see Kaali holding Jhanvi’s hand. Om says how dare you touch my mum and beats him. Tej stops Om. Kaali bends to Om and says if Raavan has come, he will go after doing haran, if you stay quiet, you will be forgiven, else cleaned/killed. Some time before, Om and Gauri have an eyelock. She asks him to see the sindoor. Om touches forehead and sees sindoor. He says fine if you are saying, but I m not convinced, I doubt on you that you are not saying me truth and confusing me. Gauri says no, I talk like that. They hear Jhanvi’s scream and rush. Om and Gauri see Kaali holding Jhanvi’s hand. Om says how dare you touch my mum and beats him. Tej stops Om. Kaali smiles. Tej asks Om how dare you raise hand on my guest. Om says your guest dared to touch my mum, does he not know respecting women, I will break his hand. He gets angry. Jhanvi shouts Om stop it, you are mistaken, he did not misbehave with me, he was just trying to help me.

FB shows Jhanvi falling down and screaming. Kaali comes to her and asks her to give her hand. She holds his hand and gets up. He asks did you get hurt. She says I m fine. FB ends. She says he has no bad intentions, he was saving me. Om says person putting in problem does not save, he did this planning. Kaali says I came to do business with Oberois. Om says you are lying. Kaali says then tell them, are you ashamed to say, shall I say it, Om is right, I came here to find my future here, my heart says my future is here.

Kaali bends to Om. He says if Raavan has come, he will go after doing haran, if you stay quiet, you will be forgiven, if you interfere, you will be cleaned/killed. Gauri worries and thinks Kaali has come to find me, if I come in front of him, he will not trouble Om, I have to come in front of Kaali, but then Om will know my truth and hate me, I have to be with Om to help him in his fight, I have to stay as Chulbul till he finds Shwetlana’s secret. Om pushes Kaali and says get out of my house. Tej shouts who are you to make my guests leave, its my house, he is my guest, he will stay here. Om says no, he won’t stay in this house. Tej says he is not Shwetlana whom you can snatch from me, I could not marry Shwetlana because of you, I m bearing Jhanvi.

Om asks him to talk with manners. Tej says you are not helping Jhanvi, her problems are increasing, I know why you are doing this, you know if my and Kaali’s deal happens, Shwetlana will come to me and I will give divorce to Jhanvi, so you want to make Kaali angry so that he cancels this deal, Kaali will stay in this house, and about our deal, it will happen, you can do nothing about it, you played your move Om, now its my turn….. move, game and deal will be mine, and even …. He looks at Shwetlana. He asks Kaali to come and meet special guests.

Kaali says it looks bad, I have a principle, I don’t leave friendship and enmity in between, Om in my friend, I will hug him and end this. He says I m elder to you in age, I know I won’t become small if I apologize, He hugs Om and says if you want me to leave from here, give me Gauri, else your mum has to bear the punishment. Om says that girl is not here. Kaali says you made the bird fly, you will cage her and give me, else…. He says Om you are not angry now right. He goes with Tej to meet guests. Om gets angry. Jhanvi stops Om and says don’t get into this, its no use, Tej will do what he wants, you don’t ruin your life in this, stay out of it. She goes.

Om says Gauri…. its all your mistake. Gauri cries. She thinks Om is right, I m the root of all his problems. She sees Om. Om goes. She wishes Kaali goes away from the house, else something happens that this deal does not happen, Lord show some way that Om comes out of this problem. Shwetlana says this man is a danger for my secret, I have to make him leave, this deal should get cancelled, between Tej and Om, Om is better option, Tej is growing late, Tej may die, I will be kicked out of this house, if I marry Om, I will be secure, I will make sure Om has this deal.

Gauri looks for Om. She thinks where to find Om, he was worried, I can’t leave him alone. Kaali goes to his room and sees Om. Om asks him what game is he playing. Kaali says I want to play, but you have hidden my toy, return the toy, your family will be saved. He makes a drink and says you are also playing a game. Om says I m fed up explaining you, I m not related to that girl, I was just helping him. Gauri sees them. Kaali says you helped her, who will help you now, if anyone steals a look, I get eyes out, you have snatched my wife, killed my brother. Om says I did not kill your brother, you killed him. Kaali says not me, you killed him, his life went because of you, my brother was dear to me. Om says it happened unknowingly. Kaali says whatever will happen now, will be by purpose, I lost my brother, I will tell you what’s the sorrow to lose a brother, your brothers and mum will bear the punishment. Om holds his collar and says if you do anything to my brothers, I will send you to your beloved brother. Kaali says if you love your brothers, find Gauri, then you will lose land and mum too. Gauri cries and says Kaali wants Gauri, and Gauri wants Om’s happiness, Om’s happiness is in his mum, if I come out in front of Om, his problems will end.

Gauri gets dressed and applies bindi. She thinks of Om. Saathiya….plays…………..He applies the sindoor. She thinks of Om’s words and cries. She thinks of Kaali’s words. She thinks I will handover myself to Kaali for Om and his family, I can die but not let anything happen to Om.

