Udaariyaan 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Tejo agrees to marry Angad

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The Episode starts with a man arguing with Tejo at the academy. He asks for his money refund. Angad comes and pushes him. He asks him to stay away, learn manners and come. The man asks who are you, I paid the money. Angad says I m the partner, you paid the fees for your useless son to become capable, get out. The man says I will see you. He goes. Angad asks are you fine. Tejo says you think I m a woman so I need your protection and help, what was the need to talk in between, I was talking. He says I have hurt you, sorry, but I m like that, I can’t control my temper if anyone talks to a woman like this, for that I m not sorry. She murmurs your such actions make Khushbeer and Rupy think so. Angad asks did you say anything. He goes.

Rupy says don’t get disheartened, its Lord’s wish, I knew Tejo won’t agree. Khushbeer says yes, she needs time to forget things, I wanted her to stay happy, and Fateh to realize his mistake. Rupy says its your greatness that you think much for her. Khushbeer says she is my daughter also, Fateh and Jasmin are getting married, we aren’t able to do anything. They pray.

Tejo sees Jasmin with Fateh. She hears them talking about their marriage. She says I know you want all our family members to come in our marriage. He says its their decision, we love each other, its enough for us, we have made everyone away from us, we broke hearts of many people, we will get punished for it. They hug. Tejo looks on. Tejo is on the way. She thinks of Fateh and family’s words. She stops the scooty. She sees the pigeons. She thinks bird is out of the cage, but I have to get the cage out of the bird, fly Tejo, fly… She sees the pigeons flying. She also widens her arms and says I m free like these birds now. She cries.

Angad sees Tejo coming. He says I can’t believe my eyes. He jokes. She asks for a glass of water. He says sure. She takes it herself and drinks. He asks is everything okay, family, Fateh, Fateh’s family, did that student’s dad do anything. She holds his hand and stops. She says give me a chance to talk. He sits and says I got shut up, student got scolded by the teacher. She says matter is serious and strange also, how shall I say. He says say it by your mouth, I will understand, my ears are asking you to say it. She says its imp for me. He says then its imp for me also. She asks why, who are you to me. He says I m your partner, your problem is mine. She says this problem is personal, not of business. He says when I invest in anything, then I invest completely. She asks will you invest your life, will you marry me. He looks at her and asks marriage with you? She says my reaction was also the same when Khushbeer and Rupy kept this proposal in front of me. He laughs and says so you were playing rapid fire with me, what did you say, did you say yes. She says no, how can I say yes. He says then you said no, matter ends. She says but I want to say yes now. He asks what, you and me, did you like me. She says no, I mean I like you as a person, but its about my family. He asks what do you mean.

Tejo calls out Rupy and Satti. Rupy says you made all these things. She says yes, I m happy, have your fav pakoras, they also like it. He asks who. Khushbeer and Gurpreet come. Tejo says I called them to have a talk over tea. Khushbeer asks why did you call us. Tejo says you got a proposal for me, I thought about it. She says Khushbeer and Rupy want me to marry Angad, I think they are right, its time I move on in life, Angad is really a good person, maybe he likes me, you can talk to him, if he thinks the same, then I… Rupy asks will you listen to us. She says yes, its my yes. Tejo says but, I have a condition. Rupy asks what. Khushbeer says say it, we accept it. Tejo says I won’t marry even after Angad says yes, until you all agree to go to Fateh and Jasmin’s marriage and bless them. He asks what’s this condition. She says you wanted me to settle before their marriage, I agreed, you also agree now.

Rupy says its not justified. She says if you don’t agree, then forget it, I won’t marry. Satti says accept her condition, Tejo’s happiness can stop because of our rigidity. Khushbeer says fine, we accept your condition, but I also have a condition, you want all of us to attend their marriage, you have to get engaged to Angad, same day, same place. Gurpreet asks what are you saying. He says I will come there for your sake, and bless those two. She says I accept, but just engagement, I need time for marriage. Rupy says fine, we are not in a hurry. Khushbeer says thanks, you have us a big happiness today. He asks for sweets. Tejo feeds him sweets. He blesses her. She says I want you to ask Angad once. Rupy says you agreed, he will also agree. Khushbeer says we will talk to him. They leave. FB shows Angad says you want to marry a person who you don’t even know, for the sake of your ex-husband and selfish sister, really. Tejo says yes. He asks what’s this, I should clap. She says I know, it will be a fake marriage. He asks how is it done, what do you want. She says I want your help, pretend and make Khushbeer and Rupy believe that we are happy, then Fateh and Jasmin’s new life can start well. He says fake marriage, it means what doesn’t exist will happen and what exists will never happen, you actually mean it, right. She says yes. FB ends.

