Udaan 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji asking Chakor will she give him if he gives food to Suraj. Chakor asks what do you want. He says its Makar Sankranti, I want you and Ragini to compete in kite flying, if you win, I will give this food to Suraj, its my promise, if you lose, then Suraj will not get anything, are you ready for the game. Tejaswini asks Chakor to agree. Chakor recalls flying kite in her childhood and says I agree, I will win today. She nods to Suraj. She takes kite and says Suraj will not be hungry today.

Everyone support Chakor. Servant plays song dheel dheel…..plays……. Chakor and Ragini fly kites. Bhaiya ji asks servant to go. Servant pushes Chagan towards Chakor, and her finger gets cut by thread. Chagan argues. Bhaiya ji is with Ragini and asks her to cut Chakor’s kite. Suraj supports Chakor and holds the thread roll. She looks at him. Music plays………..

Imli says when Suraj is with her, I think Chakor will win. Lakhan prays for Chakor’s win. Bhaiya ji says we will win. Bhaiya ji sees Suraj with Chakor. He sees Chakor going to cut Ragini’s kite. He takes a knife from goon and cuts Chakor’s kite thread. Chakor’s kite begins to fly down. They all get shocked. Bhaiya ji hugs Ragini. Chakor says its cheating, I was winning, you have cut my kite, you promised Suraj will get food. Bhaiya ji says I promised to give food if you win, I did not promise I won’t cheat in game, they are my bandhuas. He dances on dhol music and says I m your owner.

Suraj says leave me once, I will make you servant from master. Bhaiya ji asks goons to tie up Suraj. Goons tie up Suraj with more ropes. Bhaiya ji says Ragini has won. Suraj shouts cheater, I will not leave you. Bhaiya ji jokes on him. Chakor goes to Suraj.

Vivaan rushes back home and checks the machine. He says Chakor said when she ran, less water was drawn, and when Imli ran, water drawn was more, I have to check how this works. He checks well and finds out a wheel that sets water speed. He sets it so that Suraj gets more water. He starts leaving and a goon comes there. Vivaan asks what are you doing here, and makes excuse. He goes. Goon believes him.

Chakor gets angry and sees the food plate. Bhaiya ji, Ragini and goons laugh. Chakor takes food for Suraj. Suraj eats a spoon of khichdi. Chakor holds his face. Suraj gets a big relieve. Bhaiya ji sees them and throws the khichdi bowl away.

Bhaiya ji scolds Chakor and asks her to tell villagers that she will not help Suraj. Chakor says I will help Suraj, he is my husband. He says how dare you say that, see what I do now, you broke my rule. She says you broke the rule, I was winning, you cheated me, you were just playing game with Suraj, I will not let your bad intention succeed, I will do anything to save my husband. Suraj and everyone look on.

Bhaiya ji asks will you do anything, I will show you Pati seva, when husband eats food, wife also gets food, today you will have food and Suraj will get the food energy. Suraj asks him not to do anything. Bhaiya ji says first my goons will eat the food, then Chakor will eat the leftover food. Suraj gets angry. All servants eat food. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to have it now, its tasty. Ragini asks Chakor to have it. Chakor says I won’t eat. Ragini asks goons to hold Chakor. Chagan and Tejaswini scold Bhaiya ji.

The goons laugh. Bhaiya ji feeds food to Chakor. She does not eat and bites his finger. Bhaiya ji angrily slaps her. Suraj shouts. Chakor scolds on Bhaiya ji and says I will not eat thus leftover food, I will not stop helping Suraj. Bhaiya ji says Suraj is hungry, she wants him to get water, so she is not eating, now we will play with water. He asks goons to get water.

