Udaariyaan 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Fateh gets kidnapped

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The Episode starts with Jasmin asking Tejo to do anything she wants. Tejo leaves from her room. Fateh says I have a deal for you. Aman smiles. Jasmin says I wanted to have a ginger tea, but Tejo isn’t behaving well with me. Gurpreet asks why do you think so. Jasmin says Tejo has a sorrow that she can’t become a mum. Tejo looks on and thinks you have crossed the limit. Aman says Candy is my life, I won’t deal my love for him, I feel upset, you won’t understand this feeling, you will never have a child. Fateh says you won’t get Candy. He leaves. Aman says I will get Candy at any cost. Jasmin says Tejo is my own sister, but jealousy happens in this state. Tejo goes. Gurpreet says Tejo can’t have jealousy, don’t worry, maybe she is worried for something.

Nimmo comes and says Jasmin’s feet look swollen. Jasmin says I can’t sleep at night due to pain. Gurpreet says I will massage your foot. Tejo comes and says she needs this, not the oil massage, this kit is of acupuncture, this is good for pregnant ladies, see how I end her pain in one session. Jasmin gets scared.

She recalls Tejo’s words. She thinks now she will trouble me this way. Jasmin says no, I m fine. Gurpreet and Nimmo ask her not to worry, its an effective way, get it done. Jasmin refuses. Gurpreet asks her to relax. Jasmin worries. Tejo asks her to see the thin syringe, get habitual to bear the pain when she is pregnant. Jasmin says I don’t want to get this done. She screams. Tejo thinks I know you are scared of syringe, I will not let anything happen to your baby, but I won’t leave you.

Tejo asks why is Aman after Candy, he doesn’t want Candy. Fateh says I m tensed, what will be his last move. Tejo says we have to be alert, I will give tea to Jasmin and come, don’t tell about Aman to anyone. He asks did you talk to her. She says don’t worry about him, we have to handle Aman, he is dangerous than Jasmin. He says till we are together, we can win any fight. Simran asks Candy to have dinner. Candy refuses. He gets shouting. He says I want Makhan Misri, not Dal roti, because Lord Krishna also ate that. Nimmo says its Janmashtami tomorrow, a new member is coming, we will make Jasmin sit on the swing.

Biji asks how will we celebrate in such situation. Nimmo asks what. Fateh and Tejo say we will celebrate, and do all the arrangements. Mahi teases Fateh. They all laugh. At college, Fateh and Tejo see Aman. Aman compliments Tejo and stares at him. Fateh asks what’s the plan. Tejo says plan something good, if you fail, then go back to Canada. Fateh says you started this fight, but we will end it. Aman says time will say this. He winks to Tejo. Tejo slaps him.

People gather there and make videos. Tejo says you will not see anything now. Fateh asks him to leave. Aman goes. Fateh asks what happened. Tejo says he will become a wounded tiger, maybe his move is more dangerous. Yash comes to meet Jasmin. Jasmin asks when did you come back. Yash says today. He gives her the gifts. He says I came to meet you, hope you don’t mind. Jasmin introduces Yash to Gurpreet and Biji. Gurpreet asks them to sit and talk, she will send tea for them.

Gurpreet and Biji go. Biji asks why did Jasmin call this guy here. Gurpreet says Jasmin’s future is with him. Yash asks what are you doing here. Jasmin says sorry, I can’t marry you until this baby comes, I can’t take this baby with me to Canada. He says you think I m so selfish, my happiness is in your happiness, I respect your thinking, once your delivery happens, I will marry you and take you to Canada. She thanks and hugs him. He says its okay, I will keep coming to meet you. He shows the new house pics. She says wow, its really good. He says just come with me and make that house a home. He kisses her forehead and goes. She says you made an entry on the correct time, Tejo is acting smart, you should be with me. She waves to him.

He smiles. He calls someone and says don’t worry, she is ready to marry me, she doesn’t know that her dreams will turn into bad dreams after coming to Canada. Aman recalls the slap. He says she slapped me and insulted me, I will insult her, I want Tejo first and then Candy. Tejo asks how did he hire a costly lawyer, I think he bribed the police also. Fateh says he doesn’t want money, we have to find out what he wants. She says we must focus on his motives. He says I think so.

Its morning, Gurpreet says wow Tejo, you made the beautiful jhanki ready. Tejo says everyone will like it if they celebrate Janmashtami together. She prays for her family safety. Fateh is jogging on the road. Few goons follow him. Fateh gets tired and stops. He turns back. He sees the goons. He asks who are you, what do you want. The goon attacks. Fateh beats the goons. He asks who sent you, tell me. goon hits on his head. Tejo lights the diya. It falls and fire gets lit. She puts off the fire. Gurpreet says it’s a bad omen. Tejo says relax, my hand hit it. Goons kidnap Fateh. Aman says Tejo ji, I m taking your Tej, I will return him when you fulfil my demand. He laughs.
Tejo gets shocked seeing Fateh’s pic. Jasmin pays the doctor and says no one should know about my miscarriage. Yash comes. Aman says I will be with Tejo today. Fateh gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Tejo and jealousy???🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 So funny it’s you Jasmin always jealous of Tejo in everything!🤔😠 No wonder Tejo is so gorgeous! I’ll hope my Fatejo will be fine!💕💖🔥♥️❤️❣️

    1. why do i feel yash and amanpreet are related, both are bajwa’s

  2. tasneem mathee

    Tejo I loved how she played with Jasmine she needs 2 keep doing it scare the shit out of Jasmine . The way she slapped Amanpreet ooh girl on fire. In regards 2 the precap i fear that Amanpreet will blackmail Tejo 2 discredit Simran and the family 2 save Fateh, in the courts. I just saw a clip of Jasmine and Yash and him speaking 2 a mysterious person saying how everything going acc 2 plan (It would be great if this is Tanya revenge or someone like Amrik (just my imagination running wild 2 get even on Jasmine )

  3. Fire breather

    I’m jst back 4rm skul but the suprises am getting r blowing ma mynd. Jazmine-miscarriage, okay am really eager 4 more action***

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