Precap: Fateh and Jasmin return home. They hear Khushbeer telling Rupy that he has talked to Angad’s family, they will do Angad and Tejo’s engagement preparations themselves. Jasmin and Fateh get shocked. Nimmo tells Jasmin that someone else is going to shine on her wedding day. Tejo and Angad are getting engaged on the same day as her marriage day.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Seriously tejo😨😨😨 she is tooo much… Just to help cheaters, she is including Angad even in faje drama… 😑😑😑
    Currently I am irritated with her more than Jasmin and Fateh..😠😠😠

    1. Hahaha why are you irritated with tejo ….don’t you see that what she is doing is just right😹😹😜

    2. I’m happy that she will get a chance at happiness. What is most irritating is Fateh’s hangdog expression and repeated apologies to Tejo to make her feel bad about him. Can’t wait to see Fateh and the witch Jasmin get married and leave for Canada so that Tejo has a chance to be happy with Angad and live in blissful happiness. She might not be there yet as far as having feelings for Angad, but they are alike- caring and good human beings.

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      Don’t take me wrong… i am not against Angad Tejo unite, I want her to move on with him..
      But her reason is 10000000% invalid..
      She want to fake engegement so that Families attend cheaters marriage (i mean she still think about her cheater ex husband and sister, so much that even forgot her pain given by them)… Her decisions still revolve around fateh jasmin, this is what irritates me..
      Let both of them do whatever they want, and I want tejo to move on for herself without conditions…
      To get engaged, she kept condition to attend Jasmin Fateh wedding.. why even she bother that who attend or not..

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Seriously tejo😨😨😨 she is tooo much… Just to help cheaters, she is including Angad even in fake drama… 😑😑😑
    Currently I am irritated with her more than Jasmin and Fateh..😠😠😠

  3. Yaar, please don’t marry Angad if you want jasfa to unite…..

    1. Vaishnav Barooah

      It’s gonna be a fake marriage

    2. But it’s really stupidity, she wants jasfa to unite and she forgot what they did with her.I know it’s a fake marriage but why ,she want to Marry a guy for a cheater ex-husband and selfish sister

  4. again tejo goes back to sacrifice ka murti. why is she even caring for that trashmean and her boyfriend till now? wonder do this type of people exist in real life too? seeing the promo i thought they were going to get married in real but ig the endgame of udaariyaan will be fatejo only…i do adore their chemistry but tejo would have better independent and single. in future she might fall for angad but marriage would take some more time

  5. Although they both know it’s fake, maybe they might fall in love with eachother whilst they fake act 🤞🏼 or maybe he just will and he’ll get his heart broken 😪

  6. Tejo loves her family and that’s just admirable ❤️

  7. really the love and sa sacrifices Tejo makes for her family is so profound while we have Jasmine just driven by ego just disappoints its true wat Mahi says the sisters couldn’t be more poles apart. Anyways happy that Tejo will marry Angad dare I hope she falls for him

  8. Pranbirlover

    Really Tejo? For the ones who played with your emotions, you are now going to play with someone else’s emotions?
    And… What is your behaviour with Angad? You are unnecessarily being rude to him who had made you laugh and had helped you. Whereas you can be sweet, calm and look like a love sick puppy infront of your cheaters..

    Nowadays, it is so irritating.

  9. This serial is slowly becoming unbearable to watch.. It’s like evil is always winning and this is acceptable. Is that what the show is all about?

