Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 7th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Malhar permits the widow remarriage

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 7th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malhar coming to the darbar. Khanderao says you here. Malhar says yes, I was in the darbar yesterday as well, I have seen Ahilya debating impressively. Acharya says how can it help her. Malhar says a woman’s remarriage can’t be a reason for society’s problem, how can it be a sin, marriage means dedication to someone, Agnidev, Vishnu, Maa Parvati and Shiv are the witness of a marriage, how can it be a crime, tell me. Acharya says I m not calling marriage a sin, its about a widow remarriage, our Dharm doesn’t accept it, a widow isn’t permitted for remarriage. Malhar says yes, I heard you yesterday also, Acharya ji, I respect our Shastras a lot, because it has many rules for humanity, it has the solution for every problem, whatever is written in the granths, you know everything, its written that if a husband dies, then a wife should die with him, then…. what happened to our smartness, I m telling Acharya, he knows everything already, I should tell these ignorant people, the man who ignites their pyre will tell that this lady had been dedicated to her husband, she needs a permission to stay with him in trilok, am I saying wrong. He says its imp to know what’s written after this in the Shastras, the younger brother of the deceased, or his servant should go and take the lady away from the funeral, he should say that she should return back to her life and find someone who will marry her and take care of her all her life.

Ahilya smiles. He asks Acharya is he saying wrong. He says Ahilya was right. He says you all know it know, according to our Ved and granth, before the husband’s final rites, a wife is given the permission to remarry. Renu and Parikshit smile. Malhar says a wife is requested to remarry, this explains that a widow lady is also permitted to stay happy. Acharya says whatever we told here, was it wrong. Malhar says no, you know that every subject has two perceptions, we can’t decide right and wrong without knowing that, you have read some lok and Ahilya read some, you both read it from Granth, the difference is about the perception, so I believe that if there are two such things, then we should accept it and move on. Everyone looks on. He says we should think about the humanity. The people discuss. Acharya says I don’t accept this, who will decide what’s right and what’s wrong. Malhar goes to the throne and says I will decide it.

Malhar says according to Dharm Sanskar, a king is the creator of the traditions, whenever there is an argument about the traditions, Dharm gives the right to the king to decide it. He tells about Mahabharat, just a king has the right to change the old traditions. He sits on the throne. He says its Praja’s duty to accept the king’s decision, just Lord can command the King, no one else. Everyone looks on. He says I will believe this Dharm rule, I declare that Renu and Parikshit can marry, I permit them to marry. Everyone looks on. Ahilya smiles. The people agree with Malhar’s decision. Mahants don’t agree. Malhar says I hope my command will be obeyed, without any clash and hurdles. Acharya gets angry. Renu and Pariskhit see each other. Acharya and Mahants leave. The people also leave. Ahilya thanks Malhar. She says you supported Renu when her family ousted her, you gave her a new house and family, I m very thankful to you. Bana says Malhar had upset the Dharm pandits. Gautama worries. Malhar blesses Ahilya. He says Khanderao, this was your first experience, you got a complicated case, you have kept patience, I want to praise that. Khanderao smiles. Renu and Parikshit take Malhar’s blessings. Gangoba says sorry, your decision, your command is imp for me, but I want to say something, majority of the society got upset by your decision, the people can rebel in anger, Dharm peeth will oppose it, even common people won’t sit quiet.

Gangoba says it takes time for a change, but rebel spreads soon. Malhar says my decision is final. Dhana ji meets Mahants.

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  1. Malhar Rao is well versed with knowledge on widow remarriage & tells the Darbar about it( me too ) . Acharyraji should have accepted it . It was the truth ! Common man did not know about it . The matter should have ended there and then with acceptance from all quarters . Why is it being dragged ? Thanks to makers for enlightening me on the subject of re marriage . It was an eye opener . The acting of Malhar was outstanding !

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