Horrific Past To Surprising Future – Ishqbaaz FanFiction- Episode 56

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Hi This is VHM aka Harika coming up with a new story / Fanfiction on Ishqbaaz. This will involve all the three couples . A subtle romance, thrill, accusations, support and family bonding. Get on a new ride with me and do support me.

Please ignore the grammatical and spelling mistakes…….Hope the readers would support me the same way as they have supported me till date…

Not able to control the extreme stress she collapsed on the sofa falling unconscious ……

‘’Annika…….’’ Was all that he could say……not able to understand what to do and how to do he called up Nikhil the next moment and explained everything.

Nikhil sent an ambulance and he himself rushed to hospital….Annika was admitted in hospital in minutes and doctors including Nikhil were present to treat her.


————————–Few Days before , Oberoi Industries

‘’Sumo..i mean Saumya !!! damn !!! ‘’ Rudra kicked the chair again

Rudra TAM ‘’what am I doing , what I was supposed to do. I am getting effected by her much. Shivaay Bhayya has put lot of trust on me to handle everything till he comes back and here I am sitting doing nothing except fighting with her. Whatever happened has happened , but  I cannot just fail Shivaay bhayya.’’

With these thoughts he called Mishra and asked him to set up the cancelled meeting once again. He also ordered his staff to look out for Saumya and to say her that there is a meeting planned and he wants her to be in his cabin within 5 minutes.

His orders were implemented and Sumo entered the cabin. He looked at her and drowned himself in his laptop, she stood there waiting for him to speak something. Getting no response she spoke with much effort

‘’Why was I called here? ‘’

‘’You or I , we are here for work not for fights I suppose’’ for the first time he spoke being matured

‘’look Sumo I mean Saumya…you were right, we should be professional , Shivaay bhayya has given me a big responsibility, this office is running so because of his effort largely. I donno you can understand this or not, but I have realised . ‘’

‘’I..’’ sumo tried to say something but was cut off in the middle

‘’now, the meeting that went waywards is again set up….i mailed Shivaay bhayya of what I thought and what you said , he was quick enough to reply to go with what you suggested’’

She smiled …

‘’but that doesn’t mean I was wrong….at this point whatever you said is much better than what I said and so I have asked Mishra ji to reschedule the meeting in half an hour and for that you need to prepare’’

‘’Fine’’ she turned, but he stopped

‘’I am not done yet….Shivaay bhayya got to know whatever happened here and so he has send a mail to both of us , I read and I think you should read it first and then get ready for the presentation’’

She looked as if he would continue , but he again immersed himself in his work as a thorough professional making Saumya surprised.

———–Meeting Room Oberoi Industries

‘’I am sorry for whatever has happened sometime before’’ Spoke Rudra

‘’We are here togive the briefing about what is planned further to provide the services to your company ‘’ Saumya took the meeting precision from there on.

The clients were impressed when Rudra added few points as a part of explanation to what Saumya said making even Saumya stunned .

The meeting went well and the deal got extended much to the relief of Sumo and Rudra…being happy Sumo went to Rudra and hugged him, but Rudra stepped back and left to his room. Sumo realised what she did and disappointment took over her once again.


————————OM London

Gauri and Om relaxed in their rooms when Jhanvi came to Om’s room

‘’Mom…’’ Om went to Jhanvi and hugged her

Jhanvi was into tears..’’om’’ she spoke almost inaudible

‘’Mom, please …I have come , I assure you , Mr.Oberoi will be out of the lock up in few hours …Gauri , Gauri is already working on making everything right’’ he spoke

‘’Gauri…do you think she can’’

‘’offcourse mom…she is the best and right now the only one who can bring us out of all this trouble..you need to trust her mom’’

‘’if you trust I will blindly trust her Om, I know you wouldn’t be so confident without a reason’’

‘’So how are you these days?’’

