Udaan 30th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 30th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor waving bye to her family happily. Kasturi cries and waves. Chakor and Bhuvan leave. Kasturi says Chakor’s fate wass written before her birth and its written on her wrist. Bhuvan’s mum says her fate is good, you don’t worry. Everyone meet Chakor knowing she is going to haveli. Chakor says she is going to haveli as she got a call and she will try to call them in Jhulan finction. Everyone know the truth and look upset. Chakor asks them why is everyone seeing me like this. It’s a prize that haveli called me. Bhuvan says yes. Chakor says lets go soon. Chakor tells everyone that she is going to haveli and shows her new dress.

Bhaiya ji is angry waiting for Chakor. Lakhan says he will go and bring her. Tejaswini says she will come, where will she go. They see Bhuvan and Chakor at the gate. Chakor smiles seeing the haveli. Bhuvan greets everyone. He hugs Chakor as the final time has come. The gate opens. Chakor walks in and Bhuvan stands out. The gate closes. Chakor greets everyone. She turns and sees the gate closing and Bhuvan being outside. The dog barks at Chalor. Chakor runs to the gate and asks Bhuvan to come inside. He says he has much work and he will come later to take her. She says fine, but when will you come. He says soon. She asks when. He says in evening, after ending work in field. She smiles. He gets very sad. Tejaswini signs Girja. Girja takes Chakor and she is shocked seeing her.

She says I have bitten you. Chakor says hold me lightly, my wrist is getting hurt. Girja drags her inside. Bhuvan cries and looks on. Bhaiya ji looks at Chakor. Tejaswini says you came Chakor. Bhaiya ji raises his hand and stops. Tejaswini says we called you as its Jhulan. She asks Girja to take her and not stop her for anything. She says she will be with us in Jhulan function, she is part of our family. Bhaiya ji is puzzled. Bhuvan hears this and is relieved. He thanks Tejaswini and leaves.

Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini why did she do this, this girl did big loss, why did you leave her. How can she take part in Jhulan with our kids. She says its kids function, let them play. He asks what are you saying. She says she is our 2000 crores toy. She leaves in the car. Bhaiya ji says when our wife is adamant, I can’t expect a straight answer. Bhuvan comes home and tells everyone that Chakor is fine. Imli says she wants to go to Chakor. Kasturi cries. Kasturi says Tejaswini is a bad woman, everyone says it, if they do anything with Bhuvan. He says nothing will happen, I m worried how will we run the home, as Bhaiya ji gas stopped our earning. They cry.

The kids play. Lovely’s daughter asks them to come with her. Chakor comes and Suraj scolds her. Vivaan defends Chakor. Girja says Tejaswini said Chakor will take part in Jhulan. Lovely says no, they are angry on her. Girja says no, she told me. Ranjana says no need to agree to this command. Chakor sees her. Ranjana taunts Chakor and asks Girja to take her, as she will talk to Tejaswini. Suraj says Chachi is right, take her. Lovely’s daughter pushes Chakor asking her to leave. Chakor falls and gets up. Bhaiya ji comes and asks whats happening here. Manohar says I will see them. Bhaiya ji looks at Chakor angrily and leaves.

Manohar says if Tejaswini said Chakor will take part in Jhulan, then she will. Ranjana says no, my Vivaan will not play here. Manohar stops her. He says leave Vivaan. She asks why, as Tejaswini said. He says yes, go inside, as kids can play well. She gets annoyed and says you will regret a lot. She leaves. Suraj scolds Chakor and says we will not play with you. Vivaan says will we play Jhulan alone. Suraj says you play with Chakor. Suraj and Rakhi leave. Vivaan thinks about Chakor. They smile see each other.

Chakor plays with Vivaan. Tejaswini invites NRI guests and act very sweet to Chakor. She asks Chakor to become Radha in the play with Vivaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. lol.luv at dis age.vivan and chakor.got a family der gunna get mrried wen day get older

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