Udaan 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ranjana shocked seeing Chakor in Ishwar’s lap as she cheers for Aditya and Vivaan. Ishwar says yes, whats the problem she is with us. Ranjana is shocked. Lakhan gets scolded by his wife. His wife says he is Bhaiya ji’s slave and is angry. Kasturi comes to meet his wife and greets him. Kasturi asks for some oil. She says she does not have. Kasturi says she got the cracker for her son. She acts sweet and says its fine if there is no oil. Kishori says I will see and bring. Kasturi smiles thinking she has Lakhan’s keys. She keeps it there.

Lakhan does not get the keys on the bike. Kishori gives some oil. Lakhan thinks where are the keys. Kasturi asks Kishori about her Maayka. Kishori says her Maayka is in Uddhamour as she heard it. Kishoru says no. Lakhan comes there and asks Kasturi to go. Kishori says she is talking to me. Lakhan says I m finding my bike keys. Lakhan asks what was Kasturi saying. Kasturi says about his wife;s Maayka. Lakhan signs her to keep quiet. Kasturi smiles. Bhuvan asks Imli where is Kasturi. Imli says she does not know. Kasturi comes back. Bhuvan asks her to stop dreaming about Lucknow. She says she has got a weapon against Lakhan to shut his mouth. He asks what.

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She tells him that Lakhan sends money to his mistress and his wife does not know this, Lakhan was shocked when I took Uddhampur’s name. He says will you threaten him. She says yes. He gets angry. She says Lakhan is doing wrong, he has a wife and son and he is having affair. Bhuvan says we won’t threaten him. Dadi supports Kasturi. Kasturi says if we don’t break this chain today, we can never break it. Bhuvan says whats there to think, I m also Chakor’s father and wish to hug Chakor, but I m helpless. He cries. They ask him to think. Imli hugs Bhuvan. They all hug him and they smile. The race starts. Aditya and Vivaan smile seeing Chakor.

The sports teacher drops the cloth and whistles. Everyone start running. Chakor asks Vivaan to run fast. Ishwar asks her to go and see from the white line there. She says really and goes. Chakor stands near the sports teacher. She also says like him, to cheer for them to run faster. He smiles seeing her. She says how will they win like this, I have to do something. She removes her sandals and sees Vivaan getting behind. She starts running holding her sandals in her hand. Everyone look on puzzled. She runs faster and amazes everyone. The sports teacher sees her speed. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………………..plays…………..

Aditya is shocked seeing her lead the race. She runs to cheer Aditya and Vivaan. The sports teacher says look at her speed. She smiles seeing Aditya and Vivaan and runs before them. She crosses the red ribbon. Udaan hai………………….plays……………………. She crosses the race route in 2 mins shocking everyone. Imli gives the diyas made by her. She says I made it for Chakor, when I meet her, I will give this to him. Bhuvan starts packing bag. Imli says we are going to Lucknow to Chakor and jumps on the bed. Dadi gives clothes to pack. Bhuvan says see its so dusty, Kasturi got this in our marriage. Dadi says did you take her somewhere after marriage.

Kasturi says yes, he took me on Matth puja. Bhuvan says yes, joke on me, be happy as I m taking you all to Lucknow. Lakhan comes there and sees them packing. He hears Imli saying she is going to Lakhanwa. He is puzzled. Kasturi and Bhuvan get tensed. Chakor says she has made Aditya and Vivaan win, Lord heard us. Aditya says stop it Chakor, why did you run with us, if I won, everyone would have clapped for us, see them. The people discuss about Chakot’s speed and how she ran. She looks at everyone and says I broke into the ribbon, what will happen now. Aditya says don’t know, Arjun Sir will be angry, you stay silent now. Ranjana says if the goat is not tied, it can go in anyone’s field. Ishwar reacts and Abha stops him. Arjun calls Chakor. Chakor gets worried.

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