Udaariyaan 7th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Jasmin tries finding Tejo and Angad

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The Episode starts with the man asking Fateh to work fast, learn to wash the utensils. Fateh recalls Biji, Khushbeer and Gurpreet’s words. The man asks where did you go lost, work fast. Fateh removes his jacket. The man says he looks from a good house, don’t know what punishment he is bearing for the deeds. Fateh thinks I m bearing punishment of my own bad deeds. Tejo asks Riya to help her. They make the scarecrow. Riya asks from where did you learn this. Tejo recalls her childhood with Jasmin. They make the scarecrow. Rupy and Satti smile. Tejo and Jasmin hug. FB ends. Angad comes. Riya asks are you missing your mumma. Tejo says Riya, you don’t miss your mumma. Angad asks Riya to go and have food. Riya says I m not hungry. He asks Babli to feed Riya. Riya says I don’t want to have food. He scolds her and asks her to go.

Jasmin meets Sweety. Sweety says you can’t get recognized. Jasmin says I will go in and find out where did Angad take Tejo. Sweety says forget Tejo now, focus on your life. Jasmin says all these things happened because of Tejo, why shall I sit quiet, I will ruin their lives. Sweety says this is happening because of your actions, we will find another way to go to Canada, I will help you. Jasmin says its my dream, but first I will take my revenge on them, I have to find out where are Fateh and Tejo. She breaks the glass bottle. Her hand bleeds. Sweety asks what did you do. Jasmin says this wound will heal after my revenge is fulfilled. She asks where is Angad. Rajat says he is out of town. She asks with his fiancee Tejo. He says I can’t answer you, sorry, give me your visiting card. She says I forgot. Her mask falls. She quickly wears back. He asks her name. She asks what will you do knowing my name, bye thanks. She leaves. Sweety says thank God, he didn’t recognize you, he was in diwali party also, is Fateh with Tejo and Angad. Jasmin says I didn’t think of this, maybe you are right, it was their plan, did they run away, Angad is a big businessman, where did he go, I have to find out, what’s going on.

Rupy and Khushbeer are at the Gurudwara. Khushbeer says Tejo should have met me before leaving, why did she go to Patiala. Rupy recalls Tejo’s words. He says don’t worry, Tejo is fine, Angad’s new project is starting there. Khushbeer says Fateh left, at least Tejo should have been here, I m more worried for Tejo, don’t know how she is. Rupy thinks I can’t tell anything to him.

Angad says sorry Tejo ji, listen to me once. He says she won’t stay here for a long time, she is complicated. She argues with him. He says I can’t handle kids, simple. She recalls Angad playing with kids. She says I have seen you playing with Dilraj and Candy, you bond with everyone, what about Riya, she is your daughter, you should love her. He says you don’t know anything, let it be. He goes. She says what’s the matter, there is something, Angad isn’t such a man. Gurpreet gets hurt. Mahi asks her not to wash the jug. Gurpreet asks will Jasmin care for Fateh there. Mahi says they will do the work together, they will be using dishwashers, Fateh would be washing the utensils for her. Fateh washes the utensils. The guys ask him to work fast. Rupy comes home. He imagines Tejo coming to him and caring for him. He smiles. She disappears. He cries. He asks Tejo are you fine, you didn’t make any call. Satti asks where did you go, what happened. Bebe asks is everything fine.

Jasmin comes to her hotel room. She gets angry. She sees Tejo and Angad’s pic. She recalls Sweety’s words. She asks is Angad planning to unite Tejo and Angad. She says Fateh and Tejo loved each other, Angad has planned to unite them, Tejo has principles, she won’t do this, Fateh won’t tell her that he cheated her sister, these schemes are of Angad, I have to find out where are Tejo and Angad, is Fateh with them. She sees the wound on her hand. She makes the wound bleed. She says Fateh has seen my love, now he will see my hatred. The guys ask Fateh to come and have beer. The guy asks the other person to make noodles. Fateh recalls Tejo. Tejo gets a noodles pack and recalls Fateh. She doesn’t make it and goes.

