Udaan 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajeshwari reveals her crimes

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The Episode starts with Chakor going to the goon and playing the call recording. Anjor and Suraj worry for her. Suraj switches off the tv and asks Anjor to be with Tejaswini. Tejaswini says I will manage Anjor, take Leela along, rush to Chakor. She switches on the tv and sees Chakor. Chakor scolds the goon. Media looks on. Chakor beats the goon. Rajeshwari gets shocked. Chakor scolds the goon. She says people like you don’t have a right to live. She exposes the goon. She says this man should be hanged, girls are nothing to him, he sells them. She asks Rajeshwari to beat the goon and punish him. Rajeshwari stops the media coverage and sends them.

Chakor asks where are you all going. Rajeshwari asks are you drunk, you are blaming our party member Bacha Pandey, this is plan of opposition party, how

much are you paid to do this. Chakor asks how much money do you take to sell girls. Rajeshwari says you can’t do anything, I can prove the audio fake. Chakor says so this wolf works for you, you are a woman, how can you sell other women respect, are you not ashamed, you like to play, I will expose you on tv, I will take revenge from you. She swears to expose Rajeshwari. She says my family is my world, I won’t let anything happen to them, I m not alone, I m a bahu, daughter, wife and mother, if you challenge a mother, I will show you such a day that you can’t forget. Udaan hai….plays….

Goons stop Chakor. Rajeshwari says you can’t leave from here until I want, you talk well, I felt you are minister, not me, you will be framed in news, Bacha Pandey will get sympathy of people. She asks Bacha Pandey to continue his crimes, but first teach a lesson to Chakor by shattering her pride. She says now her respect is to you. Chakor gets shocked.

Suraj comes to meet Chakor. Guard stops them. Leela says we want to meet Chakor. Guard says she is gone. Leela says she would be on the way, come. Suraj calls Chakor. Bacha Pandey takes the phone and disconnects. Goons laughs. Suraj says we shall leave. Rajeshwari says no one will come to save you, we kidnap women in day time, your fate is good, I don’t like you, else I would have done same with you. She tells Chakor how many kids and girls get kidnapper every year. She threatens Chakor about Anjor. She says we sold Tuntun also, she was weak and died. She reveals her crimes.

Chakor gets angry. Rajeshwari says now this Bacha Pandey will break you down, I will sit here and watch your show. Suraj gets Chakor’s phone broken and says its Chakor’s phone. Leela says it means guard was lying to us, Chakor is still inside there. Chakor tries to run. Goons catch her. Bacha Pandey pulls Chakor’s dupatta and throws it. Dupatta flies to Suraj. Suraj gets guard at gunpoint. He asks Leela to hold the gun and shoot the guard. He goes in. Bacha Pandey says I didn’t like your choices, I m thinking which clothes to take next. Suraj comes there and shouts Chakor. He gets shocked seeing them. Chakor cries.

Suraj beats all the goons. He says Chakor is not alone, I m with her. He threatens to blacken Rajeshwari’s face and end her black business.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Smart move by Chakor to record the phone call, didn’t expect it. Liked how Chakor beat Bacha Pandey and hurt his ears.
    Eagerly waiting for the fight sequence but the difficult fight is after they leave mantri’s house.
    Like how Suraj covered Anjor’s ears so that she doesn’t listen to the phone threat.

  2. The best part about precap for me is when mud falls on mantri’s face, yesterdy she was putting disinfectant an her hands because one of the poor held her hands.

  3. Safiya Hosein

    Everyone’s acting was exceptional. This may be one of the best seasons yet for Udaan.

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