SwaRagini: A Magical Love Story-Episode 46

Episode 46 +

RagLak were busy in their work… Ragini was beneath Lakshya,topless,who was kissing her like mad… They then switched their position and now Ragini was over Lakshya kissing his jaw line… Lakshya was holding her tightly covering her decently!! Out of nowhere a snake crawls inside the room through window and it changes to Swara…

Swara “Ragini, Lakshya act—- (RagLak get a jerk and they looked at her shocked!! Swara also goes red seeing them half naked in that position!! She immediately turns around closing her eyes!!) OH MY GOD!!! I AM SO SORRY!!!”


Swara “I said sorry!! Now wear something before others barge in as well!!!”

They immediately get up and gather their clothes!!! Lakshya takes out another shirt and gives it to Ragini for her blouse was torn by him!! They wore clothes and looked decent and then Swara turned slowly towards them flushing embarrassedly…

Ragini “Will you explain now??”

Swara “I am so sorry… I had actually forgotten that it takes time to get out of a mood!! I am sorry… I am really embarrassed!!!”

Lakshya “You know what?? You should be!!! Thank God nothing more was happening!!!”

Just then Rohan and Aisha enter through the window… Sanskar also reduces his size and enters… He turns to his human form and scratches his nape… Rohan is busy glaring him while Aisha is flushing!!

Ragini “What happened?? Why are you eating him with your eyes??”

Rohan (still glaring Sanskar) “NOTHING!!!”

Lakshya “Are you sure???”

Rohan looks at Lakshya purposefully… Lakshya reads his mind and widens his eyes!! Lakshya then whispers something in Rohan’s ears… They both look at Swara and Sanskar unbelievably… Ragini and Aisha were noticing their actions and expressions all the while…

Ragini “Don’t tell me same thing happen!!!”

Aisha “Means you two as well???”

Swara and Sanskar were going red with embarrassement while the other four were glaring them… 1

Sanskar “We are sorry plz… It’s just that we were very excited and couldn’t control it!!!”

Lakshya “So you decided to ruin other’s other excitement??”

Ragini “Lakshya!!!”

Rohan “What?? He is saying right!!!”

Aisha “Shut up and end that topic here!! We are here for something important!! Sanskar… The dancers??”

Sanskar smirks…


Sanskar and Swara going to the where the dancers were lying petrified… Swara crawls out turning a snake and increases her size… Sanskar helps her clutching the two girls in her tails and take them out… They take them to an isolated place and turn human… +

Sanskar “I will take care of them… You must go back now… The one hour is about to end and Sujata Masi would be coming to check upon you any minute!!!”

Swara nods… She turns into snake and quickly crawls back towards the house… Sanskar puts his hands on his hip and thinks what to do… Their petrification was also reducing as the time was getting over… Suddenly he recalls his trainings… He takes out his wand and looks at it… He smiles… As the girls regain their consciousness,he points his wand at them and casts the memory spell…

Sanskar ” Obliviate..!!! ”

The dancers look at each other cluelessly and then at Sanskar…

Thin girl “Who are you?? And what are we doing here alone with you?? Who are we??”

Short girl “Are you trying to harm us?? Plz don’t do that!!!”

Sanskar “Relax ladies!!! Nothing that sort of happened!! It’s just that few muggle goons were trying to molest you and you fell unconscious!!”

Thin girl “Muggle???”

Sanskar “Not Muggle… Murderous..!! So I rescued you both and got you here… Don’t worry you are safe now and go to the nearest hospital… As far as I can see… You both don’t even remember anything… I hope the healers will be able to treat you!!”

Short girl “Healers??”

Sanskar “Aren’t doctors a kind of healers?? Don’t they heal us?? Well leave now!! It’s really late… There’s a hospital after 50 meters… You will get help there…!!”

Thin girl “Ok then… Thanks for the help!!!”

Short girl “And sorry for the inconvenience!!!”

Sanskar just passes a tight lipped smile… The girls leave and so does he…


Rohan “Good work done!!! Now they aren’t a problem!! Now tell what all you got to know??”

Swara “Nothing..!!”