  10. Poor Angad, dude didn’t do anything and he’s getting punished by the toxic trio. I’m now watching only for Angad hoping he gets saved from this insanity. Cause Jasmine always wants what Tejo has, only a matter of time before Angad’s status and wealth entices her. Let’s be honest the best Fateh can do in Canada is become a waiter. Fateh’s tears and suffering do nothing for me, I think I’ve said before, Jasmines character lacks any real substance so she isn’t even worthy of hate. I started watching to see Tejo succeed on her own and surpass her toxic family but I see she is dedicated to being a doormat. Run Angad… run.. these Virks and Sandhu’s will drink your blood. Also if the Virks really wanted to show Jasmine her place they should have got Simran and Buzzo married on the same day as JasFa. Disappointed in Ravi and Sarghun, I thought they’d be progressive but they’re peddling the same Ekta BS

    1. They are setting up all this drama for yet another jealousy track & ship fatejo again…first gippy made fateh jealous for jasmine & now angad.. fateh’s character has been destroyed beyond repair

  11. dissapointed with this episode. please change the track.

  12. dissapoint3ed with this episode. please change the track.

  13. Harsheeee

    plzzz yrr stop this yesterday she said she will take her own decisions she doesn’t want anyone and she want to live for her own now then why is she dragging angad in this jasfa drama
    just because she cares for everyone especially that two cheaters she is again going to sacrifice her happiness and what will she gain fateh’s attitude as always , as after angad has come he is just taunting tejo for no reason
    she is agreeing for their sake but the both of them will taunt and insult her and that jasmean will put questions about tejo’s truelove for fateh
    this will be so irritating yrr i really didn’t want this ,i thought she will accept angad wholeheartedly but this is all bullshit

  14. At least angad said it she is ready to marry someone she doesn’t know for the sake of others. I thought the concept would be different now that she divorced fateh she will concentrate on her career,,,,,but no she still keeps others happiness in front of her own. This is not selflessness but a weakness!!!!

  15. i am both happy and sad .happy because tejo told the truth to angad instead of hiding it for jasfa . sad because what if angad gets heart break . lets hope in their fake marriage time they fall in love with each other and turn the fake marriage to the real one

  16. Silent Reader

    Ughhh why is she doing so much for her sh*tty excuse of a cheater husband and disgrace in the name of a sister? What is the damn point of all this?!

  17. Hello everyone.. How are you.. Happy Friday 😊😊Very very confusing the current episode .. Even this disturbs me because they are uploaded quite early when it was seen and passed late when it was Jass’s trail .. I don’t know what to say about Tejo .. I think that there really are people like her in real life. I know some .. And the rest of their story and uqil have given their marriage a second chance after everyone understands their feelings and a questioning of their behavior .. … This kind of person who finds good in everyone and forgive each time .. Angad is a good man I think .. We talk about engagement .. The end of his sentence I did not understand the meaning between who who exists will not be ” and what does not exist will exist .. So what he means Jasfa marriage will not happen. But Tejan engagement yes. Or Jasfa does not marry but FateJo yes. 😔😔😔 This is my head now .. But I don’t know what it will be of his cameo role or longer in the series .. CV can surprise us with the tracks .. What we least expect is happening .. And what we want does not come .. Like the revelation of Jasmine and all her crimes .. Fateh must learn that Jasmine has damaged the reputation of her academy and that of her father .. To overdose the khusbeer drugs .. Helped Jass in planning the proofs to say their fake marriage .. All the bad deeds like stealing Gupreet’s necklace .. Tejo’s certificate .. Jass’s entry into the diwali party .. In short, it’s all expected but don’t come .. The series is going to air 7/7 .. So the 250 episodes before the new year and what we are all waiting for .. The truth about Jasmine is known and that Fateh really begins his redemption to win back Tejo😝 😝😝 well, although a lot of fans don’t want that. I also have doubts. But with CV we can expect anything .. The role of Fateh is disconcerting .. One episode he takes care of Jasmine .. And on the other he is jealous and thinks of Tejo .. Confused a little I am am also because I can’t seem to figure it out at this time. I don’t think the engagement announcements will be a shock to Fateh. Because he believes that Tejo has a right to his happiness and loves him Jasmine. When he’s with Jasmine he’s not the Fateh from the start. He’s all about marriage and that families aren’t .. Tejo really loves Fateh. Because for her it will be a false engagement. As I said you never know with the CVs. I wish Fateh would learn the truth so much .. No need to marry Tejo right away .. No I think FateJo need time to heal their wound. And if they really are the final couple then CVs should point the way to forgiveness from trust to redemption. Fateh will need to understand Tejo from being courted to truly prove that he loves Tejo.☺️☺️☺️

    1. I think you need your head examined. Why must any woman go back to cheating trash? If your husband cheats on you with your sister will you still go back to him ? Once a man cheats the man is spoiled and the whole man needs to be thrown away. Sometimes you’re Shiloh sometimes Lilou but always here pushing your FateJo fantasy

    2. Not justifying Fateh’s act but still he was genuinely trying to move on it was Jasmin’s interference that made the problem. He felt her genuine when she burnt the passport I don’t blame him for that because no one will expect such a twist that we saw. Honestly I still like Fatejo as a pair.

