Udaan 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Imli gets kidnapped

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Udaan 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Imli going to Anjor. She gets kheer for Anjor. Anjor gets scared of her and shouts. Imli says I m your Maasi, don’t get scared of me, I had got kheer for you so that you talk to me. Anjor asks her to leave. Chakor and Raghav come there. Anjor hugs Chakor and asks her to save her. She says I m very scared of Imli, make her leave. Imli cries and goes out thinking of Anjor’s words. Chakor consoles Anjor. Raghav jokes to make Imli smile. He compliments her. She smiles and asks what else do you like in me. He says there isn’t a single thing, I like the way to lift the gun, you aren’t afraid of anyone. She asks what else. She walks towards him. He says your sharp mind, you are amazing, courage, sharp mind, its good combo. He looks at her. He says I don’t like this, you flirt with me, look I m clean hearted, don’t be after me. She says I m after you, I like teasing you.

He says I get scared of you. She says yes, everyone is scared of me, I want to tell them that old Imli is dead, new Imli wants to live afresh, I want to explain Anjor that I have changed. She says Chakor is so good hearted, but I m not such, I can’t say sorry to anyone, I can’t become like Chakor. He says what’s the need to become like her, stay Imli, Chakor is fine as Chakor. They laugh and joke. She says I have work and goes. He says she jokes and laughs, she is mad. Chakor says Anjor, Imli has got kheer for you, she wanted to befriend you. Raghav comes there and slips. Chakor holds him. They fall on the bed. Anjor also falls over them and laughs. She says I love you mum and dad.

Imli is on the way. She sees darkness and thinks why is there so much darkness. She gets kidnapped. Imli’s man sees this and goes to inform Chakor. Chakor and Raghav ask Anjor to sleep. Anjor asks him to talk like Suraj. Chakor says I will tell you how to tell. She recalls Suraj and says I love you…. Raghav says I love you. They smile. The man comes and informs that Imli is kidnapped. Chakor gets shocked. Imli sees Damodar and scolds him. He says you like to scare people, we will show you what does fear mean. Imli asks him not to threaten her. She says you should have told me if you had to threaten me, I would have invited you home. She sits in the lockup and asks why did you get me here, you can kill me, I won’t give you that video, go and tell your owner Akash. Akash comes there and sees her. Raghav puts Anjor to sleep.

Chakor comes to him and worries. Akash gets inside the lockup and goes to Imli. Akash says you have ruined my respect, I will also ruin your respect in return. He goes to touch her. He says you are a fire, today I will blow you off. Damodar looks on. Akash says I m a bad goon, you are also same, you should have supported me, you don’t know what I can do, you have taken me lightly, you got me beaten up and arrested, I will ruin your respect. She gets shocked. She stops him and says you will burn yourself if you try to touch fire. She pushes him and tries to fight with goons. Akash asks goons to tie her up. Chakor comes running and finds the police station locked. Chakor looks for some way. She finds Imli tied up. She gets shocked.

Chakor stops Akash and threatens to kill him. Chakor fights with goons. She also gets caught. Akash says I wanted Imli and got Chakor as well.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. CVs priorities is all wrong: maximum ss for Imli. Rghav scenes with Imli are longer and more interesting than his with Chakor. No interest in developing his relationship with Chakor, their scenes are either Raghav arguing with Teju in Chakor’s defence or Chakor acting like a stern teacher and Raghav as a naughty child, Chakor is too serious all the time, Imli is the one who isn’t one note now, sometimes feisty, sometimes flirty or repentant.
    Why have CVs made Chakor boring? They could show Raghav and Chakor cooking together or giving opposing advise to some villagers something to highlight the difference between them or even use Anjor to make them talk together.
    I didn’t have interest in watching Akash-Imli scene, I don’t care about Imli and her honor, six months ago she was Ghumaan’s mistress and she was taunting his wife and no Imli’s repentance doesn’t make me sympathize with her simply because it has no basis, I never saw her transformation so I’m not convinced with it.
    This doesn’t mean I wanted Akash to abuse her, i didn’t but if Akash wanted to beat her to death I would’ve cheered him on.

  2. Where were Imli’s men? why doesn’t she have guards protecting her? CVs portrayed her as know it all, so why didn’t she think that Akash will go after her?
    Imli=Rghav scene was too long, yes we know she loves him.
    Chakor-Raghav scene was too short, why don’t they talk to each other like Raghav and Imli do
    Police station scene was too long, no need to all the cliched dialogues.
    CVs give more time to Raghav and Chakor and reduce Imli and Akash ss and make confrontation scenes shorter.

  3. Imli imli imliiii shess everywhere! These ppl r trynh to drive us mad by giving her all da screen space n showing her wid the male lead. Is she the show lead or what?! I cant understand why the writers loooveee imli sooo much. Raghav talks too much with her. After hearing about her crimes from chakor, a sane person would obviously hate imli! But these cvs make raghav admire her lyk shes some heroine or savior. I nvr watchd these days’ episode due to too much imli n raghav scenes. I cant bear to see them 2geder. Disgusting. Imli repenting? Repenting my foot! Respect? Respect my foot! Smart? Smart my foot!

  4. Why they are making the show too worst I don’t like the imli . But chakor and raghav scenes are nice and I wish the makers not make a triangle love story?????????????????? . And want sukor scenes more. And want suraj back??????. And I have one doubt why the necessary to bring imli back why they are making her character tooo important ???

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