Udaariyaan 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Tejo recalls the past moment

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The Episode starts with Doctor talking to Tejo. She asks did you like the MRI machine, you were laughing. Tejo says I was scared before, then I heard the sound and laughed, your room is nice, Amma used to take me somewhere, it was a dirty room. She asks Satti to get treated, doctor won’t give her injection. Doctor asks Satti to sit, she has knee pain. Satti sits. Doctor checks Satti. Tejo asks doctor not to hurt Satti, she is really nice. Fateh asks Tejo to sit. Satti prays for both her daughters.

Jasmin talks to Sweety. She says I just want Fateh. Sweety says I m scared that you will become old Jasmin, be careful, you are pregnant. Jasmin says this baby is my weapon, I m waiting for Fateh, Tejo should show her madness to Fateh, I will have fun. Tejo says doctor is so good, I will not trouble, promise. Doctor checks the MRI reports. She says Tejo is in deep shock, so she got a mental status like a kid. Fateh asks will she get fine. She says when our brain can’t handle the pressure, then it denies it, we can’t say anything. Fateh says she was brilliant, the best teacher. Tejo asks what is doctor talking to them. Satti says she would ask them to take care of Tejo. Tejo laughs. Satti wishes Jasmin is fine. Jasmin hears Gurpreet and acts to sleep. Gurpreet and Lovely come. Gurpreet wakes up Jasmin and asks how are you. Jasmin says I m okay. Gurpreet asks where is Satti. Lovely says Fateh took them with Tejo to the doctor. Gurpreet thinks Fateh took them. Fateh says I m happy with Tejo, but I want her to live her life well, I want to make her complete Tejo. Doctor says family’s support and love is imp, if she forgot old relations then make new relations with her, tell her that she is in the safest place, it will take time. Fateh says thanks, I will recreate those moments which make Tejo our Tejo. She says all the best.

Gurpreet shows the baby clothes. She says when a woman is pregnant, she should keep such things that make her feel good. Jasmin thanks her. Gurpreet says forgive me, I couldn’t take you home when Amrik was alive, I will take you home with respect. Jasmin says sorry, I will go there when I get this baby’s dad, I won’t like to pressurize you, I told you, I can’t bring this baby in the world as a single mum, take the things back, maybe Fateh senses his responsibility seeing this, he has to choose either of love and responsibility. Gurpreet says I m tired explaining him. Fateh’s bike breaks down. Tejo sees a bus and runs to stop the bus. Tejo and Fateh get over the bus top. Tum tak….plays…. He says every flower has a dream, that someone loves it, what’s your dream. She says I want to become your bride. He says don’t get shy of me. She says look that side. She says I want many children like these flowers. They play with the flowers. Jasmin says you are a great mum, you take care of your children, how long will I think of this, I should feel that I m not alone, I have someone to look after my baby and me. Gurpreet says I will convince Fateh and ask him to fulfil his promise, this shouldn’t affect the baby. Jasmin says I will think of my baby. Gurpreet says don’t do anything, I will talk to Fateh, he will have to listen to me. The man sees Tejo throwing the flowers. He stops the bus. Fateh apologizes to the man. Dekheya…plays… Fateh and Tejo get down the bus. They run into the fields. She gets scared of the scarecrow. Fateh laughs.

He wears the scarecrow cap and dances. She runs. He throws stone at the scarecrow cap. She also throws stones and laughs. They laugh. Gurpreet asks where are Fateh and Tejo. Rupy says he took her to the old places, doctor said that she can get her memory back. Jasmin looks on. Gurpreet asks did doctor guarantee this that she will get her memory back, Fateh forgot everything in her love, she will not leave Tejo, don’t know what will Jasmin do, you don’t worry for anything. He says she won’t do anything wrong, its my promise. She says Fateh is after Tejo. He says its his own wish, I won’t come between them this time. Tejo likes the bangles. She asks Fateh for the bangles. He asks the man to give her every bangle. She says you are so good. He makes her wear the bangles. Dil utthe chalda…plays… Satti says we are thankful to Fateh for taking caring of Tejo, we can’t separate them. Gurpreet leaves. Tejo thanks Fateh. Rhey drink the tea. He asks how is it. She says its going to rain. It starts raining. He says pakoras…. Tea falls over his hand. She puts his hand under the rain. She says you made the tea fall over your hand even last time, where is your focus. Fateh recalls the last time. He looks at her. She sees a puppy and runs to help. He says she is remembering. She gets the puppy. Jasmin says I know to separate the strings and break hearts, mummy… Tejo dances in the rain. Fateh looks at her. Rab rabba…plays…

He goes to stop her. She takes him along and dances. They jump in the mud. He recalls their moments and smiles. They dance and smile.

Fateh says Tejo is getting her memory back, Lord heard my prayers. Rupy and everyone get glad. Jasmin says everyone will call Tejo as Mrs. Fateh Singh Virk and my baby’s mum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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