Goons catch Chakor and throw water on her. Suraj and everyone get shocked. Bhaiya ji and Ragini smile. Kasturi begs them to leave Chakor. Chakor cries. Bhaiya ji says Suraj is my bandhua, you don’t try to spoil my game, tell it, you won’t help Suraj again. They put more water on her. Suraj shouts asking them to leave Chakor. He shouts Kamal Narayan, I will kill you. Bhaiya ji laughs. Suraj sees Chakor crying. Tejaswini, Imli, Kasturi cry. Everyone feel bad seeing Chakor getting humiliated. Suraj’s anger gets high. He shouts. He breaks all the ropes, chains, and even the pole to set himself free. Bhaiya ji and Ragini get shocked. Chakor, Tejaswini, Imli, Kasturi, Chagan, Lakhan and everyone look on. Suraj makes the pole fall down and pulls the chain hard to break it. Suraj gets free.

Suraj runs to Chakor. He beats the goons coming in his way. Tejaswini asks Suraj to beat them and break their mouth. Suraj beats all of them down. He takes Kaki’s shawl and covers up Chakor. Chakor cries and hugs him. Kasturi, Imli and Tejaswini happily cry seeing them.

Bhaiya ji catches Suraj. He asks Suraj to fall on his feet and apologize. Suraj refuses. He says I have your bad blood running in my veins, I m also egoistic like you, I will not leave you.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hi friends,i have read now that kn n Ragini will decide n keep chakor for auction ,so Udaan team is it true

  2. yay yay I’m first to comment

  3. One of the best episodes till date the way suraj broke all the shackles of imprisonment just in order to save his chakor it was awesome both vj and meera nailed it

  4. ParulRajput

    I m happy it was 35 to 40 min epi love it hate kn when he was calling suraj a dog? and finaly watch suraj action? and the way they huged each other? it was so warm and lovely ?and vivaan repair the machine i hope this time suraj get full bottle of water ?but i wonder when will he get food to eat? and when will he get out of that cattle? and wear good clothes and become again our handsome suraj? he was looking so weak and poor nowadays ?and precap was awesome ?tomo will be full of suraj dialoguebazi waiting for tomo epi like always✌

  5. Aqua


    1. Aqua

      I’m speachless❤❤❤❤❤❤

  6. Ohh….the feels….just can’t be expressed in words….how to describe the episode…just amazing…adorable sukor???…I just love them …meera and Vijay?????isse zyada emotional epi koi nhi tha…the way she looks at suraj and refers to her as her husband..loving it..I think imli understands that they both love each other…teju and kasturi will also understand…just hope ki ye torture ab jaldi se khatam ho jaye…suraj ko aise nhi dekha jata…unka love confession ho jaye..

  7. guys I read a spoiler tat kn now wanno auction chakor . is it true?????
    about today epi I’m totally confused wat to say n where to start say excellent act by vj sir ekdum fadu class
    1- RAGINI – as I before said she looks like a diyan in today episode
    2- KN – ********************(all galiya here for kn )
    3-VIVAN- I liked him today
    4-bhuka , teju , chagan n all villagers – r ook ok
    5- CHAKOR- don’t no y bt today I didn’t feel bad for her n wen she said tat suraj humara pati hai hum uss ke liye kuchh v karege n wen she bit kn finger
    suraj ke bare main fight scene dekhne ke baat hi bataugi

  8. Siyarao

    Wow fantastic episode…Vj and meera stole the episode today,VJ took it to another level,the desperation the anger the emotions were just perfect ?? full on power packed performance,even Sai sir ,loved your dialogues

    Coming to the episode we got two hugs in one episode?? loved when chakor feeds him and Suraj’s expression was so touching…it was an awesome scene ?? then I loved when Suraj said in first hug “kitna kuch karoge humare liye,thank you chakor”aww?? it was superb when she was saying “hamare pati”continuously

    Kn,Ragini and co. I’m going to kill you for sure ?? they missed Suraj kicking shiku the kamerna? (mujhe kam se kam thoda shanti mil jata)omg l loved how he shouted kamalnarayan and broke the chains and the pole,loved how he wrapped her up and hugged her(even bgm)really men of asaadgunj are good for nothing,just they know to watch the tamasa?