Angad gets the noodles and asks where are you lost, I have seen Jasmin’s post, they reached Canada, they look happy. She says they are my past, out of sight, out of mind. Satti asks Rupy are you missing Tejo, she will get hiccups now if you miss her so much. Tejo gets hiccups. Tejo says sorry, I m missing the family. Bebe says I will feed you by my hands today. Rupy cries and says you pray for Tejo’s happiness. She says we also worry for her equally. Angad cleans the food particle from Tejo’s face. She says Angad ji, I have to tell something, I shouldn’t stay here for a long time. He asks why. She says if people see us together, you know, if someone stays together without marriage, then people make news, I don’t want that. He says Jasmin also stayed with Fateh. She says they loved each other and stayed with the family. He says fine, I understand, I have a solution, close your eyes. She closes her eyes. He says its a surprise. He makes her wear the ring. She looks at him.

Jasmin is asked to make the payment or leave the hotel. Jasmin says Fateh is responsible for all this, I will not leave him. The guys beat up Fateh. He runs somewhere and falls down. He sees Tejo.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Kuch jayda hi over dramatic episode aa rehe hai..😣😣😣😣
    Totally boring

    1. @ShraddhaSharma, really😂😂
      there’s nothing new coming up. Fateh has to work to get money but he’s behaving like he got the worst punishment in life 😂
      Tejo’s interfering in Angad’s life and how he behaves with his daughter as if she knows everything and everything has to go her way. It’s Angad’s daughter not hers. I like her but this is just too much. The ending though was sweet.
      And Jasmine and her weird theories 😂. Also her whole wound bleeding (in the hotel room) was totally unrealistic and if she doesn’t let it heal, it should become a scar but idk if that’ll happen.

    2. Maha pakau bana dia hai ye faaltu drama fateh ko white wash karne ke lia kia jaraha hai

    3. I couldn’t agree with you more @SL these are exactly my feelings if that wouldn’t be your comment I probably might have commented the exact words

  2. Please tell me something I’m not understanding here fateh suddenly repenting but my question is is this how people repent? Because this repenting thing seems overacting to me why not start repent from his parents and now seems like my fear is becoming true about jasmine finding angad daughter and use her to take revenge

    1. Next on Fateh’s over dramatic penance – Fateh sells a kidney and hallucinates Tejo then asks them to take both. Jasmine really wants gangrene… also what is this self harm nonsense. Jasmine needs to stay away from Angad. I think Riya is not biologically Angad’s child. He raised her thinking she was his then found out he was cheated now he has a kid who thinks he’s her poppins but he’s not really her father… if they are going to follow koi chand rakh then by the time Fateh gets back to Tejo she will be strong and not this rhona dhona doormat

  3. Writers are still searching for direction of what to do next… tab tk bs filler hi chl raha h

  4. I don’t know but i have the theory that Fatejo will be together at the end (since there are lots of fans who say they will stop watching the show if they’re not back together and I think the makers would bring them back because of that (?)). Of course, there’ll be obstacles and stuff like that. And will Kanika Mann be a part of the show? If yes, she’ll probably end up with Angad and Riya or Angad will die and Riya will be Tejo’s adopted daughter.
    Jasmine, I think her ending will be that she’ll for the first time sacrifice her newfound sincere love for Fateh for Tejo. She’ll repent and somewhere along the lines, she’ll start not being insecure, see her worth and build self – respect and will fall in love with him but seeing him happy and Tejo, she’ll try to not be selfish and give up what’s not hers. She’ll end up in Canada alone by fulfilling her dream on her own👀

    1. @sl that’s terrible if they make angad die just to reunite fatejo

      Yes I won’t be surprised if fatejo reunite its always the one and only ending of all indian series

      In bhagya lakshmi its also extra marital affair like this and he will also repent over night like fateh is doing now and end up together no doubt

      I don’t know but maybe in 36th century India series will have new plot and different ending 😏😏😏

      And people who are rooting for fatejo I don’t know how they judge people when fateh was having affair with jasmine they don’t tejo to go back to him we all for new entry for her and we got new entry all of the sudden fateh repent over night and take revenge and he became perfect for tejo again and they want them back again

