Krishna Chali London 29th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe decides to marry TT

Krishna Chali London 29th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishna crying and asking what’s my fault, the law wants us to give time to each other, I m at loss because of this marriage and divorce, my dreams got ruined. She cries. Radhe looks on and cries. Shuklain says you regret that you married my son. Krishna gets silent. Radhe looks on and goes. Krishna says no, I m angry on Radhe, but I understand the situation of this family well, Gajanan and Lali, you, Radhe…. I don’t understand anything. Shuklain cries and hugs her. She wishes everything gets fine for her and Radhe.

Radhe is at the temple. He rings the bell until his hand bleeds. He gets angry and asks is everything going fine, you would be very happy that this is going on in my life, I m not any film hero to say dialogues, I have done everything,

I have worshipped you, kept fasts and lit diyas, but look at me, I lost everything, I wanted to make Krishna my life, but her dream is to go to london, I will fulfill her dream before this year ends, I will sell myself for the sake of my life, its my promise. He leaves. Bela’s mum asks Lali to accept TT. Lali says Krishna is the bahu of this house, don’t argue, just go from my room. Bela’s mum threatens to oust Lali. Krishna comes and sees Lali getting dizzy. She runs to hold Lali. She asks are you fine, take rest. Gajanan comes and worries for Lali. Krishna asks Bela’s mum and TT to go out. Bela’s mum cries and does a drama. Bela comes and defends her mum. She asks Krishna to keep quiet and not say a word. Dadda looks on. Krishna says I don’t like to use others for my motive, you do anything, just spare Lali.

Bela says look at her, how she is arguing, she is jealous of TT. Krishna asks why will I be jealous. Radhe comes and asks Krishna to stop it. He says I have heard everything, is this any way to talk to Bela and family, I know they did a mistake, humans make mistake, everyone isn’t Krishna, its always my mistake. Shuklain asks what are you saying Radhe, what’s Krishna’s mistake in this, look Radhe, you can’t get angry on her without knowing the matter, why are you defending Bela and her family. He says its not wrong to defend the family of would be wife. They get shocked. Bela smiles.

Krishna asks what do you mean. Radhe says TT is my would be wife. Krishna gets shocked. Radhe says I m getting married, as you always wanted this, don’t get shocked, you promised your family that you will go to London and become a doctor, I will also respect Shukla’s promise, Shukla promised them, I will be marrying TT. Shuklain asks what are you saying. Radhe says I will marry only TT. Bela smiles. Shuklain asks have you lost it, Shukla will come back and decide it. Radhe says Shukla has decided this, I m sure that he will be glad knowing this. Bela’s mum blesses him.

Radhe says just prepare for the marriage, its your daughter’s marriage tomorrow. Radhe sees Krishna and goes. She cries. Gajanan runs to stop Radhe. Krishna comes and stops Radhe. She says you have to stop, I m talking to you. Radhe says leave my hand. She says fine, I m learning this from you, its not necessary that person does what he says, you said something else to me yesterday. He says yes, I will do this. I will follow my heart, you regret for marrying me, you ruined your dreams, if I marry someone else, why are you jealous. She says who told you that I regret. He says I have heard it myself, you told mum that I m the root of all problems, I have solved it today.

Krishna says wishes for your marriage, you have to prepare for it now, I will prepare for leave from this house forever. Radhe cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. omg……..

  2. Show has lost its charm. Radhe is such a tool to not realize where Bela got all that money from ? Radhe knows how much money one gets . I hope Radhe doesn’t trip when he walks.

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