They look at the duo shocked!!

Lakshya “Means our every hardwork turns out to be a waste of time??? We achieved nothing?? We can’t defeat them???”

Sanskar “No!!! Why you jump to conclusion without listening out the whole thing Everytime??”

Ragini “Coz you aren’t telling the whole thing together!!! Tell us!!!”

Swara “Ragu, when we went there—-”


Swara and Sanskar reaching the Hecate… They Straight away go to Parvati’s cabin… Parvati is stunned seeing them… She gets elated seeing Swara!!! She goes to her and hugs her tightly!!!

Parvati “I knew it my kiddo!! I knew they must have reached you all!!”

Swara “Dadi,tell me one thing… Just nod if I am right… You knew everything from before right??”

Parvati nods…. They both are a little surprised…

Sanskar “Have you,for once or more than once indirectly helped us??”

Parvati nods… They both smile…

Swara “Dadi, it means you know everything..!! From the beginning??”

She again nods… SwaSan get keen…

Sanskar “Principal Gadodia, today we are asking directly for your help!! Will you help us??”

Parvati is freezed for a moment… SwaSan get tensed… But then she nods….

Parvati “But I can only show you the way… The journey,you six have to complete… Tell me… Tell me how can I help you??”

SwaSan “We want to know about the Prophecy!!!”

If Parvati would have drinking Something at that moment,she would have choked for they directly jumped on to the point…!! SwaSan look at her with curious expression and she just smiled… +

Parvati “As I said… I can just show you the way… The journey,you have to do by yourself… I really can’t tell you about the Prophecy… Only one person can…”

Swara “Mom???”

Parvati shakes her head…

Sanskar “Then Mom??”

She again shakes her head…

Parvati “Someone really close to you… Someone for whom you wouldn’t think before keeping your life at stake… I can tell you directly but then it wouldn’t prepare you… Test everything which has been taught to you during whole year…!! I promise you… If you fall back,we all are there to hold you but you six have to fight alone… This is your final exam and you cannot afford to fail this one!!” 1

Sanskar “Can we meet our Moms??”

Parvati “Who am I to stop you both?? Infact your first step can be achieved by that only… Sumi has something for you… But meet Anu as well… She was really worried!!”

They both nod and go from there… Parvati prays for their safety and success…


Swara and Sanskar are in VP Maheshwari’s room… She caressing their heads and tearing constantly… DP and Shashwat are standing there watching them… They hug them as well…

DP “How are Lucky and others??”

Sanskar “They were too much involved Dad… They aren’t leaving Lakshya for a moment… They are keeping a constant eye on him… Ragini is with him…”

Shashwat “And Rohan and Aisha??”

Swara “Uncle… They are also together… Mrs. Mehta is being way too good mother to him!!! (DP and Annapurna groan)”

Shashwat “I hope You succeed in your final mission… Just remember one thing… The one who can tell you everything before and after,is the one who will help you the most!!!” 1

SwaSan look at him cluelessly… Annapurna interrupts before they question him again…

Annapurna “But your plan is risky… What if you are caught?? We cannot afford to let anything happen to any of you!!!”

Sanskar “Mom..!! Don’t worry… We have sorted off everything… Just pray for us… I am going to sacrifice my happiness and freedom!!!” 1

DP and Shashwat “We understand!!!”

Annapurna glares them… Swara smacks Sanskar..!!!

Swara “We are going to Mom and Dad now…”

Annapurna “Go… They are waiting for you… All the best…”

Sanskar “They knew it??”

The three of them nod… SwaSan leave from there to the Green Room…


SwaSan enter the green room and see Shekhar and Sharmistha sitting on the swing which was made by the hanging roots of the tree and various creepers… Sharmistha had her head tilted on his shoulder… SwaSan smile seeing them…

Swara “See Sanskar… Who would say that they have been married for 20 years now???”

Shekhar and Sharmistha look in their direction… They smile happily!!!

Sanskar “No one Swara!!! I think Professor Gadodia has just proposed Professor Gadodia for marriage!!”