      Whatever my day’s are number here in this show I’m watching because of lockdown in my country and I have nothing to do yet

    2. @Teddy
      Dear move to ott, you will get your mental peace and sanity back….🙂

    3. Do you watch K-dramas?
      It’s Better then this udaariyaan
      In kdrama’s I always feel bad for Second leads 🥺

    4. @Ami
      Yup I do.👍

    5. Jasmine to me is that below average child who has been constantly compared to her sibling, not being able to cope up with that she has been doing things that are attention grabbing… Things like eating only badam from the panjiri, or trying to fulfill the family dreams or assuming herself to be the most beautiful or taking her sibling’s in this case Tejo’s things. A constantly shadowed person who was only trying to prove herself to her family. And topping it up Fateh comes along making her feel all special fuelling her already distorted brain. Tejo has been shown great at the expense of her sister’s low IQ and unstable mindset unknowingly though because that is a given in many of our households. Jasmine had clearly stated this to Fateh how she had huge dreams of Canada. And he added that with gifts and shayari and all sort of fighting for her with his father. Imagine someone who has constantly tried to get attention (by wrong or right means) suddenly getting so much of it.
      And then the Father shuts her out instead of helping in healing her.
      And frankly if Fateh wanted to really repent. He should’ve realised that Tejo would never want her own sister to face such trauma.
      Jasmine truly needs counseling.
      And Fateh should stop trying to show himself as a fake liberal thinking guy

    6. @Gudiya, I really liked what you wrote 🙂

    7. Pragya ❤️

      The priest told jasmine that she will never go to Canada from the beginning,

    8. A blindfolded person will always see darkness and will want to perceive light according to their imagination. Jasmine is that blindfolded person.
      No amount of any gyan will help her

  5. its so nice 2 see Fateh learning from his mistakes , Tejo is getting 2 attached 2 Riya she must be careful I am really getting annoyed with Jasmine blame tejo for her mistakes she needs 2 START GROWING UP . On the precap I wish the hotel manager would just THROW HER OUT she needs 2 work and get herself a job instead of her of obsession’s over Fateh Angad and Tejo. I am so afraid she might hurt Riya coz she hates Tejo that much.

  6. Well people no hope for jasmine she’s still obsessed with tejo……poor girl is away from her trying to move on but she wants to go there and disturb her peace and she will surely use riya 😖😢. And also where did she get all money to stay at hotel I remember sweetly gave her a small amount but she is living luxuriously,,,,,,also episodes are boring make angad return to his previous form he was the only guy who hooked us up to watch the episodes

  7. A clown makes more sense than this show 🤡…. so I guess we are supposed to root for fateh since he is struggling, as if him doing all these stuff will absolve the infedility…who knows, ITV always has a weird logic, anyway??? 🤔 Why can’t he just go and apologize to his family for all of his previous crimes and start afresh with his career. I mean jasmine is already back there to waste her time again, what better move could you have undertaken for your repent drama or whatever you are doing for now…?? 🤨And are tejo and fateh schizophrenic??? Like the way they are constantly getting reminders of their swoonful love (if it is what the makers want to call it,then who am I to question that)🤷‍♀️ despite all the gaslighting, mental abuse and humiliation the former had to face makes me wonder… is this sort of a new definition of love or did I time travel into an another utopian world where apparently being a doormat and a hypocrite in a relationship is a new normal ??🤨

    P.S. – the title of this show doesn’t justify the storyline, instead of flying… these idiots are busy clipping each other’s wings…I guess it’s high time for the makers to change the name to something like girayiyaan….😎

