Udaan 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Udaan 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor telling Abha that she will sleep in any corner. Abha brings to her room and shows the bed, saying you will be sleeping alone on this big bed. Chakor thinks of Kasturi and tells Abha about her mum and sister. Abha says I know you miss your mum, I m sure you will be with her soon. Chakor thinks of Kasturi’s words and says she won’t go back. She says she will sleep. Abha asks her to wear night clothes my princess. Chakor asks what. Abha says night clothes. She asks her to change her frock. Chakor says she has just two frocks. Abha says she has the solution.

Imli comes to the haveli and sees the guards. She makes some sound to distract them. She enters the gate and comes inside the haveli. She sees it and is amazed. She smiles. Pasha and his goon enter Ishwar’s house to take Chakor. Pasha says there is no way to enter. He sees the terrace. He asks the goon to bring rope and hook. Chakor wears the night dress and does not like it. Abha smiles seeing her. Abha says we will sleep now, call me if you need anything. She kisses Chakor and leaves switching off the lights. Chakor looks at the bed and smiles toughing the soft sheets.

Pasha enters the house. Imli touches the haveli floor and sees the lights. Imli sees the huge dinner. She prays to the temple Lord idol and goes upstairs. She says Didi, where are you. Aditya tells Ishwar about Chakor needing protein and calcium, we will start educating her. Ishwar smiles and says forget all this, Chakor needs a friend like you first, with whom she can live her childhood, you also focus to make her happy, leave books. Abha says Chakor has slept. Ishwar says everything will be fine, its new place and she will adapt all this soon.

Abha says I switched off the lights, she might be scared, I will go and on the lights. She comes in her room and sees Chakor missing. She gets shocked and calls out Chakor. Abha sees Chakor sleeping under the bed calling out Imli. Abha cries seeing her. She holds Chakor and hugs her. Suraj and Ragini have a talk. Imli hear them and something falls. She runs from there. Suraj goes to see. Imli runs out and the dogs start barking. She gets stuck near the wall. Pasha sees Chakor and smiles. Abha leaves.

Imli tries to run. Girja comes as the dog is barking. She thinks of Chakor’s words. Imli runs out. Chakor shouts Imli in her dream and Pasha falls being shocked. Abha and Ishwar come to Chakor and asks what happened. Imli runs home. Suraj tells Girja that he felt someone was here. Girja says no one is here. Ishwar says maybe Chakor was afraid. Chakor says she did not get scared. Abha says you slept under the bed. Chakor says what if I fell from bed. Ishwar and Abha laugh. The goon asks Pasha to get up. She takes to take the rope and hook. Ishwar hears the sound and till he sees, the goons are gone. Kasturi misses Chakor. Abha makes Chakor sleep.

Chakor plays in the shower. Music plays…………….. The water comes in the living room. Abha says I left Chakor to take bath alone. Chakor says it was so much fun. Prabhakar says welcome and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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