Udaan 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Ranjana talking to her dad. He asks her to go ahead in the election campaign. Bhaiya ji scolds Ishwar and asks why did he come again. Ishwar says your fake promises can fool people, but I won’t let you win this election. Bhaiya ji says he has seen many such men like him, he did not come from sky, fine he has all good things, what will you do, everything can be bought by money, see Chakor, she has all good qualities, but she is with me today, not with you. Ishwar asks Chakor to see Bhaiya ji’s pride. Bhaiya ji says I m proud, maybe I have not done anything good and will not do, so what. He says I have promised them one thing, I told them that everyone will go to school.

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Ishwar says don’t know why you lost Chakor, but I won’t. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to explain the villagers and come to haveli later. He leaves. Lakhan’s wife recalls Ranjana’s words and says I don’t think Bhaiya ji will send you kids to school, what if he cheats us, why is Chakor asking us to vote for him. Chakor says Bhaiya ji has helped me and he can get me school admission. Baa says yes, no one asked for rights in this village, this is first chance that Chakor has kept a demand for you all, we should support her. They all agree with Baa.

Kasturi takes Chakor with her. She apologizes and says she was annoyed with Lord and has thrown the blessings. She reminds her, and Chakor recalls in FB. She asks her to tie the blessings chunni. She recalls Ishwar’s words and says she won’t take it till her work is over. Kasturi says she is proud that she is her mum and hugs her. Manohar and Lakhan do the campaign, and ask Chakor to stand with Bhaiya ji. She sits with Bhaiya ji in the jeep and does his campaign.

He is stopped by the guard as someone else is inside from other party. Bhaiya ji scolds him and goes inside the office to submit his nomination papers. He is shocked seeing Ranjana and her dad there, and Ishwar being the new officer. Ishwar says I m the election officer and says he did a crime that he came inside without permission and his nomination can be denied. Ranjana smiles. Manohar scolds Ranjana and blames her for insulting Bhaiya ji. Chakor comes and greets Ishwar. She talks to Ishwar and says Bhaiya ji is still at the door, see. Bhaiya ji laughs and says yes, and folds hands infront of Ishwar.

Manohar asks Bhaiya ji why did he come out. Chakor says I know Ishwar, he is very adamant. Manohar asks her to leave with her unlucky face. Bhaiya ji stops him and asks what is he doing, can’t he control his anger. He says Chakor has managed everything, else Ishwar would have cancelled my nomination to take revenge. Bhaiya ji talks to Ranjana and she says she is glad that he accepts her as competitor. Manohar asks Ranjana to be in her limit, and she scolds him.

Chakor supports Bhaiya ji and argues with Ranjana in the village.

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