    1. Totally agree with your point

  8. Rupi should have informed khushbeer about the blunder fateh did, and if that fattu bastard had to repent why did not he exposed jasmine before his divorce, instead of squandering money on a stupid revenge and hurting your own family he should have come clean and should have asked for forgiveness, atleast he should have educated his siblings about the management of the academy, ab kaun academy ka kaam sambhal raha hai pata nai, already he has malingned his father’s reputation, and in future if people came to know about his recent blunder which is itself a criminal offense then may be khushbeer will die out of embarrasement.
    Let there be no fatejo, in koi chand rakh show the protagonist settled with another man who loved her dearly and left the cheater i hope the same thing happen in this show also.
    Rupi ji ne pehle bi kaafi raita phailaya hai aur phelana chahte hai, trashmean is trash and tejo have no self respect uska bas chale to abi chale jaae wapas apne fateh ke paas bewakuf ladki aur feteh ka kya bole ek no ka man child akal pa paidal he is not repenting he is overreacting repent karna hota to nakli shaadi hi nai karta jasmine se, ulta sabse maafi mangke better person banta apne parents ka dil dukha ke pata nai konsa prayashchit kar raha hai idiot.
    On one side rupi did not let jasmine stay for a night but one the other hand was explaining fateh that parents forgive even the biggest sins of their child. Why is he forgetting that both jasfa were equally responsible for cheating fateh, why everyone is pointing finger on jasmine only when it was fateh’s decision to cheat on tejo he is more responsible for whatever happened to tejo, he promised her lifelong loyalty and trust.
    I am not pro fatejo or pro jasfa i root for both tejo and angad doesn’t matter if they remain friends throughout the series

    1. I agree with you :))

    2. @shubh the most funny part is when fateh was acting as if he make a big sacrifice for angad and tejo happiness forgetting that angad and tejo engagement was not fix before the divorce and then they will say he divorce her because he thinks he doesn’t deserve her but after the divorce he could have expressed jasmine and then asked for his family forgiveness and the the town for his repentance since its very important to him 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    3. Exactly, he is not repenting but doing drama

    4. Fully agree

  9. @martha only God knows I think it’s another definition of love to have extra marital affair with wife sister and after learn she betrayed you then you repent and get back ex again this kind of repenting drama is what I don’t understand because it’s doesn’t make any sense anyway like you guys have said indian series will always be the same @teddy already said it maybe in 36th century they will improve in giving us different endings on Friday I will come and say my good bye to you my friends as I won’t be part of udaariyaan again

    1. Good decision. It’s better to leave than to waste one’s precious time on something like this…I hope you have a lovely watching year ahead…I would recommend you to switch to ott…there are great and underrated shows out there which are far more better than the crap on ITV…👍

    2. Me too itv shows are regressive well most of them, femle leads don’t have self respect they love the ones who abuse them almost all the time, dont trust them, they love being a doormat and a punching bag there are so many examples of bad realtionships which are portray as eternal or epic love for exmaple kaira of yrkkh, kumkum bhagya, kundla bhagya, bhagya lashmi, thapki, balika vadhu,imlie,yeh hai chahtein, pandya store, anupama, ghum hai kisi ke pyar mai, they sabotaged kuch rang pyar ke saise bhi 3 otherwise its previous seasons were not bad, gauri and omkar of ishqbaaz, khushi and arnav of ipkknd, ipkknd 2 and 3 were moch worse, kggk and ksbkbt of ekta kapoor were also bad.
      Mehndi hai rachne wali was good but was sabotaged, ishq par zor nahi, ishq mai marjawan 2 these were good shows especially ipzn female lead was a good person with self respect and practical and close to reality, but this good show was scraped. Why don’t these stupid toxic shows get scrapped.

    3. Hmmm….I guess udaariyan and mhrw are the perfect examples of why a show should be finite. Both of these shows ruined their characters in the race for trp. The only difference is one still is going on for goodness knows what reason, while the other got wrapped up in the most worst and bizzare way possible.💔😒

    4. It should have been wrapped up after mandar’s track or they should have done something better than butchering the main characters. And yes shows should be good and finite rather than being long and crappy

  10. Kasam tere pyaar ki I love the show too tanuja left rishi for years for her self respect thinking he was having extra marital affair which was not true it was just malika plan to separate and the poor rishi doesn’t even aware the reason why his wife left him and even after the court give them second chance after so many years of separation she still refused to lost herself in him by remembering the betrayal she only reunite when the both get to know that they have been played that’s what I eternity love but here he clearly was having affair with his full consent

    1. @teddy don’t even compare kasam tere pyaar ki love story with this crap people are saying fateh was immature and was manipulated by jasmine 😅😅 in sasural simar s2 when remma come back in aarav like expressing her love for him and try everything she could dispite aarav didn’t get intimate with simar he still refused to fall for her and what about fateh

      I only have one question assuming jasmine didn’t betrayed him what will have happened?