    Precap is a treat….waiting for it

    1. Siyarao

      Guys my practicals exams are going to start off next week,so I may be unable to comment from tomorrow but I will be back when my exams gets completed once,going to miss you all and this page? love you guys ?

    2. ParulRajput

      I will miss u sia come back soon and yeah most imp all the best for u prac?

    3. Janani9789

      i will surely miss u sia!!!i will wait for come back soon!!

    4. hi siya all the very best for your exams.

  9. Janani9789

    really its amazing episode!!! their eyelock during kite flying really gives me goosebumps!!!!
    the one sip of food gives makes suraj relax and chakor happy!!!!??
    kn and ragini are king and queen in cheating others!!!idiot and witch!!
    the kite flying is amazing!!!??
    kn!!!he spoiled that!!!??
    when chakor telling repeatedly suraj is her husband!!!!wow!!!and the way suraj looks at her!!!????
    kn and ragini stoop too low in humilating chakor!!!??shikoo i want to smash on his face and ramsingh also…??
    they eat kichadi and thrown water on chakor!!!how dare they!!!shikoo witch!!??
    (finally)suraj babu is back,the angry,pain,helplessness(vj expersions is top)?the way suraj get angry seeing ???chakor humiliation and crying face!!i really waited for it!!(i wanted suraj to smash on shikoo face,but doesn’t happen,one i want it should be happen).??
    i really liked all the happy faces…and shocked faces(kn,ragini)???when suraj free himself from chains..i can’t control my happiness..???
    i really want suraj bandhua torture to end!!!!
    angel,sia pls ask team udaan when this track will.end….??

    1. Yes Janu i agreed u, screen’s perfect couple are suraj and chakor.

  10. <3<3<3
    Too much love!!! Love love love loveria hua!!!

  11. ParulRajput

    Team udaan pls request writers to end this track before valentines day and pls change suraj look if he looks same weak and poor on valentines day it will be so depressing and plss itss a request to give some very romantic,intense,passionate scene of sukor on valentines day plss?? now udaan is getting very boring and painful we cant see wrong winning and truth loosing..

  12. super se bhi upar episode..finally our egoistic suraj is back

  13. zakaas…!suraj u just rocks the show ur awesome,mindblowing! that dialogue of chakor ‘suraj hamara pati hai hum uske liye kuch bhi kar sakte hai…how suraj look at chakor that scene was so sweet.sukor fly kite ,share eyelock i am very happy that movement,when kn tortures chakor &suraj frees himself &covers chakor with shawl,say the dialogue,awesome…we should pray that vimli&sukor teach a lesson to kn,that witch ragini…that we should sukor romance&their cute nokzoks….right sukorian!

  14. Latest spoiler kn to auction chakor because he auctioning everything that is suraj and he sells all his clothes chakor sends a letter through her parents saying all these things can be brought back suraj cries when he sees his stuff getting sold for 1 rupee the water pump is fixed chakor gets a bottle out but suraj dont drink and fights with chakor so she can leave for her own safety because suraj is worried for her and kn is know gonna torture chakor more because of todays episode

  15. awesome episode .I liked it very much .

  16. amazing episode.Sukorrs each other love and care.suraj frees himself for chakor and hugs her.wonderful scene

  17. Kkkkkkk

    yo…yo??? wow wow……. nice…. no words to say….. super man brakes chains & he is fighting for his wife

  18. This torture track will never end because you people are fools, whatever horrible situations happen further is the fault of idiots like you who keep feeding the TRP demon. Chakor will get auctioned, Chakor will get raped, Suraj will eventually bow to KN to save Chakor because you foolish people keep watching this for tiny SuKor reprieves, I am permanently done with Udaan. Requesting Team Udaan will do nothing as they too only care about TRPs

    1. ParulRajput

      Cool down kalika.,and yeah even i m frustated with udaan now i also have stoped watching all episodes i only watch udaan after reading updates i think this weak trp will fall and than only makers understand this and will change the track..