‘’why do even ask me? I am just living only with the happiness that you three are happy and doing good in India…else I would have by now’’

‘’why don’t you leave him mom. Why do you want to suffer more after knowing the sort of person he is’’

‘’om I have loved him all my life. However he might be , but he is my husband . he may not value the relation but I value. Moreover I can’t hurt Mummy ji by leaving him . She has never done any harm and has always loved me as she loved Pinky and Roop. You children , you children needs a fathers shade too Om. So how do you think I can leave him . for this life it isn’t possible’’

‘’all this seems rubbish mom. You are a independent women who had a career, you should have atleast pursued it , but you left , you fell into depression and have seen the horrible days . Mom, we are grown up, we have become responsible and we are strong enough to take care of you. I swear any bad move from Mr.Oberoi I would kick him out of this house and then, then you will also not be able to stop me’’

‘’relax Om, this is not the time to speak all these. You have come here for something important and so you should concentrate on that’’

‘’Fine, let’s go to Gauri and you can meet her too and I can talk her about what she has planned.’’


Jhanvi and Om left to Gauri’s room

‘’Hello beta’’ jhanvi stood at the door knocking  and greeting

‘’Aunty ji…namasthe…why are you standing there , please, please come in’’

‘’I thought you would be sleeping after tiring journey , but I am seeing you involved in work’’

‘’Aunty ji, I know how important it is , otherwise I would not have been brought here’’

‘’Beta.. first of all so sorry on behalf of Pinky. She is …she is like that, but she is also good at heart, please don’t mind her words’’

‘’aree..no..no…I was hurt a lit bit initially but then I ignored. She is elder than me and her scoldings can be considered as blessings too. ‘’

Jhanvi was stunned

‘’My maa used to say the same everytime I was made fun of ‘’

‘’Meghana , meghana used to say this..but’’

‘’no, no auntyji….Madhu maasi whom I call mom, she used to say this’’

‘’ohh…I am sure she would have given so many good values and I am already seeing that in you..waise thank you so much beta for coming here to help us in a short notice…I donno if I can ever repay your this help’’

‘’Aunty ji, you are calling me beta and then saying about repaying…just give me your blessings and relax , we will take care of everything here…’’ she looked at om for a moment and he smiled

‘’So Gauri, did you come up with anything’’

‘’I was going through the blue prints of the construction Om, I wonder how was this design approved. Tej uncle is not the one to be blamed completely the one who approved is at major fault’’

‘’What does this mean’’

Gauri brought the blue print of the construction and explained in detail what she thinks would have gone wrong and why the construction collapsed

‘’So what do you suggest now beta’’

‘’Aunty ji…there is no way we can correct the construction issues…we need to give them a temporary allocation and then reconstruct the entire buildings ‘’

‘’but that will cost a bomb’’ Om exclaimed

‘’not really Om’’ Gauri looked

‘’What do you mean?’’ Jhanvi asked

‘’The material used is of very high quality, that means those blocks can be reused and trust me nothing will go wrong, so the only change we need to do is the design and that I will do it …the workers and putting up the blocks are going to be the costs that you need to input now’’

‘’Shivaay has already said he wouldn’t mind investing howmuch ever it takes, so I think we need to meet the local officer and discuss the situation. The first thing in the morning’’

‘’But About Tej’’

‘’mom, Shivaay has already spoke to the mayor and the law minister and they promised him to let Mr.Oberoi out once the solution is shown and compensation is paid…thank God there was no lives lost. ‘’

‘’really, but when did Shivaay do this’’

‘’yesterday before leaving for Paris he did this and he informed me’’

‘’I so wish Tej could understand what Shivaay is for us’’ Jhanvi sighed

‘’My beta is undoubtedly Heera beta’’ Pinky came from behind to taunt Jhanvi

‘’I never denied that Pinky’’

‘’But Jheth Ji can never understand his importance and will always make some or other stupidity and my heera beta has to always find a solution . you all are not letting him to take rest even for a few minutes. Don’t know when we will get rid of all of you’’

‘’Pinky…what are you saying? What do you mean by get rid of all of us’’ Jhanvi screamed

‘’I mean that, whatever comforts you are enjoying now are all because of my son. But he is the one who is not able to enjoy anything because of all the troubles created by you. If you all are not there in his life then his troubles will end and we will be happy family’’

‘’Fine, if you think we are the trouble in Shivaay’s and your life, we don’t mind going away. But remember onething Pinky… Shivaay loves Om Rudra and Prinku more than anyone that includes you, if today we leave from his life , he will not be happy but he will be a living corpse and then even if you beg us to return we will not come back to help you. So decide and beyond all this…Tej was the one who taught everything about business to Shivaay. Tej may hate Shivaay, but Shivaay can never deny the fact that Tej is his GURU. Whatever Shivaay is today is only because of Tej and this fact can never be disowned. The business that Shivaay is running was started by Tej because Shakthi, Shakti had not a penny left when he ruined everything. It was Tej then who supported you all on the saying of Mummy JI that brothers are brothers no matter what. Had Tej not been kind enough to take all your responsibilities then things for your family would have been not the way it’s now…..This also means that Shivaay developed everything on what Tej laid. So in that matter who is the one who should get out ?’’