    2. I didn’t knew kasam tere pyar ki was a good show maybe i will watch few of its episode, yrhpk was also good, yrkkh was a masterpiece during naitik and akshara’s era, post the introduction of goenka family the show started losing its main essence and after the 1st separation track of kaira the show went to the dogs and is still going in the same direction.

    3. Kasam tere pyaar ki was pretty decent in my pov which lost its plot midway but yeah it was still was far more better than this crap…if you really are looking for a show with a solid plotline with realistic female characters
      Here are a few to mention-

      Yeh un dinon ki baat hai.
      Ek duje ke vaaste 2.
      Zindagi gulzaar hai.
      Yeh pyaar nahi toh kya hai.
      Reporters (sony)
      Little things.

    4. Thanks fot the recommendations, little things is of mithila nad dhruv right i saw season 1 of it for rest of the 3 season i have to take netflix subscription

    5. @teddy that was nehtra’s plan

    6. Oh yeah that’s true dude 😂😂 nehtra malika do simar in their next birth @martha yeah I meant if we are talking about eternal love story

  11. @shubh it not just good but perfect it’s love story of eternal love with so many plots that not like their usual like the famale lead die and took another birth again and her love
    And they cross paths again got married have kid both die together and born again in another world dude I can’t just plain how good it was their plots are different from the typical Indian series

    1. Ok i will consider this show, in this show ralation ship between the leads is not toxic? Is he a true lover and not abusive and does the heroine have enough self respect to leave her husband and in law family if they insult or disrespect her

    2. Dear it’s a typical ITV show. You can watch it once and have a good time with it.

  12. yup..it was very different

    1. Ex fatejo fan

      @Riya I agree with you kasam tere pyaar ki is really different and the plots are different from other Indian series I watch no sister against no sister fighting for same man noth like wife die man married another wife death wife comes back nothing like that I can definitely give that to that love story let just say the story the plots everything it’s different and the story is not to 600 episodes but very interesting and people are hoping for season2 with the same leads unlike this crab they will just say udaariyaan big plot but at the end it’s the same plot we have been watching 😏😏 I’m fatejo fan but after I watched bhagya laxmi I’m absolutely sure rishi and laxmi will definitely reunite and if fatejo reunite too that will be the same thing right? Most extra marital affair favour always goes to men in the name of second chance always can they encourage people on moving on after repent I was so lost in fetejo chemistry that I don’t even remember what wrong and right I really love them together but that will be the same thing we have been watching maybe something new will worth watching

    2. Currently bade acche late hain 2 ziddi dil maane na, wagle ki duniya and Kaamna is keeping the standard of ITV along with a few mythological dramas.

    3. Font worry these all are under scanner except for kaamna…😒

    4. Zdmn, wkd, ms, happu,bhabiji these shows are actually good but i can’t say the same for mythological dramas on &tv as they are overly dramatic, though Mahabharat and Devon ke dev Mahadev were the gems

  13. Just leave this drama and watch season 1 and 2 of Krpkab or Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat he
    Both are masterpieces💝💝💝
    Even Barrister Babu is 100 times good considering this show❤️❤️
    I don’t have any other shows to recommend as I have just watched only this 3 shows

    And I regret watching this Crap Udaariyan ,left it within 2 weeks after I started watching ,just followed it through written updates
    But Now Iam leaving guys ,Bye Bye all

    And I must say this is only sensible comment section related to Udaariyan 🤗💕

    In u tube , comment section is full of Fatejo and Jasfa fans🥱🥱 ,who want either cheating partner or EMA🥲🥲

