Sirf Tum 15th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Mamta gets hopeful

Sirf Tum 15th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranveer, Aditya and Suhani are in the car. Aditya says he was thinking that doctors must get tired and irritated after treating patients. He says if we behaves nicely with patients then they will be fine soon, but for that we have to keep our anger aside. Ranveer says why did you do this degree if you want to become psychiatrist. Aditya stops the car and says tyre is punctured. Ranveer says there might be some problem in engine. Aditya says no, tyre is punctured. Ranveer sticks to his words. Aditya asks him to get down and check and says if I am wrong, then I will do whatever you say. Ranveer asks him to get down. Aditya says after you. Ranveer gets down. Aditya starts the car. Suhani asks him to stop the car. Ranveer asks what is this misbehavior. Aditya says his revenge is fulfilled for dropping his friend on the road. He stops the car and says he wants to reverse his anger. He takes the car reverse. Ranveer is angry and comes to car. Suhani gets worried thinking what will he do with Aditya? Aditya gets down and opens the car door for Ranveer. Ranveer sits inside. Aditya also sits and says I am so sorry, it was not personal, and says I wanted you to feel the same situation, in which you have put Suhani last night.

They come back to the hospital. Ranveer asks Aditya to come to his cabin. Suhani asks Aditya what did he do? Aditya says he couldn’t bear to see him troubling her. Suhani asks him to stay away from fights. Aditya says he stays away from fights, but can’t bear this. He says he is answrerable to Dadi. He goes to Ranveer’s cabin and knocks on the door. Suhani also comes there. Ranveer asks Suhani to wait outside. He asks Aditya to close the door. Aditya closes the door. Ranveer talks to Dr. Shekhar and says your junior doctor Aditya, I want him to assist me. Shekhar says ok. Ranveer thanks him and says your real internship will start now. Aditya says I am looking forward to work with you. Ranveer goes out.

Aditya tells Suhani that Ranveer was ordering Dr. Shekhar, and says I understood that his screw is loose. Suhani says you would have made some excuse. Aditya asks why she is tensed and tells that now he will be with her. Suhani says she will not like if Dr. Ranveer troubles him. Aditya says he will be in her service 24/7. Suhani thinks he is a good friend, but how to make him understand that his friendship will create problems for him. Ranveer drinks and looks at them.

Later Ranveer thinks of Suhani holding Aditya’s hand, Aditya dropping him on the road, later holding Suhani’s hand. He gets angry and punches the punching bag. He says what do you think Suhani Sharma that you will bring anyone, and I will leave you. He asks if this guy will save you, you are wrong and shall settle scores for your doings. Mamta hears and gets hopeful.

Suhani checks Rakesh and asks if he is eating sweets. Sudha says no. Rakesh says he is drinking sugarless tea. Suhani says then why reports are not good. Dadi says may be due to tension. Suhani asks what tension you have and asks if you are worried as I am working with Ranveer.

She says she can take care of herself. Sudha says even a car needs two wheels. Dadi also says the same. Suhani says she is fine. Rakesh says if the person goes on a wrong way then that doesn’t mean that the person will always go on wrong path. He says Maa and Sudha are worried for you. Dadi says life always give a second chance and asks her to give a chance to it. Suhani says I walked on that path, where I got married and felt pain, now I have changed the track. She says if I get the same pain, then I will break. She requests them not to talk about her remarriage. Sudha asks what will happen, after we all go. Suhani says she is punishing herself for loving and marrying a wrong person. Rakesh asks her to think.

Mamta tells Dada ji that their Suhani is back and tells that Ranveer was very angry today. Dada ji says he is always angry. Mamta says this is his compressed love, which is coming out as anger. She says I am sure that the girl whom I saw, is Suhani. Dada ji says I will call at the hospital and confirm. Mamta says I will go there and convince her to return. Dada ji says if Ranveer comes to know then he will get angry. Mamta says we have to do something, and unite them.

Precap: Ranveer scolds Aditya for giving heavy cylinder to Suhani and says you didn’t think how a girl will lift it. Suhani says I have taken it from Dr. Aditya, and says if it is part of your training, then I am also part of your training. Ranveer takes cylinder and keeps it on floor. Aditya asks Suhani to show her hand. Ranveer asks Aditya to stay in limits.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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