Jamai Raja 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Roshni helping Sid get ready for office by pressing his shirt, giving him watch, mobile, wallet, etc. She does not talk to him though. He thinks whoever made a philosophy that girls cannot stop talking is completely wrong. Bablu calls Roshni and invites her to his home. He says Sid had called him in yesterday night itself and he SMSed his address to him. He asks her to come with them. They both hire auto and leave towards Bablu’s house. He tries to convince her in auto, but she is still angry on her. He busy cotton candy and tries to cheer her up, but she is still adamant. Auto driver asks if bhabi is angry on Sid. Sid asks if he is an astrologer. Driver says it happens in his house daily. Sid asks him to concentrate on driving and says he has not even got kids yet, jokes if your bhabhi continues to be angry like this, he may not…

Roshni and Sid reach Bablu’s house. Bablu and Pratima greet them in. Roshni says because of DD’s arrogancy, he has to stay here in chawl. Pratima gets them tea.

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DD comes down for breakfast and calls Kesar and Bablu’s name subconsciously. She then reminisces yesterday’s incidet and says Kesar that he will take care of Bablu’s work from today. She then calls Sid. Mona says he left for office early. Resham reminisces Roshni and Sid talking about going to Bablu’s house and informs DD about it. DD asks Kesar to explain Sid that he is getting salary from her and has to obey her. Mona scolds Resham.

Roshni says Bablu that DD is so arrogant that she wants to keep jamai at home and wants son out of it. Bablu asks her to calm down. Pratima gets a call from office asking her to return 3 month’s salary if she wants to resign in internship. She informs about this to them and asks how will she arrange 75,000 rs now. Sid says DD will not let them in peace so easily. Pratima says she will join back work and will try to change DD’s mind and let her accept Bablu. Roshni says Pratima that she happy to have her in Bablu chachu’s life. Pratima says she will get ready for office. Bablu says he will pack lunch for her. Roshni says DD will try to harm Pratima now. Sid assures Bablu that as a brother he will protect Pratima at DD’s office.

Simran says Raj that this is the first diwali, they will have to celebrate without Sid and says this is Roshni’s first diwali after marriage and she wants both Sid and Roshni celebrate diwali with them. Raj promises that he will get kids to celebrate diwali with them. They then give diwali bonus salary and sweets to their servants.

Pratima reaches office late. DD scolds her that it is not her father’s house to come as she likes and says it is her office and she needs punctuality. She asks Kesar to cut 1 hour salary if someone comes late for even 5 minutes late. Pratima says when she came to office, it was 9.30 a.m. DD asks her to tune her watch with office clock and then asks her to dress up in modern short dresses. Pratima says she cannot and says even she is a woman and can understand it. DD gets irked and leaves. Sid asks if she is fine. Pratima says she is fine and says DD is her jethani and she is not angry on her. Sid says he is happy that you are Bablu’s wife and says now they both will change DD vamp.

Precap: Mona says Naani that DD has made jamai as servant and they cannot do anything. Roshni says she can do and knows what to do now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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