    1. Ishq par zor nahin was also good, meet is also a good show, mehdi hai rache wali was good till mandaar’s track ended. But if you want a breath of fresh air then watch ishq par zor nahin female lead is practical and realistic as well as witty, in the beginning thinking of male lead is of 1920 or older but gradually gets updated, side characters are also good except durgavati i liked everyone from male leads family

    2. IPZN too became like every other indian show in it’s last episodes. One woman plotting to nick out her daughter in law of the house, was the bare minimum it did to itself.🤷‍♀️ Its initial episodes were good and enjoyable. It was pretty filmy, and the cherry on the cake is, it is finite. 👍

  14. This are India series plots
    1)the famale leads are always either orphan or from poor family while all the male leads are super rich even without going to work 😂😂😂

    2) famale always self sacrificial if they shoot the men lead they took the bullet for them 🤣🤣🤣 imagine that happening in reality 😲😲 does people do that in reality what if you die he will remarry after few months of mourning you

    3) the famale lead will support their husbands even if they are being treated like trash like kundali bhagya when it’s says karan has a child with sonakshi she stand by him but their is new promo where both Karan and his family throw preeta out I mean that’s not a news they always throw the famale lead out multiple times and they will keep coming like I don’t even know how to put it

    I can’t remember how many times preeta was throw out from that house 😅😅

    1. She don’t have self respect afterall she is pragya’s sister, pragya’s daughter prachi also belongs to the same category

    2. And the funny thing is they call them smart and strong 🤣🤣

    3. You are minding India series there ways of describing true love if we want to follow in reliaty we will be destroyed completely

      Imagine if its say true love is you have to take bullet for him when he was shoot if I die out of stupid I will be in my grave all by myself and that won’t stop him from marrying another wife if I have kids what happens to them and my poor parents 🤣🤣 I will rather not love them 😂😂

    4. I don’t think all shows of ITV are trash, there are shows out there which are beautifully written baring a few nonsensical stuff. But the problem here is, these shows don’t get enough ratings and are either axed or in the race for TRP they makers bring unwanted tadka. Maryaada-lekin kab tak? is one of the examples of a show which aired during the time when shows like kasautti were ruling the charts, it was way ahead of its time but was sadly, axed.🤡

    5. Yeah the fight for their rights. The promo felt as if she is leading a revolution for women’s rights but instead it turned out, who would win the male lead in the form of a trophy.😡 strong…my foot…. seems like sharing one’s husband is considered feminism today.🥴

  15. Ex fatejo fan

    @mimi I can’t help but laugh out loud did you think anyone in real life would take bullet for someone? In this 2121? 🤣😅🤣😂
    Only one person can do that and that’s a mother a mother can die for their child

    And the second part 😁😁 that’s true the male lead family are always rich in India series as for kundali bhagya the girl playing preeta just got married did you think her husband raghu family will throw like kareena bhua and she will do nothing and keep going back like puppy? I don’t got how taking ballet is even part of love describesion

    If I didn’t take bullet and knife for my husband if its means it’s not true love then I accept do they think people come back alive after death like in the movie 🤣🤣🤣🤣 funny right?

    And you forgot something the famale leads are always born to shield the male leads

  16. Udaariyaan 8th December 2021 Written Update Fateh meets Tejo Angad wants to be with Tejo as her fiance so that the people don’t object to their friendship. Tejo doesn’t think that they should drag the fake engagement drama. Angad asks her to keep the truth with herself, they both know that their engagement is fake, but if it helps them in getting rid of the society’s taunts, then there is no harm. Angad has developed feelings for Tejo and doesn’t want to let her go away. He hides his feelings from Tejo. He finds some way to stop her back. Tejo tries to dig into his life to sort our Riya’s matter.

    On the other hand, Jasmin enjoys the hotel stay without being worried about the bills. The hotel manager asks her to clear the bills by making the payment immediately. He asks her to vacate the room if she has no money to pay. Jasmin gets frustrated. She gets helpless to leave the room. She holds Fateh responsible for all her problems. She tells that she will not leave Fateh without punishing him. Fateh is already bearing the punishment in his path of repentance. He gets beaten up by a bunch of guys at the lodge. Next, Fateh is seen madly running on the roads. He imagines Tejo once again, who motivates him. Will Fateh and Tejo cross their paths and meet again? Keep reading.

