Tera Mera Saath Rahe 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Nikhila tries to stop Gopika

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Scene 1
Gopika says baa I have to go. I’ve set your alarm. Take medicine on time. Saksham catches cold when he eats cold things. Please don’t let him. And Maa ji.. Baa hugs her.

Nikhila sees the phone and says this isn’t Gopika’s. She opens it. Gopika comes in. Nikhila has left. Gopika packs her bags and goes downstairs. Aashi says Gopika did you meet Nikhila? Gopika says no. Aashi says I thought she might meet you. She was the last hope. I was happy we are both married in the same house. Take care of everyone in the house. Give this diwali gift to mummy.

Nikhila comes to Saksham. He says did Gopika leave? Nikhila says I am here to talk about Radhika. I want to meet her. He says you should. I don’t think she would meet anyone. Nikhila says leave that on me. I want something from you.

Scene 2
Aashi calls Ramila. She says mummy ji all the sins that you did, Gopika is paying for it. No one trusted Gopika. Saksham asked her to leave the house. Your maid is coming back. ramila says she will do all these dishes. She says I have your diwali gift with her. Modi jewelry.

Scene 3
Gopika says it’s diwali. I am leaving my life’s light. Thank you for connecting me to such good people for sometime. I should leave now. Radhika’s phone rings. gopika says whose number is this? Gopika picks the phone. It’s Nikhila. She says Radhika.. Gopika is shocked. Nihila says speak. You want to stay in this house as Radhika? But nothing is ever hidden from Nikhila’s eyes. Gopika. She comes downstairs. Nikhila says I saw many clues. That scarf, those footsteps. When you said you are Radhika. My heart said that’s the truth but I didn’t have the proof. Baa tried to say something. I saw you both talking. I went to your room and saw the proofs that you are Radhika. So I went to Saksham and took Radhika’s number. Now it’s proved that you are Radhika. My Gopika bahu.

Gopika says maa ji.. she says no more explanations. go back to your room, Gopika bahu. Gopika says there’s no room of mine in this house. Nikhila says why? You are still Saksham’s wife. his room is yours. Go back to your room. I will speak to Saksham. He never says no to me. Gopika says maa ji please don’t say anything to Saksham. Nikhila says you will stop me? Gopika says you can take my life. Nikhila hugs her. Gopika cries. Nikhila says I made the mistake. I took this decision to make you my DIL. You have left your fear behind to bring happiness in this house. I won’t lose my innocent, brave and wise Gopika again. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Don’t go. Gopika says maa ji please don’t do this. I am so lucky to have a family like this, I had you. And you trusted me. But the one who was the reason for this relation with this family doesn’t want me. Marriage is between two people. He doesn’t trust me. Nikhila says he is innocent. He doesn’t know the truth. He is stubborn.

Gopika says let me be a little stubborn too. When I met you, I felt like I met God Krishna. This fight is mine. I have to fight it myself. She says Gopika bahu.. Gopika says this is about a woman’s self respect. I have to make these walls stronger for my relationship. I won’t come back to this house until Saksham accept me as who I am. I won’t change. He has to accept Gopika, not Radhika. I have always learned to respect my relationships but you taught me that a woman should respect her own self. I won’t take any disrespect. She touches Nikhila’s feet. Nikhila gives her blessings. Gopika leaves the house. Nikhila cries.

Episode ends.

Precap-Nikhila says on diwali laxmi comes to the house and brings light. Our laxmi is leaving this house, making it dark. Saksham says the one who lies can’t be laxmi. Nikhila says I wish you could see the truth and understand Gopika beyond misunderstandings. You can think what you want, but I will bring Gopika back.

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