Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Purab about his decision. He asks are you joking? Purab says I am serious and asks him to listen carefully. He says I am cancelling this engagement. Abhi asks did anyone tell you anything, or have a fight with Pragya. Pragya nods no. Purab says it is my wish, my life, my engagement…I will decide and asks him to accept his decision. He says I am your friend and not Robin, your servant to obey to your every saying, you made me a stone. Abhi slaps him hard. Purab is shocked. Abhi says you have become loafer and I knew that you was never serious about her, you have broken your relation with her and not engagement. Purab says you are thinking me wrong. Abhi says I used to tell everyone that you are my childhood friend and can’t do anything wrong. Pragya asks him to listen to him. Abhi says she cares for you even now and says she is best, innocent girl and says you will not get best girl than her. She says do you know why people get marry, so that they can share their life with other, and can share happiness and sorrows. He says wife is not just wife but a guide who can hold his hand and make him walk properly.

Dasi asks him to listen to Purab. Abhi says when he don’t want to get engaged. Aaliya asks him to listen to Purab once and says may be he wants to say that he are not compatible with each other. Abhi asks her to stay out of it. Dadi asks him to listen to Purab once. Abhi says no, and says he wants to break his engagement with Pragya. Dadi says do you respect me or not, and asks him to let Purab speak. Abhi says okay, tell him to say what he wants to say and leave from here. He asks him to give a reason for not getting engaged to Pragya.

Purab says you are thinking me wrong and shows that all trains are closed due to bomb blast alert, and tells that his chacha and chachi can’t attend his engagement function tomorrow. Abhi is shocked and tells that I thought you are betraying Pragya, I am possessive about her. Purab says yes, and I felt good. Abhi says I have slapped you and you felt good. Purab says I felt good as I know you are with her. Abhi says I would have done same thing like you, wouldn’t have get engaged without my family. He says until your family comes here, engagement will not happen and hugs him. Pragya smiles. Abhi announces that engagement will not happen until his family comes. Pragya and Purab smiles. Aaliya and Tanu are upset.

Janki brings pakodas for Sarla and asks her to eat. Sarla is thinking about Pragya. Janki asks her not to worry and says Purab’s plan will be a success. Sarla says her heart is not agreeing and worried. Janki asks her to think positive. Sarla thinks something bad is going to happen and prays everything is fine. Abhi apologizes to Dadi for talking rudely with her. Dadi says I am forgiving you for today, but….Abhi says sorry. Dadi says we shall apologize to Pragya. Pragya says whatever happening is good and I have no complains. Abhi says that’s why I praise her. Aaliya calls someone and thanks the guy for solving her problem. She tells Tanu that tickets are done. Abhi asks are you going somewhere? Aaliya says no, and tells that I have promised you that I will help you fully and thought to lower your stress. Abhi asks what?

Aaliya says Purab will thank me all his life, and says I am going to give you more big surprise. She says Purab’s engagement will not be cancelled. Abhi asks how can they come as flights are booked and train is not working. Aaliya says Purab’s family members are coming to Mumbai tonight itself, smiles. Tanu also smiles. Purab says they can’t come. Aaliya says you are underestimating me and tells that she read this news in the morning itself and called travel agent. Now he called her and confirmed that tickets are done. Abhi says really. Aaliya says engagement and then marriage will happen. Aaliya and Tanu smiles. Abhi is impressed and says you are a super woman. Abhi says Pragya’s family will come tomorrow and we will fix the marriage date. Aaliya promises that she will support him and will make them marry each other. She laughs. Abhi thanks her.

Aaliya and Tanu smirks. Mitali watches promo of Woh Apna Sa and says it is interesting. She promotes the show. Dadi comes there and talks further about Aditi and Jhanvi’s unnamed relation. Mitali says I will watch this show for sure.

Pragya tells Dadi that she is tensed about Sarla’s reaction and says what I will tell her. Dadi says nothing will happen. We will stop engagement somehow and asks her to make her talk to Sarla. Purab says how did Aaliya know about my secret plan. Dadi says someone must have told her. Purab says I had confirmed with 5 agents before telling Abhi and asks how did she get tickets. Aaliya thanks Mitali for her help and says you have won my heart. Mitali says I haven’t won jackpot till now. Aaliya shows the shopping bag. Mitali thanks her for gift. Aaliya says may be you will get jackpot some day. Tanu hears her and says Thanks once again. Mitali thinks to show to Tai ji. Pragya says how did Aaliya come to know this, and says she must not be having your family contacts. Purab says she has invited them and says she must got it from his office. Pragya says if she is tapping our phone. Purab says this is not easy, and says I never spoke about it on phone. Pragya says how did this happen. Dadi asks them to find out and asks them to be alert. Aaliya and Tanu comes there. Aaliya says you people haven’t slept till now.

Sarla says Aaliya, Tanu and Nikhil tried to separate you and Abhi, but couldn’t separate you both as you always stood by him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. The best part about the show is that even if i die and reincarnate, i wont miss a thing..!

    1. LOL

    2. Trisha

      hahahaha…so true???

    3. Trisha

      @ANA your comment has made my day ???

    4. hhahahahahhaha

  2. crap , real crap, so a woman with class will never get her husband .. I am begin to hate Indian culture. Just be wicked. I hate seeing Aaliya and Tanu breathing . Her pig lips. Before it was about the basted baby and know about marriage to Abhi . Dumb Abhi, what is he afraid of? His real wife will get mad if he get close to Pragya. Get out Abhi . The story line is small and pure shit. Where is the story? Around and around the pig face and bull shit. No awards for you all.