  19. Aqua

    Dear Sukorians,

    I have submitted my 4th Sukor OS—> BASIC HUMAN NEEDS

    Please, check it out and leave your feedback once it has been uploaded.

    With love,

    Aqua 🙂

  20. Wow finally sukor complete hug loved the way suraj wrapped the shawl around her finally we have got to see our old suraj back wish this track will end soon and our sukor romance will blossom

  21. Udaan always gives tint of Mahabharat: Like Bhim with a spoonful of khichadi, suraj gets energy of Asian elephant to break chains, he has great shooting skills as that of Arjun. He follows virtues of Yudhistir always speaking the truth. Alike Nakul, he has handsome physique and perseverance as of Sahadev. I opined that in the epic a person having all these characters was suryaputra karna. And in udaan it is the Suraj. In past suraj lost imli in gambling, now he has become slave and Rajvanshi family’s daughter in law is being humiliated. Loved how he draped chakor with shawl and gave tight hug she deserved the most. After all, she stood for him in all difficulties keeping the vows taken in marriage. Hope to see more scarifices made by Suraj to make good win over the evil soon.

  22. Kkkkkkk

    me episode ekanam tikak maru previous evata vada. previous eva disgusting ne. dan nam next week withara sukor scene thiyena episode 1k ei ehema neda yaluwane….. Mage idea eke vidihata nam dan track will change

  23. U r the best m best creative team in the world of searial I found every new serial bt no one like Sudan.best m best cast and creative team.
    Every seen in this episode is awesome i love sukor seen,kn ji and ragini’s dance.
    Guys u know hmare yhan kisi ladki per ase pani dalna matlv uski insult krna is liye yhan holi bhi nahi mnate bt best part when suraj cover her n hug her.I found every thing in this serial like my s.I.movies.I love u team udan.I feel very lucky that m a part of this page.
    Sia please jaldi aana n Best of luck.sory tapa.Hi zoya u wona talk to me.you can swety. Thanks aqua bt sory if i couldn’t comment dear about ur ff bcz m using my sis’s phone bho muze sirf doo baar hi use krne deti hain.Realy i love ur offs.

  24. hi titli aap Khan ud gai thi sory bt I notice u after a long time.

  25. u r the best creative n cast team of the tv serial world.
    I love the episode so much.n ofcurse u can talk to me zoya.sory tapa.Thnx aqua.

  26. suraj ko sikhu ke munh per aisa punch marna chahiye tha jaise uske munh se battisi nikal jaye per aisa kuch nahi hua

    “aree guys………… bt I couldn’t” sorry di per aap kya kaha mai kuchh samajh nahi payi n di sorry for what

    all the best sia 4 ur exam do well in ur exam
    mere vi next week ko practical exam hai
    aaj mera last day hai iss page per
    sab ko main bohot miss kerugi

  27. Wat a episode yaar….. Love u sukor

  28. Hi yaar, I want to join you all. Love sukor so much, Actually I love this track, because their bond become more stronger than before. How they protect each other even in hardest time. I’m patiently waiting for sukor to get their way to win this track. I hope Suraj will stop the torture for himself and for chakor. And like @parulrajput say, please give us sukor lovely and sweet moment in Valentine day. Make chakor the one who realize the love between them first.

  29. Epi was great specially sukor scenes, love the way hw suraj save chakor frm getting humiliated n each of sukor scene. Love sukors hug n their expressions. Today vj n meera nailed it. Whole udaan team was great in every aspect bt nw enough of bandua track cz evn I’m getting frustrated cz sukor was nt like this helpless thy find a way to gt through. Love angry suraj. Infact even I’m reading updates n watching cz it’s very hard to see suraj in such a bad condition n chakor helpless. Evn I hope thy gt low trp n change the track cz nw this is getting too much n specially gd should win over bad nt viseversa. Plz udaan team it’s a request jst change the track

  30. Kya yar sb ko kya ho gya.wt tapa mai ai to aap chl padi. ok gys bst of luck i mis u a lot. Welcome arra sukmn.

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