Udaan 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor meets Tejaswini’s brother

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The Episode starts with Raghav hurting Rajjo when she scolds him. She screams. Chakor comes and asks him to leave her, she is hurt. Rajjo cries in pain. She calls Raghav a wild animal and goes. Chakor asks how can you treat a girl like this, I thought you know respecting women. He says I m not ashamed, I respect women, who deserve respect. He argues with her and goes. She gets some bad smell and checks the socks. She goes out. She recalls the goon’s words. Leela comes to ask her the matter. Chakor says its nothing.

Leela sees news. She asks what’s Tejaswini doing at the hospital. Chakor says she has gone to temple, maybe you have seen someone else. Chakor waits for Tejaswini to return. Tejaswini comes home. Chakor asks why did you lie about visiting the temple. Tejaswini says you can’t question

me, move away. Chakor says I m asking this as I worry for you, I want to know why are you worried, I can sense your worry, tell me the matter, please. Tejaswini says I have a brother, he is blood related, I have seen his daughter in news, I got shaken up, I went to see him at the hospital, I got to know that he is close to dying. Chakor consoles her. She says he is our uncle too, why did you hide this, we should be with him. Tejaswini says no, Suraj doesn’t like his uncle, my brother is very selfish, he has always backstabbed us, what to do, he is my brother. Tejaswini asks Chakor not to tell anything to Suraj. Chakor agrees.

Raghav is at some bar. He drinks a lot. A girl serves him the drinks. He looks at her. Raghav thanks her. She sits beside, smiling. He says I think I should leave. She asks why are you worried, are you married. He says no, I m young, dashing and unmarried, I m just acting to be married. He flirts with her. Chakor meets Tejaswini’s brother and his family. She says Suraj has told me about you all. Uncle says I can’t believe this, Tejaswini gave good values to son and got similar bahu, I wish I could see the children growing up. Tejaswini says forget the old things, we have come to help you.

She gives the money bag. Uncle’s sons Rohit and Amit smile. Rohit takes the bag and says this wasn’t needed. Chakor looks on. Amit says its not good to take money. Akash says Jyoti, this isn’t right, your brother has snatched the money, we shouldn’t take this money. Jyoti says yes, return the money to Bua. Rohit says I m taking this money for dad’s treatment. Uncle says I m Tejaswini’s brother, I should help her, instead taking help from her, I can’t insult our relation. He asks Tejaswini to do a favor, my children love me a lot, you take them home for few days. Chakor gets shocked.

Uncle says if they stay at your home, they will be at ease. Tejaswini says that’s your house too, you can send them home anytime. Chakor thinks it will be tough to hide Raghav’s truth, what shall I do now. Raghav drinks more wine. He blabbers about Chakor. He praises the girl and goes with her. Uncle’s family comes home. Chakor introduces them to Anjor. They ask for Suraj. Chakor says he has gone out for some work, he will be coming. Girja says I have opened the guest rooms for them. Chakor asks them to take rest. Chakor thinks where is Raghav, everything will go wrong if anything happens.

Chakor and Tejaswini pray. Tejaswini worries for the abshagun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Second part of precap was Akash strangling his wife.
    I think mamaji’s family is too big. I like mamaji himself and Rohit but not the rest. I don’t know if Rohit is the kidnapper or not.

  2. The sock incident was an opportunity missed, I expected a cute Raghav-Chakor fight.
    Loved the drunk scene but I wonder if the dancer is after his money or wants to record what he says, there was no need to show Raghav leaving with her, according to olvs they’ll go dancing so why imply they’ll go to her house.
    i still think the track would be more interesting if Raghav is Suraj and the viewers get to know it.
    Didn’t like Anjor scene, the kid is irritating, better change the actor.
    Rajjo is harassing Raghav for no reason, I support him today. Chakor should tell her to back off.

  3. I think CVs hasn’t spent enough time on developing Raghav-Chakor relationship this week, too many individual scenes. We need more scenes of them together, especially light hearted scenes.
    What’s the need for the young son or even the old son for that matter, I prefer if it was just mamaji, jyoti and Akash.

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