Udaan 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor coughing to stop Bhaiya ji from hearing about Suraj. Bhaiya ji aims gun at her and asks her not to cough. He asks his man where is Suraj. Chakor throws his phone outside the car. He gets angry. Suraj’s servant comes and hits Bhaiya ji’s man. Suraj asks how did you come here. He says Chakor has sent tiffin for you.

Bhaiya ji says I will kill you, you have thrown my phone. She picks his broken phone and gives him. He says you broke my phone, how will I communicate with my men, you have to take me to Suraj now. She coughs. He says enough of acting now. She asks for water. He says from where to get water now. He takes her to the handpump and says have water, then take me to Suraj. She asks how will I use pump and drink water myself. He says wow, see your drama. He pumps out water. She drinks water.

Suraj says its good you got food, we were hungry. Servant says Chakor worries for you a lot. Suraj asks him not to praise Chakor much, on whose side are you, mine or her. He says yours. Suraj says fine, you go now. Servant leaves. Suraj thinks did Chakor leave from haveli or not, when will she go to Yadav’s house. Chakor thinks how to get rid of Bhaiya ji. She sees a bus and says Suraj. He asks where is Suraj. She says don’t know. He says stop acting, tell me where is Suraj. She says Suraj is going. He asks where. She says I tried hard that you don’t reach Suraj, but… He asks where is he. She says Suraj told me he will come to meet me here, promise me when he gets down that bus, you will not shoot him. He asks is he in this bus and goes to get Suraj. He vacates the bus. She smiles and runs from there. He gets inside the bus and asks Suraj to come out. He says did Chakor play game with us. He gets down the bus and sees her gone. He shoots in the air angrily and shouts Chakor.

Chakor runs and thinks to reach Yadav’s house fast, then none can save Bhaiya ji from going to jail. Her slipper breaks. Vidya runs after the girl Mili and asks her to stop. Chakor sees her. Vidya hugs the girl. The people see her wanted posters. A lady takes her girl back. Vidya says sorry, my daughter is of her age, I m finding her. The lady says you are lying, you wanted to kidnap my daughter. Vidya says no, I m just finding my daughter. They scold her and ask her to leave. The man pushes her down. She gets hurt. Chakor runs to her.

She asks do you think she is acting, see her state, she is so worried for her child, is it a crime if a mother finds her child, you all please go. Vidya thanks her. Chakor does aid to her wound. She sees the wanted poster. She thinks is she any criminal or really finding her daughter. She asks her name. Vidya says everyone is after me thinking I m Durga Rani, I m Vidya Sinha, I m finding my daughter, some people don’t want me to find my daughter, how to explain mother can never be a liar. Chakor thinks maybe she is not a criminal, else she would have not told her real name.

Vidya says goons and police are after me, don’t know where is my daughter, police will catch me, I have to leave. Chakor says there is no power bigger than motherly love, I m sure you will find your daughter, no one can catch you, hold my hand and run as fast as you can. Vidya asks are you marathon champion Chakor, go for your work, you leave me. She picks the note. Chakor says I have to get some criminals punished, but come with me. Vidya says I know this place, I will take you. They run. They thank each other. Vidya shows the place and wishes Chakor succeeds. Chakor wishes Vidya gets her daughter.

Imli is worried for Vivaan and thinks is he in danger. She cries and says Vivaan talk to me even if you are angry, scold me. She calls him and can’t connect. She says how to know if he is fine or not, I can’t take Suraj and Chakor’s help, they are in problem, I have to go and find Vivaan. She runs out of the haveli. Girja says where is she running. Bhaiya ji says I will see everyone, where to find Suraj, even Ranjana and Ragini are gone, how to talk to them. Chakor calls Suraj and says I did not get anything in Yadav’s house, ask him about recording. Yadav directs her.

Bhaiya ji answers the call. Ranjana is on call. He scolds her for not doing his work. She says listen to me. He asks where did you without going, where is that mad girl Ragini. She says I found out, Ragini was in hospital and could not call you, I m at your place, Ragini took medicines and can’t talk, I will call you when I know anything. Phone rings again. The man says Suraj is found and tells him. Chakor talks to Suraj. The man tells Bhaiya ji that Suraj is hiding in old factory. Bhaiya ji laughs and says I got the rat. Chakor finds the recording. She says now none can save Bhaiya ji, he has to go to jail now.

Chakor finds door locked and says now Bhaiya ji and his men to kill Suraj. Ragini tells Bhaiya ji that Suraj will die such that no one doubts on them. Yadav gets the message and aims gun at Suraj. Suraj gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Kn dialogues too funny love how he gave his every expression with so much perfection and chikhu address chakor as his bhabhi and also make suraj feel that chakor cares for him soo much and suraj and chakor really cares for each other

  2. Nice episode

  3. Ok so chakor will leave without telling suraj anything so definately than he misses her and he also go to delhi not with her but after sometime

  4. endless

  5. episode was good

  6. Like the way chiku tells chakor as always his bhavi and she cares for suraj.

  7. Hope You Liked It. And Sukor Fans We Are Bringing Soorja And Chakor’s Nok-jhok And Romance Soon With Sukor Background Song. So Keep Watching Udaan!
    -Team Udaan

  8. Thank u soo much team udaan waiting for sukor romance and bg song

  9. Amrutha

    Chiku, good boy , keep going like that my cute little boy. Make your brother fall in love ?with your babhi ?. Otherwise your ?brother will become single in the world with his arrogance.??

  10. Ragini going hyper after loosing infront of sukor

  11. Thank u ? so much team udaan please bring it soon and we r very much waiting to see their nok-jok and romance.sukor r going to rock it and the episode was fab and what about that suraj going to hit by bullet then who will save him? I hope chakor must be fingers cross

    1. Lalli its vivan who is gonna save sooraj from jailor yadav….n Team Udaan thank u n plz soon bring their nok jhok scenes….b we r eagerly waiting for their romance n their background song….

    2. Thnq sia for ur information that means vivan going to save Suraj its good to hear the bond between brotherhood brings bromance and what the reaction when chakor knows about the suraj were he hurts by bullet and so excited to watch

  12. Sorry I typed mistake in mail id so the dp have been changed

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