Mere Sai 15th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai’s first meeting with Ashavaan ji

Mere Sai 15th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai and Fakir Baba are walking. Sai’s attention is drawn to a dry plant. He sits down and looks at the plant. Baba watches Sai caress the plant from root to top. The plant comes back to life and leaves start sprouting. Baba asks Him what He is saying. This is against the law of nature. Sai says only God can return life. I am only encouraging a weakling to grow and fight and not succumb without trying. It can give life to so many people. I am only giving it a chance. God knows whether it will grow or now. They walk away.

Fakir Baba watch Sai while He sleeps and the chants of Jai Ram Shree Ram keep coming from His heart.

Ashavaan ji says Fakir was still restless. He still had many questions. He could see a new leela every day with young Sai ye he couldn’t understand the truth. Finally the moment came which made Fakir realize that the kid was way greater than him. Bala asks him what happened.

Ashavaan ji says something happened outside Krishna temple one day.

A lady slips on a banana feel and huts herself. Sai rushes to help her. She tells Sai she has a sprain in her leg. He offers to take her home but she tells Him that she eats only after visiting Krishna’s temple. I wont be able to eat if I don’t see Krishna ji today. Sai offers to take her instead. She thanks Him.

Fakir Baba looks around for Sai and notices Him helping the old lady. He follows them.

Pundit ji is giving Prasad inside. Sai brings her to temple. Pundit ji stops them from entering in the temple as Sai is supporting the old lady. Fakir’s are not allowed in temple. Sai reasons that Sabka Maalik Ek and this is house of God. Who are we to stop someone from entering in the temple? Pundit ji tells Him not to argue. It is about our devotion. Sai agrees to stay back. Take her inside so she can see Krishna ji. Pundit ji says she has become impure now because of your touch. She must go home and bathe again. She can come back with her family again then. Sai says she came here to see God but will leave without seeing Him because of me. Everyone pray to the same God. We are kids of God. Why are we discriminating then? Pundit ji asks Him if He will challenge the one who remembers all the scriptures. Sai says you may know them but you haven’t really acknowledged them. Pundit ji says neither you nor this old lady can enter in this temple your entire life now. Do whatever you want! he tells his assistant to make sure that they don’t get to step inside.

Sai apologizes to the old day. She says it is okay. You were trying to help me. Baba asks Sai why He was arguing with Pundit ji. Everyone has different ideals and devotion. Sai says she has seen Krishna ji since years. How can someone stop her? What kind of devotion is like that? Pundit ji comes back running outside just then and kneels down in front of Sai. Please forgive me as I couldn’t understand you. Baba asks him what he is saying. Pundit ji cries. I ignored Him and went back inside but! Baba asks him what happened inside. Sai pats at Pundit ji’s shoulder. Baba goes inside. He looks at the idol. What did pundit ji see? I cannot see anything different. He looks at Sai and the pundit ji. Something strange is happening every day since I took this kid in my abode. I am very curious to know who this kid is. I want my answer today. He bows down and prays to Allah. Please make me see His real avatar if I have prayed to you diligently. I wont leave without finding an answer today.

Bells start ringing. Baba looks around and then looks at the idol. He covers his eyes as bright light emanates from Krishna’s idol. He manages to look up and is stunned. He sees Sai in Krishna’s avatar playing flute. He is overwhelmed. Sai blesses him. Baba is in tears.

Everyone says Sai Baba ki Jai in Dwarkamai and smile. Baizama tells Ashavaan ji that puranpoli is ready. Let me serve you. He asks her to keep it aside for now. Only the last part is left now. Baizama nods.

Ashavaan ji says Fakir got his answers after seeing Sai’s real avatar. He realized that he hasn’t learnt enough to each little Sai. He made a decision then.

Sai asks Fakir Baba where they are off to. Baba says you will find soon. Have patience. Sai is curious. I cannot wait anymore. Baba reasons that nothing can work out without Saburi. This will be my last lesson to you but it can prove to be very important. Sai is shocked. Last? Baba says I am taking you to Gopalrao Deshmukh ji. You will stay with him now. Sai asks him if has made any mistake. Do I lack something? Baba denies. I am not fit to be your Guru. You were born to do bigger tasks. I am not capable of teaching you all that. Sai says everyone needs Guru or their life will be directionless otherwise. Even Ram ji needed a Guru. Baba nods. The Guru that Ram ji needed was a much capable one. Sai says you too are capable. Baba smiles. Come with me. I will show you.

Baba asks Sai how He will pick the stone kept in front of Him. Sai picks it up. I will use my hand. Baba points at a bigger one. What about this? Sai cleans the area around it with a stick and picks it up with both hands. Baba points at a stone which is way bigger than the previous ones. Use this stick to pick this one. Sai reasons that this stick will break in the process as it is weak. Baba says that’s what I am trying to explain. I am like that stick and you are greater than this stone. That’s why I am taking you to Gopalrao Deshmukh. He will teach you everything that you need to know. People call him Venkusha. A kid has been watching them.

Baba brings Sai to Gopalrao Deshmukh’s house. He asks Sai to wait inside while he goes to meet Venkusha. A lamb comes running to Sai just then. Sai pats the lamb. Who are you and who sent you to me? the kid says this is how we welcome all the disciples coming here. We will be friends here. You will end up becoming a big person one day if what Baba was saying about you is true. Sai asks him his name. The kid says what’s there in a name. I am your Sudama if you are Krishna. My name is Ashaba.

Ashavaan ji smiles. It seems as if we met yesterday only.

Sai smells the fragrance of puranpoli. Ashavaan ji asks Him if He likes it. Sai nods. Ashavaan ji agrees to save some for Him every time puranpoli is made at the house. Sai hugs Ashavaan ji.

Precap: Sai says I cannot make it rain. Somacharya tells Him to stop instigating the innocent villagers then. An old man says water is needed to survive. Mukhiya asks Fakir if He is listening. Either make it rain or leave!

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