Udaariyaan 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Jasmin tracks Angad

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The Episode starts with Satti asks how long will we hide this from the people, what shall I tell Gurpreet, she is so excited for Tejo’s marriage, she made 11 dresses for her, talk to Tejo, maybe she changed her mind now. Rupy says she will take the decision herself, I don’t want to pressurize her. Tejo hugs the dress and cries. Fateh lies sadly. She says I can’t forget him, I have to find out who is Fateh. She calls Rupy. She asks how are you. He says good, how are you, I was longing to hear your voice. She says I m okay. Satti asks her to come on video call. Tejo talks to them on video call. She asks did you receive Jasmin’s call, how are they, they would have settled there, right. Rupy recalls Fateh’s words. Rupy stops Satti and says yes, Jasmin called, she showed her house, its a big house, she said Fateh got a job there, don’t worry for them, you think of your life. Tejo says I m very happy for them. Rupy says do call us sometimes, we get at peace hearing your voice. He ends call. Satti says you lied for Tejo’s sake, Tejo is also worried for them, she is still connected to Fateh. Tejo cries. Angad comes and looks on. He thinks I can’t see you like this, you have to move on, I will help you.

Tejo says why do I feel like Rupy lied to me, he will never talk to Jasmin, then…. why is he lying to me, are Fateh and Jasmin mine. Fateh says I m hurt that I m away from Tejo, how will I tolerate this. She says why can’t I live a normal life, I want to get free of this pain. Angad calls Tanya and says I wanted a favor. She asks what favor does he want. He tells her. She says okay, done. He says you are my fav aunty, thanks. Servant asks Fateh to come, Tanya called him.

Angad waits at the gate. Babli comes and says Riya woke up, she is calling you. Angad goes. Fateh comes there. Tanya calls him and asks did you reach there, give the box to the Sir. Fateh says yes, okay. He takes the box inside. Tejo looks out of the window. She thinks I didn’t know you will leave memories after you leave me. The box falls. Fateh holds the dress. He imagines Tejo in that dress. They smile and dance. Nazdikiyaan….plays…

Babli asks who is there. Fateh puts the dress in the box and seals it. Babli asks did Tanya send you. He says yes. She takes the box from him. Angad comes there and sees the box. Fateh leaves. Tejo thinks I will give this dress to someone, I have to end these memories, else I can’t move on. Fateh sits in the car and leaves. Sacchhi mohabbat…plays… Tejo comes there and throws the clothes packet in the bin. She goes back. Angad looks on. He goes to see the bin. He sees the dress. He comes to her. He says so you are dumping the old memories. She slips. He holds her hand and says if a person looks back while moving ahead, he often falls down, Tejo ji. She says I don’t want to look back, but these memories take me backwards. He says then I m there, your friend is always at your service. She recalls Fateh.

He sings and dances with Tejo. He jokes. She laughs. He says you laughed, my work is done, whenever you get into memories, I will make you dance and forget everything, I have a surprise for you, close your eyes. He gets the dress for her. She says its beautiful. He says princess dress for a princess, everything suits me, but this is for a princess. He keeps the dress and says it will look good on you. Tejo asks how can I take this, you already did a lot for me. He says yes, dress told me that you won’t take this gift, when you get your first salary, buy something for me, we will party tomorrow, I m not going to office, I will spend time with Riya, you can join us too, good night. He goes.

Jasmin asks where is Angad, I have some urgent work. The lady says sorry, we can’t help you. She tells Angad’s party event to someone. Jasmin hears this and checks the address. She says I will meet Angad today, then I will know their next plan, Angad will make me reach Tejo and Fateh, this evening will be special. At Nupur and Abir’s engagement hall, Fateh drops Sharma and Tanya. She holds his hand. He gets away. She drops in his arms. Sharma asks her to come. She touches Fateh and goes. Fateh sits in the car and parks aside. Angad and Tejo come there. Angad gets Tejo out of the car.