    3. Is he a small child to get constantly manipulated? He is a grown man who hopefully has a brain in that thick skull of his. These are choices he has made. He made the choice to cheat and the choice to run around behind Tejo’s back. He could have been up front and honest with Tejo but nope man decided to be a skank. May no woman have to suffer a Fateh in their lives

    4. He gets manipulated because he loved her genuinely. Can’t you understand that

    5. Ok.Tejo has forgiven these cheaters for what happened because they say they love each other.End of story.There is no scope of fateh marrying Tejo again….only for him to get manipulated again & repeat this viscious EMA

    6. Yes. Tejo can forgive them for what happened but surely there is no scope of fatejo marrying again. Fateh & Jasmine love each other, period. Jasfa should get married

    7. @Jade. Lilou is entitled to share her opinion on characters, but you shared your unfounded opinions of her🙄. And many women forgive their spouse for cheating. People make mistakes and and this is showing everyone’s mistakes.
      Tejo created her own hell. I love her character but she did this to herself. Fateh told her not to trust jasmine when he was clearly struggling to get over her. No woman in her right mind would even allow her husband’s ex near him if she knew how much that man loved his ex.
      It’s funny, no one understands the struggles Fateh was facing but they sympathize with Tejo. Every action begets an equal and opposite reaction, this is the law of life. If she hadn’t done what she did (knowing how manipulative her sister is, queue episode 1) Jasmine wouldn’t have had a opening to Fateh.
      I like the show because it shows what people don’t want to see. Real human emotions (jealously, love, manipulation, fear, empathy, sacrifice, selfishness, selflessness, regret, understanding, anger, guilt, etc), mistakes (emotional cheating, force, abandonment) consequences etc.
      Fateh loved jasmine from his heart and he was devastated. Jasmine saw Fateh as a means to an end. Tejo always showed signs of attraction to Fateh, she loved him unconditionally, Fateh didn’t love Tejo at the time. Something grew in Fateh for Tejo that he didn’t know was there. He always felt the need to protect Tejo at all cost.

      @Nikitha 🧡, I will justify for Fateh (I love his complexity, his confusion, his doubts, his mistakes, his misunderstanding, etc), you are so right.

    8. Go ahead forgive your spouse for cheating then he can cheat again and again and again that’s so good for you 👏👏👏

    9. OK. You can justify whatever fateh did till now owing to his confusion.Fateh loves jassu.They should get married & story should move on. Please stop shipping fatejo again for God sake.

    10. @Jade, girl grow up. Get out your toxic bubble and learn about people. You sound super hurt. Attack the topic not the person🙄😒.
      @Lang, 🤦🏾‍♀️ I can ship who I want too, you don’t or can’t control what someone likes or not. If you don’t like it cool. I don’t care what you like. Yall seem like these crazy SJW. Want to tell people who and what to like, girl BYE👋🏾

  18. Irene mejavone from Kenya

    Time will tell

  19. Tejo if u want to become Mahanta ki murti then pls do ot by yourself don’t drag that ANGAD ito all this
    What is this show trying to portray ,evil winning always and good people should sacrifice everything
    Tejo madam is rude to someone who is truly respecting her😏 ,but she is soft to a cheater 😑, Didn’t see 1% of this rudeness when she talks with Fateh and That idiot always act as he is the victim🙄😏

    And Jasmin ,she is doing shopping and shopping , poor girl went mad😌😌😂

    1. So annoyed with how these writers are diminishing Tejo’s character. They did the same with Anupama, sometimes you think yes she’s finally going to think about herself but nope she just goes back and breaks her back for the Shahs. Tejo is doing the same for both family’s. The only way this Tejo will be strong is to leave and go to another country for sometime but she’s not as brave and the CVs would like us to believe. Angad needs to run away from the Virks and Sandhu’s for his own mental peace

