Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Ishita’s parents come to Oswal Mansion

Sasural Simar Ka 2 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Reyansh talking to his friend and says my bhabs will get me married somehow. He says he will have bachelor’s party before getting jailed (marriage). He sees the kids practicing music in the music room along with Kavya. He makes faces. The kids laugh. She turns and looks at him. He waves his hand signing hi. Kavya signs him hi too. Reema talks to someone and says she will come for the audition. She comes to know that there is badi bhabhi’s role. Reema asks from which angle, do I look as badi bhabhi? She gets upset and thinks if I look old. Simar comes there and says there is so much work at home. She says you are badi bhabhi of Reyansh. Reema gets angry and says she don’t want to be badi behen or badi bhabhi. She says you are badi bahu. Simar says but you are badi bhabhi of Reyansh. Reema says she got insulted. She says you are just perfect and you have selected girl for Reyansh. Simar says it is Reyansh bhabhi’s choice. Reema says you are elder than him, but also calls him bhaiyya. She says I don’t want to become badi bhabhi or don’t want to do any household work. She says she will just concentrate on her work. She tells simar that she is going out. Simar says people are coming to see Reyansh. Reema says she will return before they come.

Vivaan talks to someone and says it is ok, if you can’t give work to Reema. Aarav comes there and asks what happened? Vivaan tells that there is a problem and tells that people are not ready to give Reema, the role which she wants. Gagan comes there and shows the scan report, says baby is very tiny. Vivaan asks where is the baby? Gagan says it was here sometime back and says it went missing. He panics. Aarav says baby is here. Gagan says how baby might be managing alone. Aarav says it is in his mother’s womb, and tells that even we are all born like this. Gagan goes to make Aditi have almond. Aarav says Gagan is excited. Vivaan hopes Reema agree for baby. Aarav asks why we don’t ask her, if she is ready physically, mentally and emotionally. He says the really tests start after the delivery and tells that a mother gets so many problems after child birth. He says a mother is born again with her child. She gets a new life. Vivaan says I never thought this way. Aarav says it shall be the girl’s decision to have baby or not, and says we get happy becoming a father, but it has to be their decision. Vivaan says you have changed my perception, it has to be Reema’s decision. Reema comes out of the house and thinks she has called all agencies, whom to call now. She calls Doctor and asks about anti ageing and plastic surgery.

Reyansh comes to Badimaa. Badimaa asks him to come inside. He asks can I talk to you badimaa. She says there is nobody here, since when you are calling me badimaa. He rests his head on her lap and says I lied to you all, that there is no girl in my life. He says he distracted Mom and both bhabs to search the girl. He regrets. Badimaa says a lie can help for sometime, but not for a long run. She asks him to understand and say the truth, so that he don’t need to be afraid or feel ashamed. He says I will remember and asks will you scold me? Badimaa says I have forgiven you even this time, like always. She says I couldn’t scold you. He says you are the best. She says I am. She asks him to say the truth, if he is ready for marriage as Ishita’s parents are coming. Reyansh says I am ready. Badimaa asks him to get ready as his sasural is coming. Reyansh kisses on her cheeks and goes.

Doctor tells Reema that her skin is good and don’t need surgery. Reema asks him to see the wrinkle. She says if I am fine, then why I am getting mother and sister’s roles. He says I will write medicines and serum to be rubbed on your face, to enhance your skin.

Gagan talks to Doctor and asks what he suggests C-Sec or Normal delivery. Doctor says it depends on the case. Gagan ends the call and sees Aditi bending down to pick something. He stops her. Aditi asks Simar to meet hyper Gagan. Simar asks him not to overreact and tells that even Doctor permit it. Gagan says when you get pregnant, even Aarav ji will feel the same. Simar says I am not pregnant, and Reyansh’s inlaws are coming, so lets focus on it. She calls Maharaj ji and asks him to make kachoris. He says ok.

Ishita’s parents come there. They get down from the car with Ishita and looks at the Oswal Mansion. Aditi, Simar and others greet them. Ishita identifies them and says Reyansh has shown me everyone’s pics. She hugs Simar and says can I call you bhabs. Simar says yes, but if you call me bhabhi then I will feel more good. Ishita says ok. Simar introduces her family to Ishita. Ishita says Reyansh told me so much about you. She introduces her parents, Karan Kapoor and Pallavi Kapoor. Reyansh comes there. Ishita’s mother says he is looking so handsome. Chitra says I do his styling. She asks them to sit.

Some men bring the clothes on the stand. Badimaa asks what is it? Karan says it is for you all and tells Chitra that her clothing style is old, and she can take their advice. She asks her to select a dress for her. Chitra checks a dress. He says you are looking fashionista. Chitra thanks them. Pallavi says you all will wear designers clothes, Ishita’s designs will soon be launched. Badimaa says she has her own rules and says the people hides behind sparkling clothes, who are wrong. Karan says whatever I heard about you, is right. Badimaa asks what do you mean? Chitra asks Simar to bring water for the guests.

Simar brings water. They ask if it is sparkling or still. Simar asks what? Karan says it is sparkling or still. Aarav says we don’t have that culture to have sparkling or still water. He says this water is pure. Badimaa says real thirst gets relaxed with real water. She tells Kapoor that though they are in Agra, but they never meet. He says even we want to meet, as your house marriages are famous. Pallavi asks about Reema. Reema comes there. Vivaan introduces her. Karan says your both bahus are real sisters. Badimaa says you know so much about us. Karan says we have to know, as it is about our daughter. Pallavi says we have fulfilled all her wishes. Badimaa says this means you have spoiled your own daughter with your hand. She says fulfilling their wish means you are spoiling her and ruining her life. Karan asks what did you do with such thoughts, and says Mr. Narayan has accepted your grand daughter in this condition. Badimaa looks at Simar.

Precap: Simar asks Ishita to calm down and says Badimaa’s heart is big and she will be fine. She talks to Badimaa and says when a groom’s family comes to see the girl, the girl and her parents are nervous. She says they shall give a chance to Ishita and see her values.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nicole ehizokhale

    the truth is that gagan is really right about what he said to simar even though he over doing it the truth is that aditi needs to be careful and also she needs to be resting and not stressing herself because it’s not good for her health and also the baby and also the truth is that l can’t wait to see simar when she is pregnant with Aarav child Aarav will be happy and at the same time behave like gagan or even worse than gagan because truly and also ishita is really nice but her father said something that was very wrong of him to say about simar family didn’t accepting aditi which is simar sister in law in her condition he shouldn’t have said that and that’s why badimaa refused the alliance immediately but now simar will have to find away to convince badimaa to accept the alliance or not if not reyansh will have to marry someone else l have a feeling that reyansh will marry kavya so now it will between ishita and kavya and also reyansh is a playboy and also l don’t trust chitra and reyansh they might be planning something against simar and as for reema she is fine the way she is so why does she want to do plastic surgery when her skin is fine .

  2. I don’t know why but I feel Chitra is behind Reema – making her lose all chances. I also fear about the medicines and serum she bought from doctor.

    Then, I think Kavya-Reyansh-Ishita has something..
    I mean it is like season 1 piyush marriage Roshni, another one girl who was saved by Simar!

    Let’s wait for some good shows

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