Fateh and Jasmin see Angad and Tejo dancing on the stage on Main bani teri radha… song. Both are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Fed up of hit and miss drama🥱🥱🥱 …… comedy sa gya hai show🤣🤣🤣…… waiting for tomorrow and day after tomorrow episode, may be something exciting happens…🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️


    It has become number one comedy show

  3. Ya, with entry of Mrs. Sharma

  4. Yup .. Tejan fans are happy .. Tejo to throw in the trash the memories reminiscent of Fateh. Is it a good step forward to forget Fateh Tejo? The episode and precap will make people happy

    1. But they will unite fatejo 😵

    2. Heyy… I am feeling bad for fateh bcoz he is a national level boxer but no one knows him yaaar 🤣🤣🤣🤣everyone is saying -“lagta hai tum to khate pite khaandan se ho ”
      Fateh be like “apun ka koi izzat hi nahi hai” 😂 he’s the son of Khushbeer(political neta) but…🤣

    3. @anonyme how are you dude 😇😇why do you have a problem of someone moving on? 🤔🤔

  5. Bibi jaisingh

    Crazy how no one reconize fateh.He was popular.Fateh should send jasmin alone to canada.Before destroying the document.What happen to Anjad pass.Who is Riya.Thus is long since tejo is senseing fatehThe both should see each other by now.Tejo should take fateh by his parents home.

  6. BhataktiAatma

    Pehle kya hi mast tha aur ab kya bana diya is show ko 😑

  7. The show becaming crap that they will losing viewers one minute tejang romantic moments the next minute fatejo dream romantic moments very soon tejo will also start to remember fateh movement 🙄🙄 I don’t even understand what’s going on in this show anymore fateh and jasmine shock in the precap tejo was more shocked in that party where she got to know about their affair 😏😏 I think I need a break from this pathetic show until they decide where the show is heading to guys bye now and yes if you watch meet series we will meet there

    1. @Rachel
      In no case does that bother me man …. On the contrary .. I am of the opinion that Tejo has started to throw away his old things .. It is the beginnings towards the change .. Do not see anything serious and wrong

  8. On the other hand, if Jasmine sees Mrs Sharma flirting with Fateh, she may turn vicious and violent towards her. Jasmine will not tolerate any other woman trying to ‘snatch her Fateh’.

  9. Udaariyaan 16th December 2021 Written Update Party twist Fateh gets bothered by Tanya in the party. He stays away from Tanya. Angad and Tejo get under the limelight when Sharma and Tanya insist them for a dance performance. Sharma asks Angad and Tejo to kickstart the evening with their energetic performance. Tejo receives compliments for the dress Angad gifted her. Angad convinces Tejo for the dance. They both dance on the stage, when Fateh arrives there and finds them together. Fateh is shocked to see Tejo with Angad, which was much expected by him. He wishes that Tejo always stays happy with Angad, but didn’t expect them to be in Rampur. Fateh tries to hide from Tejo. He had seen Tejo and Angad at the petrol pump before, and chose to hide.

    He again chooses to hide from Tejo, just to make her move ahead in her life. On the other hand, Jasmin gets Angad’s address by constantly troubling his office staff. She learns about Angad attending the engagement party in Rampur party hall and reaches there with a hope to find Tejo and Fateh. Jasmin’s guess really works because both Tejo and Fateh are in the same party, though away and unaware of their fate’s plan of bringing them together. Jasmin finds Tejo very happily dancing with Angad. She can’t see Tejo happy, when sorrow has come on her side. Jasmin plans her revenge on Tejo. How will Fateh protect Tejo’s happiness? Keep reading.

    Earlier in the show, Jasmin plans to meet the trio at the engagement party and ruin their happiness. Jasmin plans her revenge, unaware that Tejo and Fateh aren’t together. Fateh and Tejo reach the same engagement party. Tejo gets restless with the feeling of Fateh’s presence. She looks for him and goes with Angad. Fateh is troubled by Tanya, who wanted touches him and flirts. Fateh tries to get rid of her. Fateh will finally get to see Tejo in the party.

  10. I just wonder when will Jasmine be in prison because of her crimes? Helloooo producers do you hear me ? We want justice! But no, this disgusting girl continues her evil plans. ln this serial she has a kind of immunity. If you have a little bit sense of justice send Jasmine in prison in stead of making her playing with money and taking revenge. We want justice for Jasmine , she must be ldgally punished

  11. End of the Year let’s finished this serial with Goodness over Evil. January a new Yeat let goodness been seen in everyone. No hatred and anger. Only LOVE AND RESPECT for one another. Life is short. All acted so WELL 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  12. Let’s don’t see “justice” as “anger”, but the most precious value ever for the peace of society, PLEASE!. If there is no “justice” in the society we can never speak about peace ,love and social peace. Let’s this year justice and social peace win, so that we can live with love and in peace

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