Pinky stared at Jhanvi and was dumbstruck…

Gauri was also stunned to listen the argument. Om held Gauri and after a moment he stepped forth when Pinky was about to say. He joined his hands and stood between Pinky and Jhanvi and spoke

‘’Will you both please calm down for God sake. I can’t believe you both are digging the past like this. Who is great, who is small. I believe we are in a family, we are the family and you both are trying to show off the superiority in such circumstances when there should be unity shown. Mom, I didn’t expect this from you atleast. Choti maa, Shivaay is more than anything for all three of us. His one sign we are ready to give our lives not thinking about anything else, this you too know. You also know how close is shivaay to all three of us. He has given his everything to Prinku when there was a need. He was ready to give away everything even today to bring Mr.Oberoi out of this mess. We need not explain what bond we share with each other and I request you to keep all these aside and never bring such thing afore.’’

Pinky got angered and left from there, Jhanvi uttered sorry to Gauri and left from there.

Om turned towards Gauri and said ‘’This is the reality Gauri. Reality of our family. I am sorry you had to see this , just few hours of stepping in this house. This is the reason I hate coming here. This is the reason I feel all alone being surrounded by many people. For me ShivOmRu Prinku are no different, we are one soul different bodies , but this small fact the elders couldn’t identify’’

‘’relax Om…someone understands or not, I will never misunderstand…and now, we have much more important things to do isn’t it?’’ she smiled holding his hands

He nodded and left towards his room to study the financial matters that he needs to present to the mayor in a while.

Time passed by and Om and Gauri left to meet the mayor….Om and Gauri discussed everything in detail what went wrong , what they are going to do and when this mess will be cleared. Satisfied with the way the meeting went Mayor called a press conference and spoke in length about the decision taken.

After all the formalities Tej was being released and Om and Gauri went to pick him Up.

Tej stepped out of the Police station and went to hug Om , but Om stepped back…Gauri held him and signalled him to calm down.

‘’I know, I always knew my son is better than that Shivaay on handling issues, Had you listened to me Om then you would have been ruling now. Anyways better late than never, we shall pick up everything’’

‘’Mr.Oberoi, please…let me make everything clear right now. I came to help you because of Mom and because Shivaay asked me to do so. Else if it was in my hands I would have preferred to see you in jail all your lifetime because you know you deserve that.’’

‘’Om’’ he screamed

‘’Om..this is neither the place nor the way to talk to your father. So please let’s go from here first. All this can be domne in your house too’’ Gauri calmed Om

All three left for OM in London.

——————————————–OM, India

Rudra , sumo and dadi got to know that Tej was released and Om aand Gauri were handling things there, here the storm between Rudra and Gauri was still continuing. They wanted to talk with each other normally but acted stubborn.

Rudra ensured Saumya was safe , so without her knowledge he foillwed till she reached her home and closed the doors.

Saumya too thought of Rudra and her moments with Rudra.

Rudra tried to get out of the thoughts and tried to indulge in works.

All the developments in India and London were being updated to Shivaay time to time.

———-Two more days passed by, London

‘’Mr.Tej…here are your tickets and now you may leave for India as decided . I and Gauri will handle everything here.’’

