Udaan 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor meets Rajeshwari Devi

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The Episode starts with Chakor, Suraj and everyone doing the puja. Anjor gets tensed. Chakor encourages her. They do the aarti. Chakor plays the shank. Suraj asks Anjor to get her cheerful daughter back. Chakor and Suraj tease Anjor. Suraj tickles Anjor and makes her laugh. Inspector comes and greets. He says minister is waiting for Chakor, we have come to take her. Chakor says I will meet her and come Anjor. Suraj worries and goes to Chakor. He asks her to remember what they have spoken yesterday, don’t flow in emotions and take a wrong move.

Chakor leaves with the policemen. Suraj arranges the one way tickets. Chakor comes to meet minister. Media questions her about her movement. Suraj feeds food to Anjor. They see news of Chakor and minister’s meet. Suraj says how did media reach there. Chakor

says I will just talk to the minister. Minister Rajeshwari Devi arrives. Everyone chants her name. Rajeshwari hides her bad side and greets people. She recalls the party worker’s words. She praises Chakor to be 10th form of Durga Maa.

She acts good and asks don’t you trust me, I thought to show our talk live on tv, so that people know if I know fulfilling my duties, I have also cried on those girls’ injustice, I m upset with Tuntun’s death, I want to assure that I won’t let any injustice happen, I will need you for this. Chakor says I want to talk to you in private. Rajeshwari asks why, talk here, public is watching, tell me will you support me or not. Tejaswini asks Suraj are you sure Chakor will refuse. Suraj says yes, I have explained Chakor that we don’t need to protest. Anjor asks why, mumma wanted to get justice for Tuntun, we should catch the culprit.

Suraj says yes, but minister will do this, Chakor won’t do anything, you remember what happened yesterday, that bad man held you captive, I know its imp to get justice for Tuntun. He says we will stay happy once Chakor refuses to this minister, I know her answer will define our family’s decision. The men ask Chakor why is she silent, when the minister is asking for her help. Media asks Chakor about her decision. Chakor recalls Suraj’s decision and is about to refuse. She sees goon coming and gets shocked. She takes a rod and goes to beat him. Media and everyone looks on. Durga hai tu hi….plays…. Chakor stares angrily.

The goon throws Chakor’s dupatta. Suraj gets the dupatta. He shouts Chakor…. He comes there and beats the goons. Rajeshwari looks on. Suraj says Chakor isn’t alone, her husband Suraj is with her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode: Suraj-Anjor scenes were cute. the mantri wanted to trap Chakor, so brought the media, she seems she’s popular and has a many followers. Wished Chakor was more outspoken but maybe she didn’t trust her.
    The new villains are good.
    The precap is awesome, can’t wait.

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