    Earlier in the show, Angad finds Tejo upset and tries to cheer her up. She tells that she isn’t thinking of Fateh now. Satti finds Rupy upset and asks him not to think of Tejo so much. Tejo gets hiccups. She misses the family too. Rupy cries for Tejo. Angad takes care of Tejo. They get into a moment. She tells Angad that she shouldn’t stay in his house for a long time, because his neighbors can make news about them. She doesn’t want a trouble for Angad because of her. Angad makes Tejo wear the engagement ring back. He tells her that they will tell everyone that they are engaged. She is shocked by his move.

  17. Fateh remembering thejo🤢🤢🤢😠😠 why he is repenting?? Will he repent if jasmine didnt betray him n they both marry?? Never..
    He should think of jasmine instead🙄
    Seems like they are dragging the story n getting boring.. today only the end is quite 🖤🖤🖤

  18. I may be repeating myself .. But everyone does it …. Anyway .. Whether Fateh betrays or tries to repent he is never good enough or he is shown to be a victim .. I think we show it at his fair value .. Fateh is learning to be someone .. Kushbeer has always wanted more for him😊😊 .. but Fateh has never taken that into account except when his father’s reputation has was tarnished because of Jasmine and him .. À wants to punish himself for the wrongs he committed whether for Tejo or his family .. He wants and prefers that they hate him for having disappointed them. That going to see them and be brooding like he’s always been😉😉 seeing it that way over the long haul can be boring. But we can’t have a Fateh who understands without being shown that way. See Jasmine .. She has committed so much crime and done badly .. That she is not punishing .. See in the next segment. His look compared to Fateh and his lifestyle is not the same .. For sure to see Fateh thinking of Tejo maybe nonsense .. I would say no it’s his motivation to be a better person. .. A lot like the couple Tejan and yet others not really .. But the fans of FateJo say nothing bad about that .. Because we find them well together .. Before also we find FateJo well .. We had to show this Jasfa’s track of hating Fateh so much and being crushed like that ever since .. And even worse now .. To the point of sometimes reading some uncool comments .. But ⚠️⚠️⚠️ I respect everyone’s opinion .. Do not take it wrong .. 🙂🙂🙂 .. We ask if repentance exists .. I would say yes .. It happens …. We may have committed a crime .. To be punished. To serve his sentence and to rebuild himself after his release from prison .. My cousin did this .. His wife and children waited for him and supported him .. He is well. He was his own boss …. Today he is cool .. So yes there is repentance .. I see it in my job .. Some of you who also practiced my psychology or another job .. So yes Fateh can be a better and good person. And if the redemption phase is underway then that’s cool. 🙂🙂

    1. Fatejocrazyfan

      @lilou of course there is repentance but I find this particular one too dramatic we love all the actors from very beginning I mean they are all playing their role perfectly but how the makers turn the story completely and of course everyone deserves second chance in love but we wish they find love with someone else’s again that will make story different I mean all the time we watch the same thing same ending but even in real life moving on exist right? But in indian series they don’t encourage moving on most so of us are hoping how this two moving on and finding love again and meet again after everyone find their happiness and happy for each other among all the actors there the girl playing jasmine her role sucks and its her first first role yet she does it perfectly dua to her role some people take it so parsonal by hating her even in her Instagram and the makers make her role worse day by day

  19. Hi everyone .. Can someone tell me what it says? Please tell me thanks you .. Thanking you in advance for your help in English


    I am going to stop seeing this serial, what nonsense jasmine character is…so much hatred towards Tejo, can’t believe siblings opposing so much , what stupid revenge drama is going on…like sweety advises to leave tejo and concentrate on herself how to go to Canada..it’s high time rupy should inform khushbeer about tejo and fateh …I just see some clipping here and there and browse other channels..

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