Ek Boond Ishq 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Boond Ishq 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
mj and pari come in home, mother meets them, tara comes there and hugs pari, mj ask pari to come to him, mother says now pari wont go away from me, she says laddoes are prepared for you, lets go in my room, they leave, om says i had no expectation that you will comeback, mj says i wasn’t dying to come here but you said about your mother and also i need job for raising pari.
vidant says to inspector that find everything about kalawati and her relation with bhopal, vidnat says i want to know who gave contract to kill sia, vidant says what if Omkar gave murder order, what is running in his mind? i was losing my sister, i cant lost her now.
Tara ask om what are you doing? you asked me to be away from mj and now you made mj my driver? are you afraid of anything, om says i am not afraid, we have three days here only, i am taking mother to America for treatment and you promised me that you will be with me till mother gets fine so you are going with me too, we will not come here so spend time with your mj as much as you can in these three days, mj listens all this.

Scene 2
tara is in tension, mj comes t her room, tara says i don’t want to be sia anymore, you are not doing anything, will you drop me to airport to go with om, mj says i will take you away from here but i will first remove this shadow of sia from you, first we have to solve the mystery of sia then we will leave from here, tara says you have three days only, mj says we have 73 hours, waiter will come tomorrow and then secret of sia’s death will be revealed, tara says i am afraid, mj says what, my tara is sacred? tara pats him, he says you are beating your husband, tara says yes, mj runs behind her and catches her, tara says i am not afraid of anyone but i cant be away from you, mj lifts her in his hands and says don’t worry, nobody can separate us now, he says aren’t you ashamed to romance with driver.
in morning, mj and tara are in kitchen, om is sitting in hall, mj says waiter will be coming now why om is not leaving home, mj and tara starts fighting, om scolds mj and ask him to go out of house, om is about to leave the house but pari comes and mistakenly throws colors on om’s shoes, om doesn’t scold her and goes to change the shoes, pari goes from there. om comesback after changing the shoes, mj and tara starts acting again like they are fighting, om says you both started again, suddenly bell rings, mj and tara gets worried thinking that it must be waiter, om opens the door and its is Vidant, vidant says to om that why are you stunned seeing me? you are going to America and you didn’t tell me? om says i am just going for mother’s treatment, om goes from home, vidant comes to tara and says to mj that its good you joined again, when you are with sia, i feel content, tara thinks that waiter will afraid seeing inspector, tara says to vidant that i have to go to mandir, vidant says ok i will come something other time, he leaves, mj and tara are relieved.

Scene 3
waiter comes in home, mj takes him in room and shows him picture of mannat, Waiter sees the picture of mannat and says yes she is the one who dragged deadbody from room, tara ask are you sure, waiter says 100%, tara shows him om’s picture and ask was he with mannat that time? waiter says no, he was not with her, mj says see closely, tara says he maybe saying truth, mj says if om was not with mannat then who was with her? mj says he can be the one whom she rescued from laado, tara says we should talk to vidant, tara says yes, he is inspector, we have one eye witness too, waiter thinks that they are involving him in criminal police case, i should run, tara is calling vidant, she says to vidant to come to her home now, waiter starts running from house, mj runs behind him, waiter runs away from there, tara says to mj that what will we tell to vidant now, we don’t have any proof now, mj says we will thinks of something, vidant comes there and ask why you called me, mj says now tara you shouldn’t be quiet, we should tell truth to vidant about sia, tara says to vidant that i am tara and this is not balli but my husband mrityunjay, 5 years back we had accident, i lost my consciousness and mj his memory, vidant says om told me that after coming out of coma, many patients cook up stories, tara says if you don’t trust me then ask mj, vidant says mj? he says to mj that you are behind all this, you want to take advantage of my sister, tara says please, tara says give me one days, i will bring out whole truth, vidant says to tara that if you don’t prove what you are saying then i will put ballu/mj behind bars in case of fraud and misleading police, tara is stunned.

PRECAP- Mannat gets call from lawyer, lawyer says fake property papers are ready according to which all property is yours, i need your sign, i am coming to your house, mannat says om’s house? mannat goes to om’s house to sign the papers, mj points gun at her head.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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