Shekhar “No my Prank King!! We were showing you the glance of your future!! 20 years hence,you both will be sitting here like this!!”

Sharmistha “Are you both well?? How are Ragu and Lakshya?? And Rohan and Aisha?? There isn’t danger right???”

Sanskar “Professor Gadodia relax!! I wouldn’t lie to you… We all are very well and fine… And even there we are having fun… And there’s danger as well… Every moment we have the fear of being caught but till now we are safe…” +

They both nod understandingly…

Swara “Dadi said you have something for us… It means you all knew we were coming???”

Shekhar “We knew it… We knew that you all are intelligent enough to catch the word which was constantly being spoken but was not told about…”

Sanskar “Then why can’t you all tell that?? It will save time as well!!!”

Sharmistha “We can’t,for don’t remember anything… Anything apart from the effects that whenever you and your partner will………………. You know what (SwaSan are flushing) then Jaan Di will loose her strength… And that since you six were there… So you six are connected!!!”

Swara “Dadi said you have something for me??”

Sharmistha gives her a bag “Sanskar these are the things which you all asked for before… It wasn’t all ready at that time and Swara there’s pensive and a small bottle in a small chain… It’s Sahil’s tears… These tears contains few memories of him which he wanted the six of you to watch… Before breathing his last,he handed it over to me… And I want you all to watch it before you know about Prophecy… It’s a dying person’s wish… Plz don’t deny it!!”

They both nod…

Shekhar “It’s time now… You must leave… They will get suspicious if they won’t spot Swara!!”

They both nod and leave from there…


The SSS were sitting and going through the information seriously… No one was speaking anything…

Rohan “Why do they want to play jigsaw puzzle with us?? Can’t they directly tell us???”

Ragini “Shut up Rohan!! Didn’t you heard what they said?? They don’t know what is the Prophecy… That means only Jaanki Gadodia knows it… But we have to know about it… But how???”

Lakshya “Hey!! Professor Gadodia said that she gave Swara and Bhai Sahil’s memory… I think we should watch it… Maybe we will get some clue..!!”

Swara “I think Lucky is right… We should watch it…”

All agree… They take out the memory and Pensive from the bag…

Aisha “We need a stand for this!! Or a place where we can surround it and go into it together…”

Sanskar “Let’s just sit forming a circle and keep it in the center…” +

Aisha nods… They all do the same… Aisha holds the small bottle in her hand and looks at everyone….

Rohan “Guys… We will put our heads down towards the pensive on the count of three…”

All nod… Aisha pours the tears in the Pensive and it expands magically on its own… It starts illuminating…

Rohan “Alright….. 3…………… 2…………….. 1… DOWN!!!!”

They all put their heads down together towards the Pensive and get pulled towards it… And then there is no one in the room other than the pensive….

The SSS enter a black and white scenario… They look around curiously…

Sanskar “Why this place seems so familiar???”

Rohan smacks on his head “Look around carefully you idiot!!! It’s the Dining Assembly!!!”

They all realize it and gasp… They had never seen it so empty and silent… They see someone entering… It’s Sahil..!! He looks around impressively…

Ragini “Why is this black and white??”

Lakshya “Because he is dead… After death,the colours are snatched!!”

Slowly the the place starts getting crowded… The witches and wizards start coming… Swara’s eyes widen seeing something…

Aisha “What happened Swara???”

Swara “We are coming..!!!”

They all look in the direction where she was looking… They see Swara, Sanskar and Rohan coming there…

Rohan “It’s our house division day…!!”

The events happen as per the house division day… As Swara goes up on stage,Sahil is mesmerized seeing her..!! SSS notice it for they are living his memory… Swara doesn’t know what to say… Sanskar drapes her hand around her shoulder and nods understandingly…
The scene changes and they all are sitting beside Sahil where he confessed his love for Swara to Rajat…
The scene again changes and they all are again at the place beside Sahil where he asked her as his fresher’s date in RagLak and Aisha’s fresher’s party… Swara accepted it and he goes from there… He was calm but as he alone,he started dancing happily and decided to propose her later that evening…
The scene changes and their dancing moments are shown in the party… And after that the confrontation between SwaSan and Sahil… Sahil goes from there heartbroken to the Daedalus hostel and moves up to terrace… He cries his heart out there… SSS feel bad for him… Swara is also tearing… Kavita comes there after sometime… Swara fumes seeing her…
Kavita “I know what happened with you… Because same happened with me… We are betrayed by those two…!!” +

Sahil “They didn’t betray us… We misunderstood things… If I had known they are together,I would have never made advances..!!”