‘’you sure ‘’

‘’more than you think I am ‘’

‘’OMM…I and shakthi ji are also going to India. We also want to spend time with mummy ji ‘’

‘’Yes Om, even I am thinking of moving to India for sometime. I trust you will handle everything’’

‘’What rubbish.. how can Gauri and Om stay all alone in this mansion. Have you ever thought of this Jhanvi. What will people and society think’’

Listening this tears formed in Gauri’s eyes

‘’Mr.Oberoi’’ Om screamed

‘’What…I am speaking the truth. Jhanvi will stay back or I will stay back ‘’

‘’Uncle’’ Gauri called

Everyone looked at her

‘’I..i am sorry to interfere, but please don’t worry, I will be searching for a rented house by today evening and will shift there’’

‘’gauri you need not’’

‘’I need to Om, because whatever uncle is saying is right. I don’t want someone to point fingers on us specially me for these reasons’’

Om left speechless

‘’I will help you in this Gauri…you need not search for a place, I have my best friends house near by and he was willing to rent it o someone known, so I will talk to him’’

‘’Sure uncle. And please let me know the rent’’

‘’Gauri beta, we will pay the rent for you, and don’t deny because you have come here to help us not to help yourself’’ Jhanvi spoke looking angrily at Tej

‘’I will pay back by working at OI ‘’ she replied

All settled and Om being helpless felt disgusted seeing his family being so mean. Gauri packed her luggage meanwhile Tej spoke to his friend. Everything went on quickly and Gauri got into her new abode, while Tej, Jhanvi, Pinky and Shakthi travelled back to India.


Author’s Note : I know i said there will be some ahem ahem moments but this episode was necessary at this moment to proceed with the story further. so plan changed last moment. But i will say not to lose hope because i already wrote such moments and am just waiting for right time to post !!!!


Precap : All Youngsters to travel to  Paris ??? why ???  Will Annika be Okay or something major goes wrong ???…to know more stay tuned !!!!!

This is the Fifty Sixth episode…..please do let me know , how you felt after reading this…any opinions good or bad is welcome…i would reply as soon as possible……….do press the like button and post your opinion without fail…..Thank you so much !!!

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      Hey Jeeta…thank you so much dear…thanks a lot…lots of love and best wishes to you …keep smiling and take care

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    1. VHM

      Awee …you read TFBS , am so glad to know that , that FF is still being read and am getting opinions on that still now, can’t be more thankful enough for letting me know …Thank you so much Dear…thanks a lot…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

      1. ShivikaSCNM

        I loved it a lot dear,once again going to read TFBS it’s totally different. Make up a one more story like this I will be very happy.

    2. VHM

      sure …i will try my level best to get to write such stories

  3. Aniriya

    Loved it as always
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    Wow the fight between pinky and jhanvi was outstanding.
    Hoping anika to be well not so serious issue to come forth.
    When tej will improve
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    Bye keep smiling

    1. VHM

      Hey Dear…Thank you so much Dear…thanks a lot…nothing to worry as of now….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  4. Nice episode

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      Thank you so much Dear…thanks a lot…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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    1. VHM

      Hey Harini….Thank you so much Dear…thanks a lot…you are absolutely right in guessing or to say whatever you are thinking….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  6. JeevithaTK

    Hi akka…
    A very good morning have a beautiful day to u nd Akki….
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      Hey Jeevitha….Thank you so much Dear…thanks a lot…you aren’t late dear, but you made my day instead….lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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    1. VHM

      Hey Raji…you haven’t hurt me even a bit…i can understand the disappointment from your end too and am glad that you poured out the same …am so glad to know that you are liking the ff …Thank you so much Dear…thanks a lot…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

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    1. VHM

      Awee. Raji you know what i just love you loads and loads,…whenever i read your opinion i just can’t control my happiness….Thank you so much Dear…thanks a lot…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  9. ItsmePrabha

    Hello akka.. This episode was indeed needed rn to knw what’s happening in the OI and OM.. Loved omrijanvi’s convo.. But as always hated pinvi’s argument.. So finally tej is out of jail..nice.. I am surprised to read rudy behaving matured.. What is that mail which billu has sent to both rumya.. Last but not at all the least.. Anudi ki emaindi?? Ippudu thanaku gatham gurthu vaste.. Every damn thing gurthuku vaste.. Woooo, chala thrilling ga anipisthundi.. Precap is pretty intriguing.. Can’t wait for it.. Thwara thwaraga post chesai.. Till then take care.. Love you loads ❤❤.. ??? for now.. And ha keep smiling ??..

    1. VHM

      Hi Chelli…thank you so much talli….yeah true i had to include this else i couldn’t justify the same later and questions will remain questions, this time even i don’t to complicate more….Thank you so much Dear…thanks a lot…lots of love and best wishes to you…keep smiling and take care.

  10. Nikita_jai29

    It is good episode dii… Very angry on tej

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