Udaan 6th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj fears for Anjor

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The Episode starts with Tejaswini and Suraj getting Girja and her daughter home. The girl Leela praises Suraj for his favors. Suraj asks her not to call brother’s love as favor. Girja says it will be good as Leela has come, she can help Chakor. Leela says yes, Chakor isn’t opening the door. Suraj asks what. Leela says mum has rung the bell many times. Suraj knocks and rings the bell. He opens the door with keys and gets in. He gets shocked seeing the door blocked by furniture. They see Chakor pointing gun at the door, and crying, hugging Anjor. They get shocked. Chakor gets relieved seeing Suraj. Suraj rushes to her and asks what’s all this. Anjor hugs him.

Chakor says he came here and said he will ruin us, he killed my belief, my courage broke down, he came to snatch Anjor. They get shocked.

Chakor says he entered our haveli, and kidnapped Anjor. He asks who had come here. She says that man who is keeping an eye on our family, he has got Tuntun killed too. They get shocked. Chakor says no girl is safe here, that man is bad and will snatch our Anjor, he will sell Anjor and put her in bad business. Suraj gets shocked. Chakor cries and hugs him. She tells everything what happened. She says our Aazaadgunj isn’t free, we should free our village from such fear, we have courage to protect our daughter, we won’t let anything happen to Anjor, he threatened me to stop my protest, I will not bend down, I will never lose. Udaan hai…plays….

Suraj says he did a big mistake by coming in our haveli, he scared our daughter, I won’t leave him. Tejaswini stops him from calling police. She says I didn’t interfere before, I want to decide seeing situation, we have to think of our family. She asks him to see Anjor and Chakor’s terrified state. She gets tensed and says anything can happen to Anjor, like Tuntun died. She asks them to think for Anjor. Police comes home. Inspector gives the good news that Chakor’s protest reached the govt, the minister Rajeshwari Devi wants to meet Chakor. He says its a sign of big change. He leaves. Tejaswini says Chakor won’t step back from her morals, but Suraj you explain her. Chakor recalls the goon’s words. She makes Anjor sleep. Suraj asks her to go and have food, till he sits with Anjor. Anjor shouts leave me…. and wakes up from sleep. Anjor says I felt that man has come here and is catching me. Chakor says no, we are here, no one can do anything to you, you are strong. Suraj and Chakor hug her. Chakor sings a lullaby and makes Anjor sleep.

Suraj says I think we should not be a part of this movement, Tejaswini is right. Chakor asks what are you saying. Suraj says we are not super powerful, its minister’s work to protect us. Chakor says this is not about Tuntun and Anjor, but about everyone. Suraj says what if our Anjor isn’t spared. Chakor says don’t say this. He says I didn’t fear before, but today seeing this incident with Anjor, I m scared, no parents can stay away from children, I stayed away from her for seven years, I have no courage to stay away from her, I don’t want to fight, its fine if people call me selfish, we will leave this country, we won’t stay in Aazaadgunj. Chakor asks what are you saying. He asks her to meet minister and end this matter. He says thanks for understanding, we will go too far from here.

People chant for Rajeshwari Devi. Chakor meets her. Suraj and Leela come to meet her. Suraj gets Chakor’s phone broken. Suraj gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode, but I disagree with Teju and Suraj, the only way to stay safe is by catching the goon and ending the trafficking business, Tuntun was innocent but became a victim. Anyways Sukor will fight the goons.
    I wonder what will happen to Chakor, will she discover something about the gang? or will we get a different twist, maybe memory loss or Chakor kidnapping?

  2. Safiya Hosein

    I want a strong Suraj character not just a support to Chakor.
    Don’t mind seeing a little bit of old Suraj again either; after all, this is his family he has to protect.

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