JNDSD FF….. Main Adhoora Tere Bina (Episode 7)

Vividha strongly feels Atharv and looks around but she doesn’t find him. Atharv is with the child. He gives her chocolate.
Ath: Whats ur name?? and where is ur mother.
Child: My name is Surbhi. I dnt know where is maa. I cant find her.
Ath: ooo…Its ok. I will help
he sees Panditji
Ath: Panditji… This girl has missed her mother somewhere here. Can u pls help
Panditji: OK beta…I will announce it here…Beti come here with me…
THe girl goes. She waves bye at Atharv. Atharv waves back.

Viv: Why do I feel Atharv is here?
Panditji calls her. Vividha comes back from her thoughts. Pandit gives her the sacred thread. She takes it. She holds it close to her heart. Jaana naa plays………………….
She gets out of the temple with the thread and pooja thali. Its too hot outside. Vividha feels dizzy. She hold her head. She faints. But someone holds her around her waist. its Atharv. Vividhas duppata cover her face. Before closing her eyes, she sees Atharvs unclear image.
Viv: (whispers) Atharv………….
Jaana Naa(new version)plays…………….
Ath: Hellooo…..Excuse me…..
Some ladies come there.
Lady1: what happened?
Ath: Don’t know why. She fainted suddenly.
lady2: May be because of heat.
They hold her and take her. Her duppata gets stuck in atharvs watch. Music plays…………….
Atharv removes it and turns. Her duppata moves away from face.
The lady notices the pooja thali and sacred thread fallen down.
Lady: I think she came to make the wish. See the pooja thali nd thread.
Atharv looks at it. He picks it up. He feels strange. His hair blows.
Ath: Why do I feel I know her?
Atharv goes near the tree and tie he thread. Music plays……………..
Ath: Bhagvaan……….u know everything. Whatever wish the girl had plz fulfill it. I don’t know why but I feel a strange connection.

No precap..

  1. super

  2. Wow wow really very interesting.
    Plsss make that before atharv leaving delhi he wants 2 find vivida is his luv

  3. Very nice..sooooooo much better than original…

  4. What an amazing job. I love it!
    Waiting for next part 😉

  5. Owsome epi. I am waiting fr some more twists & turns.

    1. Hi here also u wants twists and turns. I mean ravish family or kailash already we r not watching original jndsd. Pls we all r enjoying dis we don’t want gaskets family and kailash

  6. Wow……. super epi… pls keep writing…. u r simply superb….

  7. Avanikamdar

    Superb but plz try to make it lil bit more lengthy

  8. Far better than the present original version

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