Kavita “For God’s sake stop being naive… I want Sanskar and I know that even you want Swara!!!”

Sahil “Swara is my love!! She is not an obsession that I will want her at any cost!!! I am happy the way I am and if she stays happy!!”

Kavita “But—-”


Kavita leaves from there…

Swara looks at him emotionally…
The scene changes and they all are in Daedalus common room… Sahil and Kavita are there… It’s the fresher’s night only for they are wearing the same clothes..!!!
Sahil “I am sorry Kavita… I thought about whatever you said… And I realized you are right… We must separate Swara and Sanskar so that we can be the one whom we love!!”

Kavita “I knew it… Thank God your eyes opened on right time!!! Now we are together in this!!”

Sahil nods… They shake hands… SSS fume over them… Kavita goes from there… Sahil is looking at her retreating figure and a voice is heard… Similar to Sahil’s…

“It was necessary to make you believe that we are together… I have seen that obsession in your eyes and for that you can even harm Swara and I will never allow that!!! I just want her happiness which is with Sanskar and I won’t let you separate them…!!!”

SSS are stunned… They look at him bewildered…

Sanskar “We just now heard his mind voice right??”

Rohan (nodding) “Because we are living his memory so even of he says anything in his Mind,we will be able to hear it!!!”

Aisha “This guy was unbelievable!!! A person with so many faces!!! Though,all for a good reason!!!”

Swara “Yet I always thought ill of him..!!! Even he never apologised !! Maybe he thought that I wouldn’t believe him and maybe he was right for it!! Now I feel so terrible!!!!”

Ragini hugs Swara and consoles her… They again feel like the scene is changing…
They are beside Sahil, Kavita,Rajat and Kavya..!! They all are hiding and seeing everything… The first face off between SSS and TTT… They all secretly follow TTT out from the secret passage and spot them in the knock turn alley… They see TTT getting frustrated when Kavya reached them… They all look at her weirdly..!!!
Kavya “You are………. Jaanki Gadodia!!!???”

Rajat “You know her???”

Kavya “Of course I know her… Bhai???”

Sahil “Yaa… Everyone who is well aware of Daedalus hostel history knows her… She was and is still the best student of her times and discovered and invented so many hexes and jinxes..!!”

Jaanki seems pleased… Ram and Sujata smile proudly….

Lakshya “She could have used her intelligence in a constructive way!!”

Ragini “Not everyone are our parents!!!”

Rohan “Ya… Not everyone are your parents!!!”

Aisha “Are you crazy?? They aren’t your parents!!! You are Durgaprasad Maheshwari’s and Annapurna Maheshwari’s son!!! So your parents are equally great as ours!!!!”

SwaSan “Exactly!!!”

They all smile… But Kavita’s words distract them…

Kavita “We saw you fighting against the faculty children!!! Why??”

Sujata “Why should we tell you anything???”

Rajat “Because we want to help you…!!! Even we want them destroyed!!!”

Ram “You will?? What is the guarantee??”

Kavya “They betrayed us..!!! I want Lakshya and Kavita wants Sanskar…!!”

Rajat “I want Ragini!! Well not actually Ragini… I just want to sleep with her!!! (SSS are disgusted!! Ragini goes to him angrily and punches his face!!! But her hand passes through him and he is unaffected!!! She then realizes that it’s just a memory!!) And Sahil wants Swara!!!” +


The Daedalus students get startled realizing that Swara is her daughter…!!

Sahil “But I don’t want Swara!!! (His friends look at him shocked… He realizes what he said and thinks to cover up…!!) I mean… She betrayed me!!! Like I couldn’t get my love,even my enemy won’t get his!!! I want Sanskar and Swara to be separated!!! You will get your daughter, Kavita will get Sanskar and I will get my revenge!!!”

