Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 13th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Babu saves Baby from Akhilesh

Amma Ke Babu Ki Baby 13th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the lady accusing Babu of molestation, falls down while baby tries to chase her. Baby asks her to open her eyes and asks if she is fine. Akhilesh tells his man that he will do what babu and his family can’t think of. Baby thinks her plan shall work. Someone comes in a car. Lalu and half bun knock on the car door and asks the investor to come with them. Sukanya calls Akhilesh and gets to know that Investor is coming to meet him. She comes to Kaushalya, and asks where is baby? Kaushalya says I don’t know. Sukanya asks her to find out and says she might land us in trouble. Baby in a changed avatar comes to Akhilesh’s house. His Servant gets surprised seeing her ultra glamorous look. Akhilesh greets her and says you was about to come 2 hours later. Baby says I will go. Akhilesh says I was waiting for you. He asks her to sit. Baby says your arrangements are good, but I can’t do deal with you, as first of all I don’t like your face, as secondly I have promised Babu that I will do deal with him. She tells that her team got info about him so she can’t work with him. Akhilesh says people are jealous of me and tells that if you work with me then you will benefit and if you work with babu then your reputation will be ruined. Baby says I thought babu is trapped due to enmity. Akhilesh smiles. Baby tells that she has no problem to work with Babu, moving the case off him. Akhilesh says we both need each other for business and politics. He says we shall not bring Babu between us. Baby asks him to tell what did he do with babu, so that she can know about his competency. Rani scolds Lalu for sending baby to Akhilesh. She says if anything happens to her, then Babu will break you. She sends Lalu to help baby.

Akhilesh gives wine to Baby. He tells how he trapped babu and asks her to see if the recording is fine, else he will say again. He claps and calls his goons. He says bhabhi ji played a good game, but a bad player. He says you have changed your avatar, but forgot to change the ring. He says I saw it at the right time, I told babu to make his wife understand. He says now you will be punished for attacking a tiger.

Lalu goes to Babu and tells him everything. Babu holds Lalu’s neck and says I will not leave you. He holds his neck. Inspector, Constable and others come there and ask Babu to leave him. Babu snatches his gun and asks Inspector to open the lock up. He locks them and apologizes, tells that his baby’s life is in danger. Baby warns Akhilesh and calls Babu as hers. Akhilesh says you are in love with him and asks her to be in limits. He is about to slap her, when Babu comes there and holds his neck. He aims gun at him and asks his goons to move back. Inspector and others come there and ask babu to keep the gun down. Baby asks him to leave him. Akhilesh asks Inspector to arrest Baby and babu. Baby tells that she has proofs against Akhilesh and asks him to see the girl who had filed case against Akhilesh. They go out and find the girl critical. baby is shocked. Inspector calls ambulance and asks Baby if she attempted to murder her. baby says she was fine when I left from here. She asks Akhilesh to say. Babu takes the knife kept there and tells that he has killed her. He says baby is innocent, I accept my crime. Inspector takes the knife. Baby says Babu is lying, he was in lock up. Akhilesh says he fled from there. Inspector arrests Babu. Baby tells Babu that they have to fight and can’t accept defeat. Babu says this is not your fight, now nothing can be changed. Baby blames herself.

Precap: Akhilesh tells Babu that he will be punished by both law and him. He says he will marry his sister. Baby thinks only Babu can stop this marriage. Akhilesh laughs and tells Sukanya that Babu can’t do anything.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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