Papa By Chance 9th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Amrit realizes her mistake

Papa By Chance 9th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan coming home and telling Amrit about principal’s warning. He asks for washing machine to wash kids’ uniforms. She gets buckets and brush. She asks him to use this and wash clothes. She says do your work, I have to go for bath. He thinks what shall I do now. He sees some uniforms on other terrace and goes to pick those. He sees a guy near the bathroom. He thinks Amrit is in bathroom, this guy is making her video. He shouts and asks the guy to stop. He beats the guy and asks what were you doing, you were making her video, give your phone. Amrit comes and asks what happened. Yuvaan thinks I can’t tell anything to her without a proof.

He says I can’t say, this guy has done a bad thing. The guy says Yuvaan was stealing clothes from others terrace, I caught

him. Yuvaan says he is lying. The guy lies and frames Yuvaan. Bela manages the matter and returns the uniforms. Yuvaan gets scolded by Amrit. She says you are a big liar. Yuvaan says its useless to talk to you. Bela takes his side. Amrit says enough, don’t take his side, Yuvaan was stealing uniforms and blamed someone else. She goes. Yuvaan thinks I m a liar for Amrit even if I do something good. He shuts the bathroom window gap by wooden platform. Its morning, Principal comes and checks Dhoni’s uniform. He finds Dhoni tidy. Dhoni forgets the poem. Principal says you can participate in hindi poem competition, ask Yuvaan to teach you, all the best. Teacher asks why did you teach him, he is weak in Hindi. Ullu and Gungun study. He finds English tough and misses dad. Gungun says we have to study on own now. Dhoni thinks who will teach me hindi poem now.

Yuvaan washes kids’ clothes. He says Amrit should be alert, I have to tell her the truth. Dhoni comes to him and says I have hindi poem competition tomorrow, will you help. Yuvaan says I m working. He thinks how to catch the thief. Dhoni gives him ideas. Yuvaan gets an idea to catch the guy red-handed. He removes the wooden platform and gets Dhoni in his plan. Amrit asks for her sketch book. Yuvaan throws the book. Yuvaan and Dhoni leave. Amrit goes. Dhoni shouts Amrit, I want to go to loo, you can bath later. The guy sees this and goes to record Amrit.

Amrit picks the book. The guy doesn’t see Amrit inside. Amrit sees the guy at the window. She gets shocked seeing him. He sees Yuvaan inside. Amrit catches him and says so Yuvaan was beating you for this. She beats him. Yuvaan says you got caught red-handed. Amrit scolds the guy and tells everyone about it. The men take the guy to police. Amrit apologizes to Yuvaan. She says I didn’t give you a chance to talk. Yuvaan says its fine and goes. Yuvaan fixes the wooden platform again. Amrit looks on. He hits his hand by mistake. Amrit runs to him. She does the aid. Ranjha ve….plays…. She apologizes to him. He says I m a mean guy, I can’t do such a cheap thing. He goes. She thinks he is upset with me, what shall I do.

Dhoni recites a poem. Yuvaan says I will teach you swag poem. Dhoni comes on stage and sings Chaar bottle vodka….

Update Credit to: Amena

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