Udaan 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Jyoti exposes Akash’s truth

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Udaan 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor coming inside the police station and scolding Akash. She fights with the goons and police constables working for Akash. She goes to hit Damodar. Akash holds the stick. He pushes Chakor. Goons catch her. Imli looks on. Akash says I wanted Imli and Chakor has also come, welcome. Damodar says no, you can do bad with Imli, but not with Chakor, she is bahu of Rajvanshi family. Akash says you can’t see me happy, its fine, I will leave Chakor today and use Imli, throw this woman out. Goons take Chakor out. Chakor and Imli shout to each other. Akash asks everyone to go out, just Damodar will stay with him. Everyone goes out. Chakor tries to call Raghav. She collides with him. He asks where are you running, I was calling you.

She says Akash, Imli… Akash has kidnapped Imli, he will kill her, do something, we have no time, we have to save her. He asks her to calm down, he won’t let anything happen to Imli. She runs to haveli and shouts Jyoti. Raghav says I m going to save Imli. Chakor recalls Tejaswini’s words and doesn’t enter the haveli. She asks Jyoti to come out. Tejaswini and everyone come. Tejaswini scolds her. Chakor says Imli got kidnapped. Tejaswini says she is our enemy, I don’t care. Chakor says Akash has kidnapped Imli and kept her captive with the help of police. She says if Akash hurts Imli, I will ruin his world. Jyoti cries. Tejaswini asks Chakor to come to senses. Chakor asks Jyoti why is she silent, does she know Akash’s truth, does she want to tell something to her. She asks her to tell Akash’s truth to her, don’t know what will he do with Imli, tell his truth. Jyoti recalls his words and says he is innocent.

Chakor says you are lying, you know his truth. Jyoti cries. Tejaswini asks her to stop it now, Jyoti is pregnant. She asks Chakor to just leave. Akash talks dirty and goes to touch Imli. Raghav breaks inside the police station. Raghav scolds Damodar for cheating the law. He says I will decide for you and Akash now. Goons comes. Raghav beats everyone. He frees Imli and bears the hits from the goons to protect her. Imli looks at Raghav and gets stunned when he fights for her. He makes her wear the dupatta. Teri joganiya….plays… Akash hits on Raghav’s head.

Raghav falls down. Imli gets shocked. Chakor says I will pray for you and baby, Jyoti do you want to get your child in such a world. She cries and asks Jyoti to think of daughters, can we bear tortures on them. She says Anjor was target of Vikram and Rajeshwari, Suraj and I used to break down seeing her, life gave her another chance, not everyone is so lucky, Akash is also like his brother and mum, do you want this to happen with your daughter, Akash called me and threatened me, he promised that he will do the same business like his mum and brother in this village, help me, what do you want to do. Jyoti cries. Tejaswini asks Chakor to leave. Chakor asks Jyoti to swear on her child and bring out Akash’s truth. Jyoti shouts yes, he is a criminal. They all get shocked.

Jyoti admits Akash’s crimes and cries. He says Akash has cheated all of you. She asks Chakor to forgive her. Chakor hugs her and says Jyoti is in senses, she is saying the truth, she was under Akash’s pressure before. Udaan hai…plays… Tejaswini gets shocked. Chakor thanks Jyoti. She says its not late, call the commissioner.

Tejaswini slaps Akash. He asks Chakor to think of Imli and Raghav. He says I have killed them, you have lost Chakor. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Imli imli imli
    Better officially change the show title as imli ki udaan,why to make Sukor fans to live in fools paradise.Teri joganiya song that too for imli,are you joking CVs?
    Who will watch if the show fully revolves around imli.everyone would have understood in the first raghav imli scene itself that imli going to fall in love with Raghav,why to show these many scenes?
    Only thing worth watching in today’s episode is Raghav chakor fight sequence.
    I hope at last Raghav turning out to be Suraj.

  2. About precap, I’m not worried about Imli, she never dies but Raghav might, but the chances are low.
    Loved Raghav’s action sequence but why ruin it with Imli’s “love”, instead of being lost in Raghav she should’ve helped in the fight, she doesn’t help in the time of need.
    So what’s the plan, run a modified version of Sukor story with Raghav-Chakor together and Imli trying to harm Chakor to get Raghav or Raghav dies protecting Chakor and Imli joining Akash to take revenge from Chakor.

  3. The guy designing the action sequences in this track is excellent, all of them are fresh and interesting.
    Please give more and longer Raghav-Chakor scenes.

  4. Safiya Hosein

    You know what irritates me, the fact that Imli had done so much of evil and has never paid for her crimes. She has hurt so many people and ruin so many lives and yet she can just return and be forgiven and to top it off, she found love, again!
    But Chakor who has always fought for justice and struggled with so many challenges can’t find happiness.
    These writers have showed that ‘evil trumps good!’ So ridiculous.
    I still hope, and I think by now i sound like I am campaigning that Raghav is indeed Suraj.

  5. I don’t like yesterday episode, love for that too imli what’s wrong with the makers . Please bring suraj back ?????????

  6. Hopefully Raghav is actually Suraj in disguise so that Sukor can reunite without troubles.

    1. I hope so

  7. Safiya Hosein

    These writers just love too much drama.
    Love stories, family issues work as well for scripts.
    They need to show Suraj and Chakor living as a real couple. They are two persons who fell in love despite their differences. Capitalise on that! Their banter use to be so much fun.
    The writers’ table need to include some young creative minds to keep the storylines balanced.

    1. You said “Suraj” and Chakur. I hope you mean real Suraj

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