Udaariyaan 14th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh and Jasmin’s special moment

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The Episode starts with Jasmin talking to Preeto on call. She asks her to come in functions. Preeto says I can’t leave Neetu alone at home. Jas gets tensed seeing the police coming. Police passes by. Jasmin says I have recharged my number. She tries to check the pic. Jas jokes and scares his mum. He says nothing will happen, we are safe. Jasmin’s phone falls. She gets Fateh’s love letter on the kite. He signs her. She replies come when you get a Canada visa. Fateh smiles and goes. She say the guy is so nice. She thinks how to click pics now with her phone. Tejo is on the way. She talks to Jas on call. Fateh sees her and stops the jeep.

She says you look happy. She says I m happy to get a loving and caring life partner. He says Jasmin will also say the same about me. She says I don’t think so, love is blind. He says I can do anything for Jasmin. She says I m explaining you because you aren’t a bad person, don’t waste time after Jasmin’s dreams, you don’t know if she loves you or not. He says I know one day Jasmin will also love me a lot. Jasmin, Dilraj think how to arrange money. She says I will sell my clothes and get money. She gets the clothes’ pics clicked. Tejo comes and asks what are you doing. Jasmin lies. She says we got the ring for you, go now. Jasmin says I was actually selling the dresses, I will need new clothes when I go to Canada, I will buy new ones, dresses aren’t imp in life. Tejo worries.

Fateh’s mum cleans his room. She sees his Canada job application. Khushbeer comes and asks what happened, show me, what is it. She says nothing, I was cleaning Fateh’s room.

He asks are you okay. She says yes. He goes. She gets sad seeing the form. She thinks I lost one child and can’t choose the other. Jasmin sees the flight and smiles. Tejo is sleeping. Jasmin wakes her up and teases her about Jas. Tejo says I m really nervous. Jasmin says you are boring, you should think about Canada. She calls Jas and asks him to explain Tejo, she is being nervous. Tejo says so sorry, did we disturb you. Jas says not at all, why were you nervous. He talks sweetly. He asks about arrangements. He says I can’t wait now. Tejo says everyone is excited here. He says I feel bad for Tejo. His mum asks did you fall for her. He says no, she is really good, I feel bad for her heartbreak. She says we will loot Sandhus much.

Amrik comes home. His mum asks where is Fateh, call him. He says he would be busy. He calls Fateh. Fateh is helping Jasmin’s family. He answers his mum’s call. She asks where are you. He smiles seeing Jasmin. He says I have come for some work, I m in my friend’s mehendi. He sees Jasmin falling down and runs. Amrik asks his mum not to ask him anything. Fateh catches Jasmin. He imagines their romance. She says your job isn’t final now. Fateh says interview call will come. She says you have to show me when visa comes. He says our jodi will be good. She says you keep trying. She goes. He smiles. Tejo looks on. Tejo says if he is around Jasmin after this marriage, then I will take his class.

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Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I have started disliking this Tejo now. Why the hell is she trying to become kabab mein haddi?
    And she is being so selfish too. All she wants is that her sister and her family should be happy. Wb others, aren’t the others human beings?
    Fateh is such a gentleman who thinks of all and these Sandhu sisters such creeps.

  2. I love jasmin nd fateh love story plz indono ko mila do love this couple

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