~Healing Her With Love~ |Part 6|

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It’s been two days, since, Annika has left to Pune. She was returning after seeing a psychologist cum friend of her, Mallika. In between, she felt like someone was following her. She turned, but no one was there. She got inside a taxi and ordered the driver to take her to the apartment she was living. Suddenly, she noticed the way taken was different.

She shouted, “Hey! Why are you taking through a different route?”

Driver replied,“This is a shortcut, Mam.”

She then ordered him, “Go along the same route, no need of the shortcuts.” Then she resumed, losing herself into thoughts. Suddenly, she noticed the car again going through the wrong way.

She got angry and says, “Why are you going in a different way? If you don’t know the way, then why did you allow me to sit here?

This time, the driver replied with a change in the voice, “Then why did you love me, to leave me alone? Why did you let me love you?”

Annika was shocked and says, “Shiv??? How did you reach here? Stop the car.”

Shivaay replies, “You have to hear what I have to say, you can’t leave me alone like this.”

Annika is determined, and said, “Stop the car right now! If you don’t, I will jump out.”

Shivaay again tries to say, “Annika, just hear..”, but stops when he heard the car door was opened. He immediately stops the car and saw her lying on the road with blood oozing from her head.  He immediately took the first aid and dressed her wound.

After placing her in the car, that too in a safe position, that she doesn’t get disturbed, he drove the car to the hotel he was staying. He then laid her on the bed and calls the doctor to check her.

Few minutes after, the doctor comes and checks her. He then ensure that she is fine now. Shivaay was literally angry on her for two reasons, one was that she left home even without considering his family’s pleas and second, for doing the stunt.

He tied her hands and legs with a rope and put a plaster on her mouth. He knew the moment she gets up, she will run away from him.

Few minutes later, she woke up, trying to adjust with the sudden light getting into her eyes. She opened her eyes to see a different environment. She tries to get up to see her hands and legs were tied, then she noticed the plaster stuck on her mouth.

She tried to speak, but stopped when she heard Shivaay’s voice, “You can’t hear what I wanted to, right? But I am not going to let you go like that. Why did you leave me alone? If you don’t love me, then why did you give me hopes? Why did you cheat me? You are just an attention seeker. Doing things, that gains attention. That’s why you made a drama and left the house. That’s why you acted loving me. Since, before itself, you were like this. You fought with me, for this, right? Now, I will teach you a lesson, that makes you understand that you will never cheat anyone. Get ready and we are going home. Make sure, that your behaviour is normal as if nothing happened. If you didn’t listen to any of my orders, then I will make sure that your family will be in danger.”

Annika gets teared up and scared seeing his this reaction. He removed the ropes and the plaster in her mouth. She was between the conflict of her love and her family. Both the ways, she will be in guilt. She knew it. She has to do something.

Shivaay took Annika back home. She smiled at them and asked for their forgiveness, if they felt if she was rude. They knew her past, so they didn’t have a problem with it. She moved on to their room.

He then told her to sleep on the floor. He felt she should be punished for doing the stunt. He didn’t want her to sleep on the floor, but then he left it as he thought that she deserves it.

He threw the couch away, the day before, so that they could sleep together. He thought he will go to her patiently and forgive her, but that stunt she performed pained him a lot. He then saw her shivering due to the temperature.

His brain tried to control him, to let her lie there, but his heart took over it. He picked her up and made her lie on the bed. Then, he slept peacefully. The next day, when she woke up early to find herself on the bed. She gets up and was about to have a bath, when she saw him sleeping on the bed.

He looks so cute, while he is sleeping. She couldn’t resist herself and pecks on his forehead. She then runs to the bathroom.

[ A/N: So, instead of abusing Shivaay, my request is to think in his point of view, if suddenly someone acts like this in front of, don’t you feel bad, even though they are guilty or not? Even Annika was right in leaving the house, as she didn’t want to cause anymore troubles.]

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  1. ItsmePrabha

    Why would someone bash billu.. More than for anudi leaving him.. He is angry bcz she did that stunt.. What if something happens to her.. So his reason for being angry with anudi is justified.. Awesome?✊? epi.. Will be waiting for the next.. Till then take care..

    1. Agga4102

      Will update ASAP!!!!

  2. ShivikaSCNM

    Good one….

    1. Agga4102

      Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

  3. Astmasiddika

    Hey Agga
    Nice one dear definitely I’m not going to get angry on Billu ji he was right from his side , & Anu di was right from her side waiting for the next ….TC.. love u ❤️

    1. Agga4102

      Thank you so much!!!!! I really feel happy whenever I see more comments!!!!

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice…

    1. Agga4102

      Thank you so much, dear!!!!

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