  20. Mona146

    caring for betrayers is not at all realistic. NO human can be or should be like that

    1. So true, I had a cheating partner and I made sure I wrecked him before I tossed him aside. Haven’t thought of him in years… but no one goes out their way for a cheater they need to get over

  21. Tejo being so sweet and calm to Fateh who is a blo*dy cheater and rude to Angad who helped her so much. Now a days she is too irritating. I am damn sure in this fake drama, Fatejo will realize that they are soul mates and could not leave without each other And Angad will fall in love with Tejo but don’t reveal it coz of Fatejo love. I am feeling so bad for Angad. For making Fatejo true and pure love, makers will make Angad negative and he will joins team with Jasmine. Itv has the worst serials in the world. How good will be the story if Jasfa already gets married and they both started to regret. TejAng started to have love & trust in each other after spending much time & marry after that. Tejo becoming Independent working business woman They both facing business consequences and always support each other. But NO coz it’s itv, right. This is impossible.

    So sad such a best show like Barrister Babu which has the potential to go a long way is going off-air today. A show which is about true love, moral principles and social activities is going off-air. May Anchal & Pravisht get some great offers. Now i am not gonna watch any colors show offline. Only watching some ( old shows which got off-air ) online through Voot and will read the written updates of 1/2 serials which is on going.

    1. Vijaya Lakshmi

      Exactly right what u saying. And about ur dailogue dat is awesome

    2. @Vijaya Lakshmi Thank you for understanding 🙏

  22. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Wow 😲 I never thought Tejo would propose Angad in that way omg 🙄
    Talk about taking the bull by the horns….n where did she get all that confidence 😬 sheesh….third dive in the pit🙄 and all thanks to family 🤦

  23. Hello friends I hope you all are doing well I don’t have word for today episode 😁😁 I will have to wait for tomorrow and see what happens because I’m out of words today I don’t have a problem if she wants to fake marry so the family don’t pressure her again but involving poor guy for cheaters and she didn’t even think about angad emotions

    1. atleast tejo asked the consent from angad not as jasmine who is playing with gippy’s emotions

  24. I think so this will happen probably first they 2 fake their marriage and after that they 2 fall for each other but they do not confess their feelings because they think thus marriage is fake and after that they 2 get married for real and confess their feelings and after that angad dies , tejo will be in depression and 5 years leap in that fateh will realize his mistake and he will help tejo just As a best friend to her and the makers make fatejo as endgame and jasmine also become positive and marry amirik

    All of these will depend on Trp rate
    If Tejang gets top the makers will make fateh negative and atlast tejang is the end game , if Fatejo tops then makers will make angad die and there are no possibilities of making angad negative and fatejo will be endgame

    1. @leela I pray angad didn’t die that will be horrible so many hearts breaks 😲😲😲

  25. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Angad puts Canada tickets near Fateh and Jasmine with Tejo and Angad names wat can u imagine happening I can imagine Jasso throwing a tantrum that Tejo is getting everything she wanted including the millionaire husband and she gets nothing (I am hopeful Fateh hears that and he tells himself he cant let Tejo go she can leave him)

  26. Tejo se jyada bakwas aurat maine nhi dekhi.. I thought she would go to UK or Canada and would pursue PHd or may bcm a businesswoman.
    and jasmine would be doing household chores,wiping sweat on her face with dupatta, fateh would become a poor salesman Or bankrupt….But ugh……

  27. I already thought in same lines, tejo angad will do fake engagement, but one thing please do not tejo go back to fateh, he is useless, why does she love him , he is least bothered about her, hope tejo finally ties with angad which may take time because he is really understanding, when will they show jasmine’s evil planning done so far… otherwise serial is misleading people that only evil overcomes good always…which is not right…what about jass ,he is roaming freely… another evil doer…

  28. i promise u Nimmo can be the commentary and be the entertainment 4 the night she will be there with colorful insight

  29. I have no words to explain how disgusting today’s episode was ?!! In yesterday’s episode she told that she will take her own decisions and today?! I don’t want tejang in this way..and I don’t think Gurpreet was happy about tejo and Angad’s marriage..btw guys there are many people who still want fatejo 😗😗

  30. Tejo is doing same which fateh have done

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