Shwetlana says man should be like you. Gauri hides under the bed and records them. Kaali romances with Shwetlana. He steps on Gauri’s hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nivedita

    DBO dragging as usual..I mean how many times do we need flashbacks..
    Gauri why does she keep flip flopping on what she wants to do. Abhi tak Swetlana track they haven’t wrapped, she said she wants to solve it, but now Gauri’s placing herself in trouble before solving Swetlana.
    And Swetlana Ka plotting khatam hi nahin hota..
    Argh annoyed as usual with DBO..?? so much potential with good actors, but no meaningful drama or interesting story..
    How many times are they going to show Gauri wearing makeup sindoor etc and flashbacks??
    And precap shows she changed her mind again! ?

  2. KT????????????? ek goli pe do sikar??? gouri aur feklana ki band baja raha he omi ka dimmag kharab kar raha he.

    Feklana is like dhobi ka kuuta na ghar ka na ghat ka kisike bhi paas chali jati he

    Gouri – always dressing penting hoti he par such nahi bolpati poor girl.

    Om he is really in very big trouble. Save him.

    Tej I don’t want to say anything about him.same baat bolke tired ho gayi hun.????

    Precap. Chii chi chi????? plz jo bhi baat ho ek ladki character ko itni ghatia mat banao….chulbul.dar he KT ke ankho se bachpana muskil he but namumkeen nahi

  3. Aastha_Reddy

    “Mujh par talwar chalaya toh koi baat nahi… bhai par ungli uthaya toh tera sar nahi yaa phir mera haath nahi”—-Kali have some more knowledge about your enemy..this less is not enough…
    Gouri definitely stole her dialogue from my comment of love cycle yesterday…No no..Cvs did that …bechari Gouri…decided to sacrifice herself for her husband…
    Oh bete ki…Katilana romance..interesting !!!!Niche chulbul…still it it a plan of Shwetlana to cancel Tej-Kaali deal but hope it will be back fired on botox kumari…if cvs are letting go of her by exposing her evil truth…
    Bhai par attack plan is ok..but of you attack on my Shivaay bhaiyya or Logic Rudra bhaiyya then I will kill you Kaali…becharon ka DBO se door ka bhi rishta nahi hai…
    look the time its 11:11 PM

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Today’s comment is a serious one di, not a heart lightening one? ( just joking)

  4. Poor gowri….but precap reveals that gowri stays in oberoi mansion as chulbul..great relief…

  5. soo pavam gauri??

  6. Pixie

    I feel so so so bad for om, jhanvi and gauri…. ??They don’t diserve to be treated this way…
    Gaurika scenes were sad…I want this svetlana and kaali track to end asap!!! ?
    I can’t wait for om’s reaction after learning Chulbul’s truth… ???
    I want him to know Gauri… He’s known Chulbul enough…
    Enough of torture to jhanvi tej!!!? He’s just become intolerable now… I can’t bare his nonsense…
    Precap seems interesting…???

  7. Shraddha-DBO

    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode?
    BTW guys , I have become a member now and posted my first ff on omri.


    Please buddies, mahi, arpitha, astha, hafsa, saroja, Nikki, niveditha,dbo fans Kerala and all others check it out and comment?

    1. Shraddha ur are the same one who used to comment in my shayari???….
      I have already read ur ff… its really awesome… plz try to post it regularly after ur exams….. ALL the best for ur exams…

    2. Shraddha-DBO

      Hi maahi, yep I’m that same one. Thanks for reading yaar,. Please wait for few days and I will post the next one?

  8. Shraddha-DBO

    One more thing guys, I will join you back after may 8 coz of exams.

    Hope you will miss me????

    1. DBO FANS from Kerala

      Hi shraddha,
      We read your ff. Amazing dear ☺☺☺????.really we expect this like story from gaurika.we eagerly waiting for your next ff.
      Hi maahi,arpi,diyas,nivedita,astha reddy…etc all DBO lovers; hope you are fine.
      Now a days we cannot write a comment, really we are in sad (crying state).
      Also some one hurt shrenu and blame her for all this,in this comment page.that also made us hurt.
      Maahi astha reddy ,shraddha,arpi,nikki…etc we miss you are a lot.
      Love you dears.?????

    2. Shraddha-DBO

      Thanks all of you, even I’m visualizing such scenes for gaurika on screen. I assure you that this ff will be totally a romantic one. Shall come back soon?