Ram and Sujata “And we want our son..!!!”

Rohan scoffs “They are singing it like worn and torn record!!! I pity them now honestly!! They still think that I would go back to them after knowing their deeds!! DREAMING!!!!

Sanskar says something into his ears… He looks at him unbelievably!!! They both look at Lakshya who reads their mind and smirks mischievously… He nods agreeing to it…

Aisha “What are you guys up to???”

Rohan “Just wait and watch love… Later even you all can join us..!!!”

Ragini “I sense fun!!!”

They show their toothpaste add grin…

The boys go in front of TTT and start doing Garba Dance funnily while clapping and jumping like a monkey…!!! The girls burst out laughing…!!! They also join them and hear Jaanki speak… 2

Jaanki “Pretty well!!! Perfect then!!! From now onwards you will work under us…!!!”
The scene again changes… They all are at the same place where Lakshya, Swara and Rohan were kidnapped and kept…
Rajat “We found out the place where the six of them are hiding!!!”

Sahil “WHAT!!!!???? HOW??? WHEN???”

Kavya “Bhai…!! Why are you so shocked!!!”

Sahil “Obviously out of happiness you idiot!!!”

Kavita “Then what are we waiting for?? Let’s just go there and attack them!!”

Rajat “No Kavi we can’t!! It’s there secret place… We know just the area and nothing else… In order to catch them,we have to get them out of that place…”

Kavya “And I know the best place which is empty from more than a year!!!………………………. VP Maheshwari’s house in Hogsmede!!!”

They all smirk… Sahil is worried!!! They all hear Jaanki shouting and run towards them… They see her wand throwing out the light!!!

Sahil “What is going on here???”

Ram “They both Joined their wands!!!! They have United their wands!! It means they are trained!! We have to do everything fast!!!”

Rajat “But how you all got to know it???”

Sujata “These wands are made of Ficus’ branch… Ficus who is immortal and a magical live talking tree… These wands are interconnected!! These are called sister wands!!! Whatever happens with one,the other gets to know it… It’s similar like the twins or triplets of humans..!!”

Jaanki “But now we have to act fast!!! The wands have been United!!! There’s no way we can leave them now… They have unlocked the wand connection now we have to prevent them from unlocking the Prophecy!!! It contains the secret of my death!!! And there’s only one way left!!! They together as a team are invincible, I realized it that day when they casted the protective spell and saved Sharmistha… Now,we have to separate them… Anyhow!!!!”

Kavya “Don’t worry… We have found out about them..!!! Tomorrow,by this time,you will have your son and daughter and I will have my Lakshya!!!”

Sahil “But what is the plan???”

Kavya “You don’t worry about that Bhai!! We have figured it out you just wait and watch..!!!”
The scene again changes… They all are now at Mumbai where the SSS were in a hideout…
Sahil (in mind) “Don’t know what this obsessive girl is upto!!! I just hope Swara and others stay safe and don’t fall into the trap!!!”

They all watch Ragini, Sanskar and Aisha coming out of an alley and going somewhere on Lakshya’s Broomfield…

Kavya “Seems like the whole universe is with me today!!! I saw wand in Ragini’s hand… That means Lakshya is wandless… Even better!! Now we just need to get them out…!!!”

Well don’t look further…!!! This chapter ends here…!!! I know I gave a cliff hanger but I promise… The prophecy will be revealed in the next part and the next part will be posted really soon… Sorry for making you all wait so much and thank you for still supporting me… Love you all😘😘😘😘

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    1. Shivika__Oberoi

      It’s not possible in 2-3 days and not at all during navratri… There are Poojas and all but I will try to update really soon…

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    1. Shivika__Oberoi

      Don’t worry… I have started writing the next chapter… It will be posted soon… And if you want to read my other works,you can read on Wattpad… I have written there more RagLak stories… And thank you for reading 💘

      1. I am swasan fan tho anyway I started liking raglak cze of this…

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