  3. what the hell is making you do so much shit with this serial and prolonging it for no apparent reason but just for the sake of pleasing yourselves. i have reached the end of my rope with this serial also and just like i stopped watching ek tha rani and jamai raja so too i will be cutting off from kum kum bhagha so this is it. i cannot understand how you are not trying to please your avid viewers and for once give them what they want instead of messing up the serials where the viewers just get frustrated and cease watching them. all i can say about you writers is that just like the serials you write you too are very evil and wicked and so you dont give a damn about anything or anyone and hence the reason you will not progress with you serials because you just do not understand people and their lives and how to put the two together without making mess of things. like i said before you writers need a whole lot of professional help so do not be ashamed to ask for it; their are professionals also watching the show and laughing so just do the right thing and reach out to them; there is no shame in asking someone for help especially when you are down in the dumps and need it. good luck from now on.

    1. Same here.. I left JR first when there was a leap and leads got a make over. Left ETRETR after this new character of Iqbal came.
      From next week, gonna stop this show also. Aliya has become too irritating offlate that the show is best enjoyed by the cast, production n writers. There is nothing entertaining for the general audience in this show.

      After yesterday episode, I gave up all hope on this show. Now this is too much to watch samething again n again. I will come back whenever this Purab-Pragya track ends.

  4. waysssssss…..more nonsense than nonsense……someone needs to read these writers script and let them know what shit they are writing before they film….

  5. the bakwassssssssssss serial of ever

  6. good but please stop this story and move for some other

  7. Kch b stories banate hain
    Yaar abhi bohat bore horaha hai

  8. benjilina Osei

    Is serial is really rubbish am a silent reader but the more I keep quiet the more it annoys me I will never read telly updates again until u change this stupid serial what is this

  9. It won’t stop like this, sud go-to kkb page in twitter and ask them to stop rubbish

  10. Wish someone can produce a serial where the protagonist has the upper hand on the villians.The two dumbos Aliya anTanu keep getting the opportunity to insult Pragya I think it’s too disgusting

  11. indera sanichara

    Ana you are so right this serial will go down in history as the worst soap ever. Even if we die and come back Aliya and Tanu will still win, every time. I think the writer Ekta is like Aliya and Tanu in real life and Abhi is a blo*dy fool.

  12. This show will have three yes in April and is the same old story boring ?

    1. Everything centres around Tanu/ Aliya and their messed up minds “shit”…Be creative guys cos audience are tired…

  13. Stupid banate jare hai iss sirial ko n hum stupid bannthe bhi
    Kon dekna chaahega is sirial ko bakwaassss aur koi concept nai hai kya rubbish

  14. Chandra Morgan

    this is full of SHIT . Producer put on your thinking cap for a little, your show is too boring. stupid now.

  15. Asharanidhingra

    Very sad with the story line.

  16. One more shit crap thing in the show is that dirty hairs of Purab and Abhi…what happened to their original hairs…maybe using wigs for these many years he got allergic….they are looking just like jokers with those crappy hairs…. LOL…..LOL…..LOL

  17. ek dum bakwaas serial he….

  18. recycle karke takh nahi nahi jate kya CVs. Kitni stupid tareeke se drag kar rahe ho. Iss behtar hai ki leap le lo wahi actors ko firse milao. Koi bhi itna stupid kaise ho sakte yar?

  19. recycle karke takh nahi nahi jate kya CVs. Kitni stupid tareeke se drag kar rahe ho. Iss behtar hai ki leap le lo wahi actors ko firse milao. Koi bhi itna stupid kaise ho sakte yar? Mein to show dekna band kar di.. Ek do hafte mein ek bar WU pad leti hoon. Tab bhi nahi lag raha hai ki kuch miss hua ya kuch naya ho raha?

  20. They writers are just cooking story n trying to drag the serial and loosing the viewers interest. I feel ppl who r acting r even more foolish to act with such a script.They just want to act to survive in same way.They don’t in which direction they r taking this serial to.

  21. i hv been silent reader here,,, bt tis show really get on my nerves…the worst daily soap ever. the storyline is being repeated evry nw nd then…evry time pragya nd her team act like brainless bimbos nd tanu nd aaliya have ter victory…i thnk there is no better story line according 2 writers rather thn showing tis crap.
    i jst wish tis serial goes off air ASAP nd a show worth watching with a strong story line nd without dragging comes up.
    its high time 4 kkb 2 wrap up tis show

  22. Hiranmaychellapat

    today episode is nice

  23. yaro sonangale twitter la msg pani kekarenu ada modka panunga pa story olunga kondupo solungo ila stp pana solungo

  24. when they meet finalyyyyyyyyyyy ???

  25. This show which started on a good footing although we have never been happy with whole Tanu/Aliya crab has degenerated into some useless saga…seriously its annoying. The writers are just as dumb as tanu and Aliya. I see Ahbi raising his voice to insist on Purab getting engage to Prayga when things we expected to put his foot down he never did. CRAB! I re-watched episode where Praygya had adjust Ahbi’s suit for Purabs wedding and was shredded by Tanu, it never occurred to him to listen to her when she voiced it was not her…how annoying then he has the audacity to be raising his voice now but for the wrong reasons. I think these writers lost it. Ask yourselves this…Aint you all tired of the Tanu/Aliya bull less and useless plots against Pragya and her family. One day Sala mam said she hated going to parties in the Mehra mansion because she always ends by seeing her daughter unhappy. So you want to show the world marriages are not worth it or what? And many other disgraceful episodes…in short practically the whole show. Used to hold my peace but recently lost the small shreds of patience i had…No good morals for the new generation…that good never overcomes evil right? Children grow imitating real life actions and movies etc So who ever is behind this crazed packed plots is telling our children the bad and the urgly takes a primary position in their day to day lives while the good never prevails right? A BIG SHAME.

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