Shastri Sisters 30th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Shastri Sisters 30th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajat in the training session of NCC. He sees Devyaani missing and asks her friend Rina. He says she has a spark, shown her talent and now disappointed him. Devyaani practices dance and is missing Rajat. Rina calls Devyaani and says Rajat asked me about you. Devyaani is really happy knowing he missed her. She dances with Peeya. Anushka asks why is he missing you, did you join NCC class. Devyaani says yes. She dances with Peeya on the song Main Pareshaan…………….. Neil comes and smiles seeing her. Devyaani asks him to come and practice. He says say please first. Devyaani says please. He joins them. They danc eon the song Badmateez Dil…………. Minty comes and sees Neil with them. They drag Minty too to dance with them. Minyt enjoys.

Everyone come in the Sangeet function hall and see the good arrangements by Neil and Sareen. Sareen says we are Punjabis and can do anything for our children and spend lot to show off. Shastri ji says he will return his money. Sareen says if I give you money, then I have to give you back my shop and house. He tells everyone that whatever he is today is because of Shastri ji, no relative helped him when he needed, and it was only Shastri ji whol helped him. He says he gave me all his earnings and did not ask will I return money or not. He says I m rich today because of me. He gets emotional. Shastri ji says fine, I won’t return money, but keep your everything and take my daughters too. Sareen hugs him.

Shastri ji says life gets easy when you get a good friend. He says you made my life’s journey easy. Sareen says he is glad seeing Neil working. Devyaani tells Pappu that Neil might be planning anything else why will he help them, she does not trust Neil. Pappu says it means you trusts me. She says yes. Pappu gets glad. Peeya gives the music Cd and asks DJ to play in order. Dolly talks to Minty. Minty says Sareen did all this, he has spent so much for them. Devyaani asks Pappu to start dancing. Pappu is shy and says he can’t.

Neil and his friends discuss about Devyaani and Pappu. Neil sees Pappu dancing for Devyaani and says she knows how to make others dance and maybe people love her for this. His friends think to change Neil’s thinking and spikes Devyaani’s drink to kick out Devyaani from his heart. He says she will lose and you can be happy. Neil stops the waiter and throws the drink. He says not today, let her win today, this competition is important for her. They say Devyaani made Neil another Pappu. Neil laughs.

The girls bring Alka down. Rohan comes with his family. Everyone welcome them. Astha and Devyaani meet and challenge each other again. Rohan sits with Alka and Devyaani sits in between. Rohan’s dad is annoyed as the girls surrounded Rohan and says I hate this modern girls. Astha talks to the professional dancers and says no one should know you are our fake relatives. Devyaani announces about the dance competition between Shastri Sister and Pandey family. She says it was be team’s dance act and the winner will be the one who does well. Devyaani says the first act is by Alka and Rohan.

Rohan and Alka go to dance. Minty says one day Devyaani will create any trouble. Rohan and Alka dance on the song Mann Mast Magan bas tera naam dauraahe………………..Everyone smile seeing them. Rohan falls and Astha gets worried losing the point for this act. Alka dances well and everyone clap for her. Rohan too is bowled over by her act. Devyaani says the next act is by the relatives. Astha smiles as they got good dancers. The group dances on the song Tune Maari Entriyaan……………… They cover faces with the mask. Its Rajeev and he looks at Alka. Alka turns and is shocked seeing him as he removes the mask showing her his face.

Rajeev tells Alka that he came to take her and she can’t be anyone else’. Alka asks him to leave. Rajeev threatens her that he will create a scene that everyone will insult her father.

Update Credit to: Amena

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