  9. Guys read this song below in the tune of ” woh sikandar he dosto khalata hai…. from movie jo jeeta wahi sikandar”… here it goes…
    Woh CVS he dosto khalata hai….
    Chudail ko dekhane mein unhe….maza aata hai…
    Dikhayange bakwas hum jee bhar ke…
    Audience ke expectance ki band baja ke…
    Woh CVS he dosto khalata hai….
    Chudail ko dekhane mein unhe….maza aata hai…

    If I talk about tomorrow’s episode and especially the last scene then Cvs have y hone mad… Showing eye lock, romance between a handsome hunk nd a chirota…. Pagala gaye ho kya… Ya aap logon ka Mansik Santulan bigad gaya hai… dimag khisak gaya hai…. ya koi chiriya aap ka brain le kar udd gai hai kya….
    Pure show a chopat kar rakha hai… itni acchi love story ban sakti thi Gaurikara ki… par nahi… aap toh thahre CVS … the Ultimate karta dharta of Dbo….. sstupid kahin ke….

    Coming to today’s episode…
    KT- calling ur self ravan… and then telling Omkara ki tum saaf ho jayoge…You murakh KT ravan tumhari lanka jaldi he saaf ho jayegi… totally clean and hygenic… swacch lanka abhiyaan….
    Svetlana- you chudail, bhootni, dyaain, always ranting my raaz… my foot your raaz…
    Omkara- ab dhamki se kaam nahi chalega… you need to act on your words….
    Want old Omkara back…
    Gauri- poor girl… be smart yrr. (Par tumhari bhi kya galti hai… yeh saara kabada cvsne kiya hai)….. get rid of this svetkali… and take a ride if it love story…
    Tej- tum jaisa half mind, nonsense,stupid,popat business man aaj tak nahi dekha…. Even your choice is also the worst that chudailana…..

    1. Nivedita

      ???loved the song on woh sikandar song..
      Seriously the CVs deserve this fully..Total idiocy going on.. and nowadays it’s becoming insufferable to watch DBO on TV with family.. no one has the patience to tolerate this crap..
      Please daya Karo and change writers and director..
      STD DBO premise by Cvs–
      5 mins Repeat scenes (like Gauri wearing makeup, or Om crying or bring mad or Jahnvi crying or Tej Angry or stupid chulkara eyelock- which looks ridiculous- because this is supposed to be a romantic show, not one that explores alternate lifestyle choices)
      5 mins repeat flashbacks (of KT or Swetlana- or Gaurika or Chulkara-)
      and 10 mins of faltu villain crap and negativity..
      And mann kiya toh occasional 1-2 mins of new scenes of Om, Chulbul/Gauri, Buama or Rudra..
      All in all why will audiences waste time for 1-2 mins of something interesting to happen?
      Just feel sad for Rahul Dev, Sushmita Mukherjee – both are good veteran actors and additions to DBO, but all they have are crappy flashbacks or same old dialogues..
      Of course feel bad for Kunal and Shrenu the most– soch rahein honge kahan phass Gaye.. especially after the well constructed and classy shows they have done before this..

    2. Ya true when i watch it on tv my lil brother starts saying ki didi ye kya dekh rahi ho tumhare chakkar me hame bhi dekhna padta hai….mummy papa isko bolo ki hataye…..isse acha to mera WWE hai….
      Ab usko kon bataye ki i watch it for my omki :'(:'(

  10. Yes, it’s true. It’s dragging a bit longer than expected. But look on the bright side.

    Has there ever been a show where a girl gets dressed up as a guy just to be with her husband?

    She fits perfectly in that character.Who else can act natural like SP..?

    These episodes might be fillers for the real deal ahead..!! ?. I’ve seen few shows by GK, all different from each other.

    May be if IB and DBO are one , they wouldn’t have dragged this long. Since it’s a spin-off, they are just keeping the tempo slow..!!

    Hoping for good track after KT and Svetlana are done.

  11. Whatever its going to, I’m going to follow DBO. No matter how sh*tty it is I’ve followed DBO more than IB..!!

    Well , my comments are illogical​and baseless just like DBO…

    Still go DBO…!!??

  12. Shraddha dear, come back soon.

    @maahi????? yaa the sing is perfect suit for this ???????? .

    1. Shraddha-DBO

      Sure dear? and thanks for reading my ff?

  13. Omkara is a treat to watch…watching only n only for him…dont even want to Talk about gauri….when ever she commes on screen I change channel..cant bear her even for a second…such a boring character…they butchered the character jhanvi..why cant she take a stand n face her husband. She is an independent n intelligent women..just slap dat jerk tej…even though a villain Svetlana is interesting to watch. Not boring like the so called heroine…please bring a new character opposite omkara producers…..

  14. Janvi needs to gather some courage boss. What’s this bichari dependent lady crying to stay married to a man like tej. Sign papers n throw on his face. This is enough to get om out of shwetlana s clutches. N then mother son shld team up n scheme agnst shwet..

  15. How many times will Gauri turn into girl in private with dozens of bangles, bracelets, bindi and flowing dupatta and suddenly turn into chulbul chirota in public??? All said and done, gauri has a good collection of clothes…. hahahahahahha

    Oflate Om’s dressing has gone to dogs but Gauri’s dressing is improving and improving.. hihihi.. Have you seen how s*xy Jahnvi was yesterday with Kali Thakur? Om looked like a servant in that party with that stupid definitionless dress.

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